Eat This 1 Nut Everyday…It Will Keep the Doctor Away! Dr. Mandell

Brazil nuts have the highest amount of selenium of any food on the planet ounce for ounce. Eating Brazil nuts can reduce inflammation, support brain function, improve your thyroid function and heart health, speed up your metabolism, and support healthy blood sugars, and so much more.
Your thyroid contains high levels of selenium, which is used to make and metabolize thyroid hormones. These hormones regulate many metabolic functions in your body, including how many calories you burn. Selenium also plays a major role in improving insulin resistance, and lowering glucose blood sugars, HbA1c, and bad cholesterols.

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  • Rahiem Thomas says:

    Thank God for another day. Now go make it a great day. 🙏🏾🌞❤️

    • Lesa Jackson says:

      Amen. But to be absent from the body is to be present with the LORD JESUS CHRIST. Paul said to die is gain. I just pray the rapture JESUS will come get his church (saved) in the air. No death to go through!! Just boom we’re GONE to be with HIM. Cant WAIT

  • Vanessa Belmont says:

    *Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how much time and work he put into this video?* *It’s amazing, and I think they deserve so much more than that* ✨💖🦋

  • Vanessa Belmont says:

    *Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how much time and work he put into this video?* *It’s amazing, and I think they deserve so much more than that* ✨💖

  • LynnG says:

    I really wish I wasn’t allergic, I need this for my thyroid disease badly.

  • Katia ZayATS says:

    Thanks , doc , for your efforts to keep us healthy !!!

  • Victoria says:

    I just took my Daily Dose of Dr Mandel
    I’ll eat a few but not enough to keep Dr.Mandel away
    Sweet Weekend Wishes 💞🙏💞

  • BelieveOnJesus Yeshua says:

    Love this video. Daily for the past year I’ve been eating 2 raw, unsalted, Brazilian nuts with my morning routine. Love them 🎉❤

  • Patricia Roller says:

    I’ve been taking two a day for a few years now.Thank you for all your wisdom.

  • Lelia Carnevale says:

    Love all of your valuable daily health tidbits ❤. I just jumped off the couch and ate two Brazil nuts 😂

  • Maria Davila says:

    I eat and ate this to help my white blood cells ,when I had Cancer .

    Guess what it worked .

    10 years later , I am Cancer free .

    Thanks be to God for creating awesome in our world 🌎

  • Tanya I am fun says:

    Mad respect for your unwavering dedication to creating top-notch content

  • Vernon Walker says:

    Thank you Dr.Mandell for helping us make productive decisions when it comes to living health lives.I believe GOD gave you this gift to share your wisdom with the world without restrictions. ❤🙏💯

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    Your work has changed my life for the better in many ways. God bless you

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    Thank you so much doctor , I really appreciate all your hard work ❤

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    Wow!!😮 this is ONE POWERFUL NUT!! I never knew this. Thank you for getting this information out to us 🙏 really appreciated.
    Texas Nana 🤠
    Psalm 91

  • Marie O. Bruneau says:

    Thank you Dr Mandell for your great health advice and concerns for mankind. You are the Master/Elhoim sent.
    May the Almighty Father and Savior protect you, bless you, and your family as well!
    Much ❤️ 👏🙏👋👋👋👋👋👋👋💔

  • DJ Skelly B says:

    I started eating Brazilian nuts again this week, there now apart of my daily diet, the health benefits are amazing.

  • Adlih Kristopher says:

    Good morning Dr Mandell, Thank you for everything you post and teach us! You’re amazing, God bless you and your family ❤❤

  • Sandra Benetic says:

    Thank you Dr. Mandell for all you very informative videos.

  • Hey get off my lawn! says:

    On your guidance from several months ago, in another related vid I eat 2 Brazil nuts a day. Excellent and easy advice to follow. Thank you, Dr. Mandel.

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