The purpose of this fat burning elixir is to naturally stimulate receptors in the brain to help your body relax and initiate sleep. This in turn will help human growth hormone to be stimulated, which helps boost metabolism and burn fat.

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    *Good Morning beautiful people may GOD bless your moment, your day your family, your friends and your life with an abundance of peace, love and happiness!!!*

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    Dr. Mandlell, you just don’t know how much you charge my family health with your health information. Good bless you, and thank you so much

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    Thank you very much Dr, Mandel!

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    Thank you Dr. Mandel🌷

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    I was just praying to god to help me loose this weight for my knee surgery and here you are😊 I’m going to try this! Thank you Dr I’ll let you know in a month if it’s working for me! God bless you

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      Eat no more than 25 % whole carbs, per day Last meal might b best, if using honey get it raw, if u can, caco nibs are good. Check out dr Egberg, dr berg,a very interesting renal dr fung , I hope u are able to reach your goal, I have to do this my self ,mike tyson said reasently do what u hate as if u love it . DANDILIONSand NETTLES very helpful , all the best from ireland 🇮🇪 😊

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      Also toss out all the sugar treats

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      GOD/JESUS always deserve capital letters! 💕

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    We appreciate you Dr. Mandell.

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    Good morning Dr. Mandel have a blessed day. I am so grateful for you and your wonderful advice. My body loves your health tips. ❤

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    Ingredients needed for this Elixir
    1. Cup or mug of 8-12 ounces of water 💧
    1.valerian Root tea bag
    1. Tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar
    1/4 Tablespoon of ground ginger 🫚
    1/4 Teaspoon of Ground Turmeric small pinch of black pepper
    1.Tablespoon of Lemon 🍋 juice
    Add a little Honey 🍯 or other natural sweetener
    Add boiling water to cup and and add valerian Root
    Add all ingredients and steep fir 10 minutes
    Approx. 30 minutes before bed drink Elixir.

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    Omg I was so tired of seeing the ads on YouTube about the mix drink that everyone is drinking and they would give you the all the ingredients except one or two of them and u would have to pay for it or subscribe and it cut off … and then here you come with it all thank you so much I’ve needed this for a long time I am so grateful for this video I will keep you in my prayers may God be with you and may you prosper!!!

  • @cathywang3485 says:

    Drinking water before bed makes me to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

  • @MaryButeau-cq8cb says:

    Use cracked pepper for health benifits.
    I take 1 tsp organic powdered turmeric sprinkled w cracked pepper 2 x ‘s daily using clean water

  • @wendym31463 says:

    It’s entirely up to you if you wanna do this recipe or not?! I remember getting some tests done and they told me I had to give up coffee for a whole week because it interferes with the test I was having done. So not to lose hope or my sanity there is a product out there that is called Teecino, it is caffeine free. It can come in hazelnut flavor, vanilla flavor, or original flavour and it’s caffeine free. So when I just want some thing at night, time to sit and relax and watch TV without the jittery, I’ll drink this. And when he spoke about adding honey or something else, Stevia is also good for you. It’s not a chemical it comes from a plant and I’m sure most of you know that and most of you don’t, another one is monk fruit with erythritol. This last one is good to use in your cooking so if you were to make a cake recipe or muffins, etc. using monk fruit with erythritol, you could eat the whole cake and not gain a pound. ☺️

    • @victorianguyen6620 says:

      Stick to green leaf powdered stevia. You can make an extract or use as is. Get organic. Frontier Co-Op is where I order mine. Been using it for years.

    • @bgueberdenteich5206 says:

      Of course you will gain weight, when overeating !

    • @teslasbitch3905 says:

      Miss information, erythritol is terrible! You will gain weight

    • @teslasbitch3905 says:

      Erythritol is a genetically modified sweetener. It’s another poison similar to aspartame. Do you research mate the stuff will kill you faster than sugar

    • @swellmichelle5337 says:

      Nice info, but not sure the two elixirs get the same results. and honey has so many healthy benefits.. I gave you a thumbs up (I’m not criticizing you). Thank You.

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    I love your content, Dr. Boss. I’ve been telling Folks about You. I finally found some chia seeds, there hard to find. That from another content with Olive oil, lemon juice, chia seeds and tumeric, honey black pepper, Cheyenne pepper. It works, thanks for helping Us, We need You, Doc .

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    Okay, Dr. Mandell, I accept your challenge. I will report back here after 2 weeks (I need time to gather the ingredients 😊)

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    Thank you Dr for sharing your thoughts and insights many blessings

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    I juiced green apples, pears, cucumbers, pineapple, and ginger root on and off for a few months. I would do a juice fast for one day out of the week and worked my way up to three days out of the week. My diet consists of salmon with black rice or jasmine rice and broccoli or asparagus on the side. I lost 29lbs. I walked half a mile throughout the week and kept busy at home. I stopped sitting around being a couch potato and got active. What a difference that made for me. I wish everyone the best in their weight loss journey because it’s not easy, but you have to stay diligent and be consistent.

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    Dr. Mandell
    Your Awesome!
    Thank You!

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