Join Me On Walmart’s “Live In the Kitchen” Series

Join me for a special livestream I'm hosting on May 13th at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT. I am excited to be a part of Walmart's new "Live in the Kitchen" series with TalkShopLive, where I will be talking about my upcoming cookbook: The Young Forever Cookbook.

This will be your chance to get an exclusive signed copy! Plus, I’ll be whipping up a recipe along with Good Housekeeping's Laurie Jennings, live from the Good Housekeeping Institute. Come chat with us and ask questions. It will be a great time!

More info here:


Dave McKinnon

  • @jackiedecoma4637 says:

    Can’t wait

  • @ayo9057 says:

    Mark thinks sub 10% body fat as a senior is optimal. Look at him.  

    You’re blocked, Mark.

  • @RabbitWatchShop says:

    I don’t want anything to do with Walmart so nah

  • @N7-ElusiveOne says:

    I didn’t know Mark had haters that follow him. Sad life to lead.

    • @SpearChuck777 says:

      I bet Michael Tayor, former VP of Monsanto and former assistant director of the FDA is hater. Coke too

  • @freeaudiobooks7469 says:


  • @Mystic_Light says:

    Walmart? Really, Mark? Supporting scientology isn’t enough, you want to support one of the worst employers on the planet….smh.

    • @freebrook says:

      scientology? wut?

    • @karenpowers2225 says:

      They recently won an award for being one of the best employers!

    • @rickrobinson8417 says:

      @@karenpowers2225 Walmart is a terrible employer. The company is profit over people.

    • @karenpowers2225 says:

      @rickrobinson8417  Only if you happen upon a random bad manager or cell group that’s not functioning as corporate instructs. The people that I know there have a good viewpoint of things in the company!

    • @rickrobinson8417 says:

      @@karenpowers2225 Walmart has long history of wronging employees in many ways. It’s not a secret.

  • @janeanson8520 says:

    Great idea. 😃

  • @stasatodorovic3681 says:

    Walmart??? Contrary to everything l thought you stand for

  • @seasonofthewitch4209 says:

    I need a reminder lol

  • @SpearChuck777 says:

    Be sure to bring up GMO/Roundup Ready corn and soybean fed farm animals

  • @karenpowers2225 says:

    This is great! Really looking forward to it! Walmart serves a lot of people and trying to be proactive about health from the kitchen will be very beneficial!

  • @dr.samierasadoonalhassani2669 says:

    Thanks, getting much better in writing books and making good money. Good luck and God blessings. The point is many people now a days have no time to shop foods cook foods so now it is phone and delivery. Even simple Arabic women in Baghdad Iraq phone to make delivery of cooked fish, chicken, rice and chicken. All advances in new made democracy Iraq is to eat junk foods like SAD.( standard American Diet) causing SAD ( seasonal affective disorder). It is amazing how bad habits are learned so quickly.

    • @jenniferlondon5931 says:

      So sad to hear they have already picked up our bad eating habits! 😢

    • @dr.samierasadoonalhassani2669 says:

      @@jenniferlondon5931 that is destroying education and health of a country then you can rest in colonise it and control nature resources. ( Plato).

  • @DuderofDudeness says:

    How about Walmart’s “unalive in the kitchen” series? It’s hard not to find a charlatan MD.

  • @ricksanford6485 says:

    Why not jump at aldi?
    Walmart, really? They will sell dogshit steaks, and people will buy them.

  • @YasminA-jm9zs says:

    Wake up folks. Most people don’t have the luxury to shop at Whole Foods. What better way to reach the masses? Thank you Dr. Hyman for acknowledging everyone and meeting them where they are.

  • @fathertime209 says:

    Here’s a great recommendation, could you do a video where you go around Walmart and point out healthy things to eat from their store? I think a lot of people would benefit from that because most of us can’t shop at some of the higher end stores. Thank you very much 🙏

  • @CjbrkBrooks says:

    I have seen rotted meat in their meat cases. I never darken their doors. Ya gotta be kidding.

  • @melaniegrant3934 says:

    I can’t wait

  • @pilotbailsout says:

    oh, I am so impressed with you. I’m so happy to see you going to the heart of where most of america shops. If you can get Walmart on board to help teach people how to eat there’s a lot of hope. I think the people criticizing this are thinking about themselves and not the people in general that really need help and there’s so much that shoppers could learn about what’s available to them from Walmart, maybe they can’t afford everything from Whole Foods so it’s wonderful what you’re doing I’m so impressed. Thank you so much.

  • @pilotbailsout says:

    is there a way you could post a link so we could just have something to click on and watch your series that would be great again I’m so happy you’re doing this. They’re so many people that have no idea what’s making them sick and Walmart has lots of good options just give them a chance they could help you lead the way to a healthy America, Walmart have a link that they put up where people could watch it for free thanks so much

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