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  • @SpearChuck777 says:

    “It’s not your DNA, it’s your dinner”
    What happens to men to have man boobs?
    It’s the sugar and starches that convert to estrogen!
    I just posted this on me FB page…
    IMO – What accelerates the process? Eating crops food having glyphosate sprayed on them in the field. Glyphosate was patented as a hormone, then a chelator, then a herbicide.
    FF to 24:15

  • @ancoliemartelly9635 says:

    What kind of bread is best for blood glucose levels. I heard Dr Hyman mention whole seed rye?

    • @helenndow1101 says:

      Make your own

    • @SwedenNeedsHelp says:

      Low carb bread, with nuts including walnuts and brazil nuts, almond flour, chia seeds, psyllium seeds, and some buckwheat flour. Mixed with fat unsweetened greek youghurt and some water.

    • @rubynibs says:

      @Helen and @Sweden (comments above this one) are correct: avoid ALL store-bought bread, and try Sweden’s suggestion. If you have a blood-sugar problem, avoid all bread. ALL of it.

    • @martinlang9615 says:

      The best is none.
      Look at the ancient Egyptians skulls, scanned to find infection. Also half height, especially the rear molars as well as being dead flat.
      Yes, the cause is the use of sand to help grind the grains to flour, however the statues show pot bellies and poorly developed physic. Also man boobs.
      High levels of teeth crowding.
      Hugely bread based diet.
      Compare these skulls to pre Egyptian and the difference is stark. Also fully developed wisdom teeth top and bottom WITHOUT teeth crowding.
      They had a totally different diet.

    • @VenturiLife says:

      Rye, or Ezekiel bread. Wholemeal breads in very moderate quantities. They are not totally gluten free, but low in gluten.

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  • @danaking3568 says:

    What is her book with recipes called?

  • @Butterfly-zs2pc says:

    Hi, I watch alot of your YouTube videos. I have alot of problems over the years with my diet. I am Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Egg Free, Soy Free, Peanut Free and last but not least, Sugar Free ! I have to do alot of food prep because I cannot buy food on the run. I am eating an anti-inflammatory diet. I have 1/4 c. of organic sproutted gluten free, glyphosate free over-night oats in a small mason jar with chia seed, walnuts, coconut yogurt, almond milk and I top it off with organic berries, blue berries or dark sweet cherries ! Now I eat that at approximately 9:30. Question: I don’t feel like my blood sugars spikes after I eat it. Is this a healthy breakfast ?

  • @ginnydesimone875 says:

    What is the name of the book

  • @oibal60 says:

    Thanks again.

  • @ana-pi6ut says:

    What about Balsamic Vinegar 4% acidity? It’s thicker and not as acidic as regular vinegar. Thank you.

  • @sunshinemama9143 says:

    Why do carnivores say fiber is not necessary, that fiber is overrated?
    Where are they getting this info? So confused here

    • @maksymhryb1723 says:

      My understanding is that meat doesn’t have carbs and because of this there is no glucose spike (or actually there is, but it’s really small compared to meals with carbs). If you are eating carbs you can use fiber as a workaround to slow down glucose spike. But it will also worsen absorption of other nutrients as well. You don’t need to do this if your are carnivore though.

  • @sunshinemama9143 says:

    Now I know fruit juice is bad. But how about carrot juice?
    Also I read and heard that protein powder raises blood glucose level. Is protein powder ok to have? If so how much?
    There are so much opposing info out there. 😢

  • @colleenhaithcock216 says:

    Thank you! I am off all diabetes med!

  • @carylcastro1304 says:

    Can you use flavored vinegars?

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