Do Collagen Supplements Work for Skin Aging?

I assumed that collagen proteins would get completely broken down in the digestive tract, but I was wrong. Do collagen supplements work?

This is the first in a three-video series on collagen. Collagen Supplements for Arthritis ( ) and How to Boost Collagen Synthesis with Diet ( ) are coming up.

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Thanks for watching. I hope you’ll join in the evidence-based nutrition revolution!
-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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Dave McKinnon

  • @drl7x says:

    Where are the sources cited?

    You usually have them but I don’t see them here.

  • @user-bj6rl5he1g says:

    This is my personal opinion, your age graceful and it important to take care of your body and also it has to do with your state of mine, the happier you are, taking lots of sunshine, natural healthy diet, and loving yourself and having a great lover who respect and cherish you, lots of good loving, great environment, great support systems. NO STRESS, ONLY HAPPINESS. ❤

  • @TussErase says:

    Great information and stick to the basics, eat a healthy diet, don’t smoke, exercise, and drink water

  • @HR-op2cq says:

    So basically it may help… But it doesn’t fit with the good Dr’s vegan outlook…

    • @beachvacay3184 says:

      No, it’s unclear if the studies are legit and therefore it may not help. He said nothing about veganism.

    • @hornsteinhof7592 says:

      ‘may help’ is nothing that can be considered strong evidence, especially if you factor in the price of collagen supplements. There’s so much stuff that has weak evidence going for itself that you really should pick the cherries among the findings (like getting in your fibres or eat nuts because there’s a lot of supporting literature from trustable sources, it’s cheap and you’ll need to eat anyways so why not include fibre and nuts).

    • @davin8r says:

      There are more studies out there for other uses than what was reviewed in this video. Bone density is one of them. I recommend checking PubMed or using a decent AI search engine if you want to see for yourself.

    • @HR-op2cq says:

      The doctor is pretty clear about his being vegan.
      It definitely informs his podcasts.. All I’m saying is follow the evidence. In this case doctor says evidence is not clear.. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt..
      My personal experience with collagen:
      My wife had terribly stiff joints and whenever she got up to walk, she would have to wait a couple of minutes to be able to walk somewhat normally. She started taking collagen daily and all the symptoms went away. Placebo? Well if placebo can be 100% cure, I’ll take that. I understand that this is anecdotal and all, but for my wife, taking collagen daily is a no-brainer.
      And believe me, I am very skeptical by nature and I was skeptical when she started.
      I understand the doctor did not address the issue of joints in this podcast.

    • @davin8r says:

      There are other published studies and other uses than what was covered in this video, increased bone density from collagen supplentation for instance. I wish there were a synthetic/vegan alternative available.

  • @BigLadGreen says:

    Just take Deca, it doubles bodies collagen production and it costs less than the supplements.

  • @pickledbeaker5916 says:

    good, saved me some money right there

  • @davin8r says:

    I’m so impressed by this unbiased and very informed review! There are so many “influencers” out there who are clueless about the fact that collagen peptides can be absorbed intact and likely have biological effects. We definitely need more quality research, and I wish there were a synthetic/vegan alternative available.

  • @yogiyoda says:

    Hmm, ethical vegan finds way to cast doubt on the benefit of eating animal components. No conflict of interest here. Move along

    • @rassm3229 says:

      Hmm, online nobody pundit finds way to project their biases without reading any sources. No ethics found here. Go do one!

    • @yogiyoda says:

      @@rassm3229 – I have checked the sources in the past. He lost my trust long ago. I’m all for minimizing animal suffering, improving animal welfare and being good stewards of the environment. But I think making arguments without deception is the path forward

  • @robertpace5 says:

    I love that you are a trekkie!

  • @scuba453 says:

    What about joint and bone health and other benefits?

    • @shaneashby5890 says:

      If you want healthy bones then do weight bearing exercises and put force, strain, and pressure through your skeleton.

  • @killclipx8340 says:

    God is Science!!

  • @purikurix says:

    Thanks for mentioning collagen. What about glycine and hyaluronic acid supplementation?
    Humans took up physiologically relevant amounts of the peptides found in collagen or collagen etc. througout their evolutionary history (eating insects, mussels, fish and other animals from nose to tail). This may also be the reason for creatine’s and the other “carni nutriens” impact. It seems important to study those nutrients more, when they are excluded from diets.
    I found the part about sideeffects of collagen dupplementation very interesting too, and would be happy about a deeper dive into this matter.

  • @WeCelebrateEatingPlants says:

    One drink of gelatin impairs cognitive functioning, times how many people are eating / drinking that stuff 😳

    • @WeCelebrateEatingPlants says:

      Sorry that’s not what it said.. Video says “Randomizing people to even a single meal of a gelatin-based protein drink can lead to memory impairments within hours, due to “acute tryptophan depletion” (presumably due to a drop in the brain of serotonin, which is made from tryptophan, and doesn’t just regulate mood, but learning and memory as well).” To me it shortened down to what I said but that was not exactly true… still bad enough though. Really hoping all those supposedly good for people drinks, think hospitals and old folks homes, aren’t doing this. The milk in there was bad enough

  • @Tomorrowstroops says:

    Serotonin helps with mood
    That’s helpful
    I have slept 4 hours every night for 2 years now, and I cry weekly

  • @KasKade7 says:

    I’ve seen tribal people who are in the sun all day long, have almost mono diets because of poverty. No products, no collagen or any biohacks. Still, perfect skin complexion and looking younger than their age. Actually, looking better and younger than most people that live in abundance. Never underestimate the human body. Most things people do here in the first world for health and skin are not needed at all, but is just marketing and placebo effects. I would say that exercise, high quality sleep and nutrient rich diet combined with some fasting would do more for your skin then all the skin products combined.

  • @chrisogrady28 says:

    I’d love to hear something about vegan collagen, I take it but I have no idea if it does anything. It uses a trademarked blend called ‘VECOLLAL’ which is made from: Glycine, L-Proline, L-Alanine, Gotu Kola Extract, L-Aspartic Acid, L-Glutamic Acid, L-Arginine, the lost goes on for ages…

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