#1 Food that Destroys Your LIVER! Dr. Mandell

The liver is the largest solid organ and the largest gland in the human body. It carries out over 500 essential tasks. Weighing between 3.17 and 3.66 pounds (lb), or between 1.44 and 1.66 kilograms (kg), the liver is reddish-brown with a rubbery texture. It is situated above and to the left of the stomach and below the lungs.

The major functions of the liver include:
-Bile production: Bile helps the small intestine break down and absorb fats, cholesterol, and some vitamins. Bile consists of bile salts, cholesterol, bilirubin, electrolytes, and water.
-Absorbing and metabolizing bilirubin: Bilirubin is formed by the breakdown of hemoglobin. The iron released from hemoglobin is stored in the liver or bone marrow and used to make the next generation of blood cells.
-Supporting blood clots: Vitamin K is necessary for the creation of certain coagulants that help clot the blood. Bile is essential for vitamin K absorption and is created in the liver. If the liver does not produce enough bile, clotting factors cannot be produced.
-Fat metabolization: Bile breaks down fats and makes them easier to digest.
-Metabolizing carbohydrates: Carbohydrates are stored in the liver, where they are broken down into glucose and siphoned into the bloodstream to maintain normal glucose levels. They are stored as glycogen and released whenever a quick burst of energy is needed.
-Vitamin and mineral storage: The liver stores vitamins A, D, E, K, and B12. It keeps significant amounts of these vitamins stored. In some cases, several years’ worth of vitamins is held as a backup. The liver stores iron from hemoglobin in the form of ferritin, ready to make new red blood cells. The liver also stores and releases copper.
-Helps metabolize proteins: Bile helps break down proteins for digestion.
-Filters the blood: The liver filters and removes compounds from the body, including hormones, such as estrogen and aldosterone, and compounds from outside the body, including alcohol and other drugs.
-Immunological function: The liver is part of the mononuclear phagocyte system. It contains high numbers of Kupffer cells that are involved in immune activity. These cells destroy any disease-causing agents that might enter the liver through the gut.
-Production of albumin: Albumin is the most common protein in blood serum. It transports fatty acids and steroid hormones to help maintain the correct pressure and prevent the leaking of blood vessels.
-Synthesis of angiotensinogen: This hormone raises blood pressure by narrowing the blood vessels when alerted by production of an enzyme called renin in the kidneys.

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    Thank you so much for good information

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    Any recommendations for alternatives? For example: refined sugars are bad, but how about natural sugars? Vegetable oils are not so good, but what about Olive oils, Avocado oils, etc? May God bless us all, Amen πŸ˜‡

  • B W says:

    I have organic grass fed red meat once a month. Nothing wrong with that – I get my iron and creatine

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    Thank you Dr. Mandell for the clarification! I’m definitely eating healthier than 4 years ago.

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    How does it take some videos 1 hour to explain stuff and you can do it so eloquently that it only takes minutes. Thank you

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    I only drink alot of water which includes ginger water, tumeric with black pepper and 2 tsblespoon of extra virgin olive oil stay away from fast foods, do not eat steak since 2009 but eat chicken fish and once in a blue moon pork eat lots of mix fresh vegies and mix fruits lots of mix nuts. I am 71 yrs old and am not on any Rx medication. Gods will I will live to be 100 yrs old and will go in peace to be with the Lord. God bless you Dr. Mandel.❀ ❀ ❀❀❀

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    1. No Fried Food
    2. No red meat
    3. No vegetable oil
    4. No alcohol
    5. No fast food

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    A lot of this stuff if not all on your list can also trigger Seizures to flare up for those that have them already

    Sadly not everyone that has Seizures will know they’re about to have one.. but balancing out the right amount of water per bite to every three bites depending on the person does help

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