Dave McKinnon

  • @Victoria-p7v9r5z2 says:

    An educational gem wrapped in the cloak of entertainment; a true marvel.🌺

  • @makeastatement1 says:

    i love my oatmeal and these are 2x their weight in gold; these are sprouted and steel cut! Thanks for shedding light always. I started watching your channel 7 yrs ago; got healthy, lost 30lbs, go to the gym and never looked back. Thanks Doc!

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    😂🎉. I just said out loud this morning to myself, ” Carbs are NOT bad for us! I will never stop eating carbs! ” 😂❤. I couldn’t eat without them! I was debating whether to eat steel cut oats or cream of wheat! 🥣💥💖

  • @robinshaul4069 says:

    Love oats

  • @Stardust_Truth_Seeker says:

    Thank you. Add a small pinch of celtic sea salt, cinamon, a tiny teaspoon of sugar and Cardamom ❤

  • @Jesus_Loves_You2 says:

    Excellent video!! I agree. There’s a big debate about medjool dates, which some kinds are from the Lord. They are divine.

  • @deborahbuchanan3238 says:

    I agree with you, Dr Mandele. Feel so out of sorts with no good carbs!

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    Thank you Dr.Mandell for your reminder about complex carbohydrates.❤

  • @chargreen457 says:

    I like the steel oats ,Dr Mandell

  • @kimrose80 says:

    I get that brand of oats at Costco but it’s the old fashioned oats instead of steel cut..

  • @juliemcdaniel499 says:

    Please do a video showing us foods that are complex carbohydrates, Thank you ❤

  • @Kim-ok5tn says:

    When my brother died something in me wanted nothing but oats (pretty much)

    • @bianchaesson1441 says:

      Condolences for the loss of your brother.
      Very interesting re your desire to eat oats following that loss.💙

  • @maureenpariat719 says:

    Happy New year dear Doctor. God bless you. You are a boon to humanity.

  • @sonyaspidell7277 says:

    I renewed my self just last week. ❤ Confirming. Praise him.

  • @-16_ says:

    If no for you Dr i wouldn’t know about steel cut oats, my appreciation on explaining this great steel oats❤️💯🎉

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    Thanks Information DR …GBU . !

  • @luxmifrei9759 says:

    We have oats 2 to 3 times a week. Its all what you say it is. 👋🤩🥳❤!

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