Dave McKinnon

  • @lindamaltese5853 says:

    U guys are soo adorable! God Bless 🙏❤️✝️

  • @kimmetcalfe6408 says:

    Bless you both💜✝️🦋🌺

  • @Cathyntn says:

    Your mom is lovely and raised a fabulous son❣️

  • @steveguti6452 says:

    BEHOLD THE LAMB OF GOD JESUS CHRIST WHO TAKES AWAY THE SINS OF THE WORLD praise God praying for everyone everyday God bless you All

  • @steveguti6452 says:

    Jesus Christ said in this world you will have trouble but take heart I have overcome the world praise God praying for everyone everyday God bless you all

  • @LarianaMiana says:

    Look at your sweet mom!!!She is so adorable!❤

  • @irenebrun9925 says:

    Amazing Amazing Amazing you both do an Amazing job Mother and Son Amen keep up the great work Amen God bless ya all

  • @jdjohn4360 says:

    Love seeing you both together, not all are so fortunate🥰 We love you Doc and your Mom❤️❤️❤️

  • @Meski.Z says:

    Aww, your mom is so sweet!! She is gorgeous! 😍 You guys stay blessed.

  • @triciamaddoxbehncke4191 says:

    So sweet ❤ nice to see you honor your mom

  • @teresaroby4441 says:

    OMG, this might actually be the most adorable mother/son video I’ve ever seen & I’ve seen A TON!

  • @haveniceday7768 says:

    Mom looking great, what a wonderful son you have 🎉

  • @user-pu8mx9yo6z says:

    You both are so lovely and sweet,God bless you.

  • @JM-vj7we says:

    Mom is adorable! 🥰

  • @toastedalmondqtm7980 says:

    Love this! Hello to Queen Mandel. She is beautiful. Tell her thank you for having such a kind, caring and amazing son. God bless! 👋🏽

  • @aaronlopez492 says:

    Well done Mom, you raised an excellent gentleman.🙏

  • @luciepaul1270 says:

    I love it when you feature your mom, she is so sweet but cheeky too! You’re both blessed 🙏🏻

  • @karlamartinez7238 says:

    Your mother is ADORABLE! 🥰

    • @lulatorrey6360 says:


  • @litamangantilao4922 says:

    Mother and son tandem.God bless you both. Thank you for having you in this world.

  • @zapot66 says:

    Your are so so blessed to have your mom in your video. She’s so sweet. Hope to see more of her. ❤

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