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1 Shot…Widens Arteries & Reverses Inflammation on the Spot (Prevent Heart Attack) | Dr. Mandell

Aloe Vera is cardioprotective. It reduces cholesterol, triglycerides, and lowers glucose levels. The L-Arginine (amino acid) in Aloe Vera increases nitric oxide helping the arteries expand and increasing more oxygen to the cells of your body.
Aloe Vera is believed to open up your capillaries and improve arterial walls. This means that your heart doesn't have to work as hard to circulate blood through the body, and less stress on your heart means a healthier you.

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Dave McKinnon

  • @onyeomachinyeremaka6809 says:

    *Father in Heaven, thank You so much for the gift of life and for allowing us to see another day! May You bless this day with strength to face whatever challenges! Guide our every step and fill our hearts with joy! In Jesus’ Name. Amen 🙏🏽💗*

  • @Nixie_Roether60 says:

    You simply make the best videos in the world!😌

  • @Alvara_Zahn86 says:

    Hi, very cool video, as always , you are great🧡

    • @JSFGuy says:

      You hadn’t watched all of it when you commented, how do you know it’s cool without watching all of it?

    • @fudder1831 says:

      I use it for burns, but it tastes putrid, so will have to experiment on how to make it more palatable.

  • @lisacarden1309 says:

    God Bless You!!

  • @beccacertifiedpersonaltrai3636 says:

    I bought an aloe leaf

  • @nejatmohamed1230 says:

    We love you dr Mandell❤

  • @ghm692 says:

    Another life-saving video! God bless you Dr. Mandell!! 🤗

  • @mariaangeles1525 says:

    God bless you for your honesty 🙏

  • @deerichardz says:

    We always had aloe handy when I was younger. My Ma knew what she was doing ^^

  • @lisaharmon5619 says:

    I recently started using xylitol instead of sugar. I lost 5 pounds in a month. I feel like I have more energy and a clearer mind.

    • @p.be.s says:

      Fake sugar has side effects. Use honey or quit sugar.

    • @bruceblack9975 says:

      What is that I never heard of it?

    • @duanehamdorf2228 says:

      If you have a dog be careful. Xylitol is poisonous to them.

    • @seekerofgrace2058 says:

      @@bruceblack9975a sugar substitute, avoid xylitol made from corn due to mycotoxins, choose birch derived xylitol. Start slow it can cause diarrhea in large doses. You will see it in toothpaste listed on ingredient list 👍

    • @shaunapembroke3423 says:

      If you don’t know this, xylitol is deadly to dogs so please if you have dogs make sure the xylitol is kept securely away. My dog picked up a chewed piece of gum on a walk & ended up in intensive care for 7 days. 😭 We almost lost him but Thankfully he made it 🙏 Glad xylitol is working for you. I can’t use it as even the smallest amount gives me the most intense migraines ever. I just cut out refined sugars completely and feel fantastic. It was a hard, I would say a month to get through those sugar cravings but I did it. When my body ‘craved’ something sweet I just grabbed an orange and it worked 👍 I haven’t craved sugar in months. Good luck on your journey. I’ve incorporated many of Dr. Mandell’s tips daily & I’ve never felt better in my life. Thank you Dr. Mandell for finally getting me on a healthy journey ❤️

  • @vanessaharper1847 says:

    Thank you AGAIN Doctor 💓

  • @adlihkristopher2906 says:

    No matter how you feel today or what is going on in your life get up look up and give God the glory for having you on the wake up list 🙏

  • @Mr.Infumus says:

    I started getting the big jugs of aloe water a few months ago because it would help with heartburn and some gut issues. Didnt know it did all these other things. I love how nature is full of medicine. God is good 🤙🏿

  • @raasheedajones says:

    Warning to only eat the middle. Not the meat close to the skin.

  • @EugeneFields-im2ep says:

    Love your unique style, never change!

  • @user-cp3zw1sh6t says:

    I just ordered aloevera juice. Thank you, Dr. Mandele

  • @Awsome_Elina-me1mz says:

    4:51 *This Series Never Gets Old . The Efforts They Put Into These Is Amazing. Thanks To Logan and The Crew*

  • @Awsome_Elina-me1mz says:

    1:37 *This Series Never Gets Old . The Efforts They Put Into These Is Amazing. Thanks To Logan and The Crew*

  • @lizt2361 says:

    Today is Mother’s day here in México. Give your mom a hug from me and a “felicidades” for raising such a beautiful son/soul!

  • @lizt2361 says:

    Am so grateful to have a ton of them growing in my patio. They are truly a gift from God.

    • @doobly140 says:

      oh really?? go play with and ingest some poison ivy, oak or sumac. same plants from NATURE. then tell me how good your imaginary friend is.

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