Dave McKinnon

  • @privateprivate2421 says:

    What pre bionics and probiotics should we take?

  • @PaulaMacfarlane-hk1yn says:

    thanks for sharing, you inspired me to try something new

  • @vitalqua320 says:

    Well done! The effort and passion are evident.

  • @hordesCoffee says:

    Yes,my gut is usually right, when it trys to warn me of people to look out for.

  • @thehightonesmduk says:

    I’d like you to do a long video on help with insomnia. Most of these dr’s on here won’t give you the full details as they want you to pay for their services!. With you I know it’s different!. Your always giving up your time to help us and i am forever grateful

  • @adi1017 says:

    Multumim! 🙋‍♀️Sa ramanem sanatosi, deci ne ingrijim toti, pe afara, prin interior !
    Sa avem o noapte binecuvantata oriunde ne aflam! 🙏Noapte buna!

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    The gut is the second brain

  • @MiaDezera says:

    You’re an educated man

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    Thank you for the information. Strughling with insominia now.

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    Thank you for all this information ❤

  • @katherinepickens8067 says:

    I agree 100% with you about the gut brain connection. Thank you

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    Dear Doc, remember them massages you recommended on the other post !!

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    Thank you Dr Mandell 👍

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    Thank you Dr Mandell ! Love your videos on health and exercise !God bless you ❤❤❤❤

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    Absolutely thank you Dr it’s so good when shopping to be mindful at what we put in our trolley and our belles will love our minds🎉❤️

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    🙏 Thank you Dr. Mandell 🧡

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    Love your channel 💗

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    Well Done! And Well said Dr Mandela 🎉🎉🎉🎉

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