1 Stick a Day…Keeps Bad Health Away! Dr. Mandell

Most of us wouldn't think how powerful cinnamon bark is for our health. Here is a very helpful way to increase metabolic health and fat burning, along with many other benefits. I wish you lots of success! Dr. M

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Dave McKinnon

  • @hunni9972 says:

    This put a much needed smile on my face ☺️

  • @DDee-oi6kn says:

    I drink two cups of cinnamon tea a day and I fast 19/5. Lost around 30 pounds, my cholesterol levels were normal for first time in years and my blood sugar was at a good level.

  • @patcardiff2563 says:

    Just what I need perhaps it will wake me up

  • @pamelabennett5672 says:

    Wonderful news! Thank you❤

  • @acastrejon31 says:

    What a good way to start the day. Thank you doctor! ❤❤❤

  • @Mytube82x says:

    cinnamon + cloves, I always add it to my tea

  • @angelalinderman9985 says:

    Cinnamon! Yummy 😋🤤 love it on banana 🍌 or in tea, coffee etc.👍

  • @adlihkristopher2906 says:

    No matter how you feel today or what is going on in your life get up look up and give God the glory for waking you up Amen

  • @cvz8849 says:

    CEYLON Cinnamon, not the cheap stuff!!!!!

  • @adlihkristopher2906 says:

    Cinnamon is great for Lowering blood sugar levels, reduce heart disease, risk factors, and reduce inflammation

  • @haderamohammed2344 says:

    Doctor Mandel ❤ Thanks 🙏 you are simply the best ❤

  • @user-cf4wi7cf5u says:

    Love this information going out now to get the cinnamon sticks.😊❤

  • @titilayoobe4952 says:

    Thank God for your kind heart dear Doc .

  • @ruthanngraff6800 says:

    I put cinnamon in my coffee daily. It’s great

  • @iazman9827 says:

    Infinite love and blessings doctor I really hope you have a small sense of the immense impact you have on our lives and mine specifically. The love and the knowledge you share is so appreciated would love to sometime just sit down with a human being like yourself sir just so selfless thank you for everything you do God bless

  • @trishaporte says:

    Move it or loose it!! 💖

  • @sharonjack8582 says:

    I add cinnamon powder to my water and also my unsweetened cocoa drink.

  • @user-yh2fm6xx3b says:

    From the mouth of Dr Mandel
    I’m Dr Mandel
    Make it a great day ….❤

  • @user-yh2fm6xx3b says:

    Ps … I forgot ,,,
    And your body will love it ❤️
    What a legend

  • @charannhare4369 says:

    Wow! Thanks for telling us that we can put the cinnamon stick in our mouth and chew on it! 😇🙏💞

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