One Vital Vitamin That Nourishes Your Nerves and Brain! Dr. Mandell

Vitamin C is also crucial for the formation of collagen in the body, including in the brain. This is notable because collagen is important for blood vessel formation and the delivery of essential nutrients and oxygen to the brain. Studies indicate that vitamin C deficiency in the brain is associated with a reduction in angiogenesis and vascular dysfunction.
The brain has one of the highest concentrations of vitamin C in the body, highlighting its significance in the maintenance of brain health. Vitamin C supports the brain’s health of nerve cells and blood vessels, which is crucial for optimal brain function and protection against neurodegenerative diseases.

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    Maybe I missed it in your video but how much vitamin c a day should one take? Thank you for your videos I’m learning a lot.

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      @@clairedavid5469 Yes it would be nice to have an idea but I understand not everybody’s equal so who knows how much one can take in another one can’t.

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    See Dr. Mandell there you go my mom my aunties which are my spiritual guides spoke to you about my age of 53 FORGETTING SEEMS LIKE ITS HAPPENING VERRRY OFTEN and I needed an answer as to why? I do not take vitamin C nor eat vitamin C foods at ALL so I say thank you I’m in tears because I am grateful for you and the informative health information I seriously thought I have Dementia I was scared and nervous my mom died 3 years ago from Dementia she talks and answers through SELECTED GOOD HEARTED PEOPLE ❤❤❤❤❤ 😢🙏🤗💯

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    Thanks for the information Doc. Vitamin C is helping so much necessary for the collagen in the brain. Helps in good oxygen and blood supply in the brain. The myelin sheet is also made of vitamin C great information. And improve mood. Increasing the cognitive skills need vitamin C.🙏

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