3 Ingredients that make a Salad WORSE than FAST FOOD!

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In this video, Dr. Gundry reveals three common salad ingredients that could be sabotaging your health goals. Learn how the wrong salad toppings can make your meal more unhealthy than fast food, and discover healthier alternatives to maximize the benefits of your salad. Subscribe for more health tips from Dr. Gundry!
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Dave McKinnon

  • @angelaharris1112 says:

    Is balsamic vinegar ok?

  • @ethimself5064 says:

    I learned to make my own salad dressing and good it is

  • @ethimself5064 says:

    Bacon is OK if one makes it themselves, especially the high quality bacon

  • @Numbermind says:

    Dr.Gundry I’ve been a follower for quite some time but after watching your podcast with Dr.Mike I got to say that I’m really disappointed in you. You literally say smoking is good for health while apples are bad for you.

    • @caseykoll5750 says:

      He uses the shock factor to up his views, just like Dr Saladino. They are trying to get their point across, up views, and sales. I get what he’s saying about sugar, just as Paul with vegetables, but there indeed is nuances to everything. It’s a ppm argument really. Nicotine alone may or may not be worse for your gut microbiome than sugar, but there are others things that constitute each of them respectively. Kale may have “some” plant defense chemicals, yes, but does it outweigh all the vitamins & minerals? Idk tbh. But don’t tell me eating Kale, lets say, is “actually” worse than smoking cigarettes filled with carcinogenic chemicals, tar, etc… I agree to heed his waring about “Lectins” but anybody that’s selling something you simply can’t believe EVERYTHING they say. You have to trust what works for you, while still questioning everything and try to learn as much as possible as you go.

    • @Numbermind says:

      @@caseykoll5750 I get your point but he has a lot of visibility. He should not go around saying smoking is good and that people in the blue zones live longer BECAUSE they smoke.

    • @caseykoll5750 says:

      @Numbermind  yea that’s true. Saying that with his exposure can do alot of damage to people that trust him fully. He may make a future video now, with the arguments for & against things like caffeine, nicotine, vs sugar, etc… But yea you’re right, don’t be that reckless

    • @sl4983 says:

      ​@@Numbermindwhen has he ever said smoking is good?

    • @Numbermind says:

      @@sl4983 check dr.mike podcast

  • @MFM230 says:

    No bacon!! Are you crazy!!

  • @whendoigettosayfuck says:

    You saying cheesesteaks instead ?

  • @Hurtlock5010 says:

    What if the sheep and goats eat a high lectin diet?

    Also how does a poor person stick to this. All these alternatives are super expensive

  • @GundryMDYT says:

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  • @sl4983 says:

    Yes, use olive oil and lemon juice

  • @sl4983 says:

    1. Store bought salad dressing, 2. Crunchy toppings, 3. Cows cheese, use goat or sheep cheese which is loaded with MCTs, like feta or pecorino

    • @canterburyworkshop5631 says:

      Thanks. Youtube videos drag out all their answers to such questions. It’s nice to find a quick summary.

  • @better_than_popcorn says:

    Would you think popped sorghum to be a good crunchier for your salad?

  • @AriAbuko says:

    The fact that we get free medical videos from Dr Gundry on YouTube is priceless; keeping the education and knowledge alive. 👍

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