My Diet & Lifestyle Routine For Burning Fat, Building Muscle & Staying Young | Dr. Mark Hyman

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I'm turning 65 this year and feel younger, fitter, and more vibrant than ever. Thanks to my longevity routine, I’ve been able to reverse my biological age by 20 years, plus an additional year in the past five months alone!

As I grow older, I’ve learned that what’s possible when we nourish our bodies, get regular exercise, quality sleep, and manage our stress – we can effectively turn back our biological clock. Add a supplement stack and hormetic stressors to activate our longevity switches, and you’re setting a solid foundation for lasting health. So, how does someone in their 60s build muscle and sport abs that could rival their younger selves?

In today’s Health Bites episode, I’m sharing the exclusive details behind my longevity routine that anyone can try on their journey towards a healthier, longer life. Whether you want to sharpen your mind, enhance your physique, or simply feel younger, this episode is for you. Remember, it’s not just about adding years to your life, but life to your years.

In this episode, I discuss:

My morning routine for longevity (2:46)
How I get the benefits of exercise in minimal time (3:23)
A look at the ingredients in my Healthy Aging Shake (5:54)
What I eat in a day (lunch and dinner) to support longevity (11:46)
The role of dietary protein for longevity and how much to eat every day(15:03)
How to activate your longevity switches using the power of hormesis (23:00)
Top tips for active relaxation and rejuvenation (28:51)
My nightly routine for sleep optimization (30:01)
The supplement I take for optimal health and longevity (32:01)
Why lab testing is crucial for longevity and optimal health (33:31)
Personal experience and experimentation with advanced longevity therapeutics (36:55)

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  • @carakerr4081 says:

    Thank you for this valuable information. Wishing you a blessed day 🙏

  • @mkm2737 says:

    Thank you 🙏🏻😊

  • @karl3630 says:

    Lots of good stuff – not sure that I agree with everything but very useful!

  • @Droidzi says:

    Given the context, it wouldn’t be out of line to request the showing of the abs.

    • @tanyakory737 says:

      😂ha ha…yes please, show the abs

    • @imspillin says:

      Truthfully, I immediately wonder what the educators are selling when they come on flashing their abs, ha. I’m grateful to all the information this credible Doc is committed to sharing. Changing our health systems from grassroots level up, while advocating on policy abd professional level, and maintaining practice. Wow Inspiring! I believe those abs are there😮

  • @Lise-ss8qw says:

    You look amazing for 65 Mark ❤

  • @raquelgonick1879 says:

    Dr Mark Could you write the list of supplements and the time you take them?

  • @Siris35 says:

    Way to go Mark! You look like you are aging in reverse.

  • @dawngiello6321 says:

    Thank you!

  • @user-rx1oh3we6j says:

    You look amazing for any age!(not just the age you are because who is to say what any specific age should look like!) Thank you for sharing your knowledge, it’s been so helpful, and I love you’re demeaner as well! 😆🥰

  • @violetmiller302 says:

    Mark, can you please slow down a little bit? You have a lot of great information, But how can one take it all in as you go at Great Neck Speed.

  • @romeksypko6568 says:

    Thank you. Awesome information. Really enjoyed all your tips. Q. What is a monthly budget to eat this way, including vitamins and supplements. Hope you can give an estimate.

  • @rosemeccia9411 says:

    I admire your commitment.

  • @freddyheynssens1950 says:

    For stress I pray and meditate on the Bible, the Word of God and I garden. God is good. God bless you all.
    Thank you very much for sharing this information. God bless you richly.

  • @myfitnessbutler7878 says:

    All good advice. Resistance bands are a great tool but it’s also beneficial to carry weight primarily for core stability and overall strength. Walking around holding dumbbells or kettlebells by your sides is a great way to do this.

  • @jadedoptimist6364 says:

    I’m 63 yo. I’ve been on a healthy eating journey for 15 years and I look better than I did in my 30’s. However, I was just diagnosed with lupus. I’m devastated! I have done a lot of research and came to the probable conclusion that this freaking disease was caused by eating too much farmed salmon. They treat the salmon with DNA intervention “drugs”. There is no history of autoimmune problems in my family. I’m in for the fight of my life. I pray I’m up for the challenge. I’m going to try ozone therapy.

  • @juliayelle2942 says:

    I will be your age too.
    Watch you often. Will be taking notes on this one.

  • @debbiesmith2207 says:

    Thanks so much for sharing everything you do and being a guinea pig for us !
    I actually do almost all of these things, the cheap ones that is. I live on the largest freshwater island in the world, it’s in Georgian Bay Canada. Plunging into cold water is very convenient and absolutely free! LOL
    I’m currently 65 years old and in better shape than I was at 40 . At that time I was told I’d be in a wheelchair by 50 years old! And, I’m sure that I would have been if I continued listening to Conventional doctors, eating a low fat diet and doing all the right things! Since none of this was working for me I decided to try some different things. Dr Hyman and others like him have saved my life! I cannot thank you enough❤❤❤
    These things work! Start where you are and do what you can!

  • @omvilla7469 says:

    Great advice!!… you sure look good for 65… It encourages me and others to keep trying…. stay young or younger…👍👍 Now, my only piece of advice to you would be what Bryan Johnson says, you should try look the age you feel…. if I were you I would shave clean and maybe use a little help with the hair… then you would look awesome, probably the way you clearly feel… stay young my friends…😎👍

  • @pon1952leod says:

    Excellent!!…thanks so much👋🇨🇦

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    Looking good sir. Wishing you much good health and happiness ! You help so many !

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