Are Plant Based Burgers Actually BETTER?

Are Plant Based Burgers Actually BETTER?
Dr. Gundry dives into the world of plant-based burgers to uncover if they're truly better for you. Discover the truth behind these trendy alternatives and how they measure up to traditional meat burgers.

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Dave McKinnon

  • @user-fv5ms4sz8e says:

    It depends then, if the beans and lentils are being sufficiently soaked for two days and the soaking water flushed and not used for the cooking process or any process.

  • @karrskarr says:

    The fad fast food craze! 😛 Thank you for this share, always the best breakdown.

  • @gato7908 says:

    Lentils and beans are also the foundation of many vegan diets

  • @QuBaTiOn says:


  • @wesleytrantham3601 says:

    Farmers and ranchers have fed the world for years. I don’t see the reason for Veggie. burgers.

  • @cynthiaevandyke-melchor83 says:

    Thank you 😊 💓 beef ❤

  • @jjbjjbh says:

    According to this guy, just eat air. No food is healthy except costly high end alternatives.

    • @endersblade says:

      No joke, there is actually a group of tards called Breatharians that believe they get all of their nutrients from just breathing. Google it and have your mind blown.

  • @oliverstone6320 says:

    Don’t listen to this guy

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