Clear Stuffy Nose & Drain Sinus in 2 Moves | Dr. Mandell

This technique opens up the eustachian tubes, increases sinus drainage, and opens the nasal passages in seconds. I hope this works for you! Dr M

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Dave McKinnon

  • @cordeliaokpei33 says:

    Happy Easter Doc and everybody. Jesus loves us all.

  • @red-g7081 says:

    Grateful to God for you and blessings to you and your family on this Resurrection Morning! This helped me to get ready for choir today! Many prayers and blessings to everyone here!

  • @jillfarmer587 says:

    Oh I needed thus today…totally blocked up with the flu

  • @ekaetteikpe3906 says:

    Dr mandell good morning happy Sunday thank you for sharing this video is helpful God bless you and your family have a nice Sunday ❤❤

  • @DjaniRomero says:

    Love your creativity, it’s inspiring!

  • @trumpwon2240 says:

    I’ve been dealing a messes up sinus. I try all your tips, tricks and fixes. I think this one helped.

  • @robryan9841 says:

    That actually works, thank you 🙏

  • @KiraDublin says:

    *This Series Never Gets Old . The Efforts They Put Into These Is Amazing. Thanks To Logan and The Crew* 0:14

  • @KiraDublin says:

    0:19 *This Series Never Gets Old . The Efforts They Put Into These Is Amazing. Thanks To Logan and The Crew*

  • @laimaz6340 says:

    Incredible!! You’ve done it again! Thank you so much —- I felt the drainage IMMEDIATELY . My husband and I tried your technique for clearing nasal passages last year when we were both sick. Wow! Keep up what you’re doing , you help so many ! Bless you and Happy Easter to you ! ❤

  • @Be-lowMe says:

    I’m glad i came across your videos, been following for 4 years. I have terrible sinus issues

  • @suzilahlah says:

    I’ve been at my wits end. My allergies and sinus have been bothering me since January. Doctors just keep giving me nasal sprays with steroids in them. They’re not really working. I’m going to try this. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks Doc

  • @southpaw32711 says:

    This worked immediedately for me! Cheers Doc!!🙂

  • @suchou8197 says:

    Oh my god! You have no idea what this video means for me and others who have a constant stuffed nose. I can finally breathe better. ❤❤❤

  • @francesthompson1324 says:

    Left eustachian opened and thick drainage in throat. Thank you so much. May you be surrounded with peace, love and good health🪷🙏

  • @rebeccal.672 says:

    Best thing with allergy season kicking off for most folks. Thanks a lot doc you saved me from having to take OT drugs almost daily just to hopefully breathe.

  • @brendaquinones7232 says:

    Happy Resurrection Dr. Mandell & everyone on this channel. He is Risen 💕✝️🇺🇸

  • @CarnivorePowerofHealing says:

    He is Risen! Christ is King…God bless you all &
    Happy Easter Amen 🙏 God bless you Dr. Mandell

  • @zzzzgirl9600 says:

    WOW!!!! I woke up this morning with sinus pressure and headache, so this video was very timely. I must say… I tried this and could immediately feel the difference! Thank you for sharing!

  • @SwiftRead says:

    Dr. Mandell ~ I wanted to share this with you & thank you! I finally tried the Vicks Vapor Rub on my feet last night, applying it just before bed. I couldn’t believe what I coughed-up, when I woke up this morning ~ clear breathing like a miracle! Thanks again Dr M.

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