Rid Throat and Sinus Mucus with SALT

Discover how to get rid of mucus in your throat using one ingredient—salt!

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0:00 Introduction: How to get rid of mucus using salt
0:54 What does salt do to microbes?
3:35 How to use salt to get rid of mucus
6:20 The best natural options for sinus mucus
11:26 Discover how to use salt to get rid of respiratory mucus

Today, we’re going to take a look at how salt can effectively get rid of bacteria, fungi, yeast, and mold in the body. Salt causes water to move out of the cell, eliminating these pathogens through dehydration.

Salt thins mucus with this same mechanism. Salt removes water from the mucus, making it thinner so that it can be more easily expelled from the body.

To eliminate mucus using salt, dissolve a teaspoon of sea salt (not table salt) in a glass of water. Drink or gargle the salt water. This exposes the mouth and throat to salt, which helps to get rid of mucus, improves immunity, and strengthens the autonomic nervous system.

You can also use diluted apple cider vinegar. This changes the pH and helps kill microbes.

A Neti pot uses nasal irrigation to gently send a stream of diluted salt water through your sinuses, helping to thin the mucus. If you have a constant post-nasal drip, you may have a fungal infection or mold issue going on in your sinuses, and cutting sugar from your diet may help.

You can also use a humidifier with a saltwater solution while you sleep. A humidifier turns liquid into vapor, allowing you to inhale the salt water. Halotherapy, or salt therapy, can also be beneficial.

If none of these remedies seem to be working, an ear infection could be the source of your mucus. In this case, try putting four to five drops of saltwater directly into each ear. You can try the same thing with diluted apple cider vinegar or use one drop of garlic oil in each ear.

Vitamin D supports your immune system and helps prevent mucus. Vitamin D deficiencies are associated with enlarged tonsils, sinus allergies, sinus mucus, and ear infections. Try taking 20,000 to 50,000 IU of vitamin D once per week to address mucus.

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps you get rid of mucus in your throat. I’ll see you in the next video.

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  • @C.N.1 says:

    Not to be mistaken for drug withdrawal symptoms! Thank you so much, Dr. Berg! Have a wonderful day! 💪

  • @Amm6836 says:

    Dr. Berg, should the sesame and flax seeds be soaked from night to morning and dried over low heat, or should the sesame seeds be lightly roasted without soaking to get rid of the phytic acid, or is it not necessary?❤

  • @1999TransAmWS6 says:

    I used to always have throat mucus pretty much my entire life. I would drive my wife crazy by constantly clearing my throat. I noticed it would get worse after eating grains. These days I eat close to zero grains and never have throat mucus problems anymore.

  • @allisonsnell9352 says:

    My husband and daughter are constantly clearing their throat and have a lot of mucus. Definitely trying this and Thank you so much for this. Fingers crossed it works for them xx

    • @threepeasoup8733 says:

      Check around your house for sources of mold. The pink kind that gunks up in the shower, the kind that can build up on the windows in the winter, etc. I recently discovered that the soil in my houseplants was causing congestion for me and my husband.

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    Thank you Dr. Berg
    for this invaluable, natural remedy, information!
    You are the Humanitarian Doctor!

  • @kt6332 says:

    Hey Dr. Berg, I’ve been listening to your research well over a year now and applying healthier eating habits and taking care of me a lot better.
    But it has me wondering, I grew up on sugar and grains and by the time I was in my early 20’s it was discovered threw x-rays by the medical field that I had degenerative bone disease in my neck. In fact I was told by the time I was in my early 30’s I had the neck bones of an 80 year old.

    I’ve have a neck and lower back full of metal plates, bars and screws. I can’t help but think that all those years of eating huge amounts of sugar and grains that are the culprit of my generative bone disease.

    Could it be possible the huge amounts of sugar and grains I consumed all my life depleted my body of the proper nutrients I needed to build healthy bones?

    Degenerative bone disease seems to becoming more popular and even in younger people now!

    • @deliatellez4247 says:

      @kt6332 si ya estabas con esa dificultad y cometiste el error de aplicarte el suero muy recomendado casi de carácter obligatorio, con ello sólo se pudo agravar porque eso fue un producto diseñado para uso militar y de control, sino busca información en Epochs Times y escucha qué dice RFK JR al respecto 🤗

    • @gabriellagrace4734 says:

      That’s a no brainer. Yes, huge contributor. You weren’t getting the proper building blocks thru nutrition in your diet. No meat/amino acids

    • @carlye.3093 says:

      I have arthritis problems now which is probably due to eating way too much sugar and grains growing up also.

  • @SaraSa-gm2ig says:

    Love how Dr. Berg is getting creative with his videos 😅👏🏻

  • @gaitreeferguson3012 says:

    Salt water really works in all the areas you highlights. My grandparents and parents used salt water too. Thank you always dr. Berg. God bless you.

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    I swear you always post videos that are exactly about what I’m currently dealing with most.

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    Thank you for your continued knowledge Dr. Berg!!! 🙌🏻

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    I always had swollen glands as a kid and my parents would take me to the Dr for antibiotics. Now as an adult I use my neti pot every day and cut out the dairy. Thank you for teaching us how to be healthy without using drugs.

  • @Emanater says:

    Thanks Dr. Berg. I’ve had the worst case of stuffed sinuses over the last 3 days and have tried everything. This actually gave me instant relief though my ear needs a little more. Again, many thanks!

  • @BoldStatement says:

    🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation:

    00:53 🧂 *Salt effectively inhibits microbial growth like bacteria, fungus, yeast, and mold through dehydration, making it a useful agent for eliminating mucus-related infections.*
    01:44 🤧 *Salt thins mucus, aiding in loosening thick mucus and improving respiratory conditions by thinning and eliminating mucus buildup originating from sinuses, ears, or tonsils.*
    03:35 🥤 *A teaspoon of sea salt dissolved in water can be ingested or gargled to expose the throat and mouth to salt, effectively inhibiting microbial growth and thinning mucus for improved immunity.*
    04:30 🌊 *Nasal irrigation using saltwater in a neti pot aids in thinning mucus and removing nasal congestion, particularly effective for post-nasal drips associated with fungal infections.*
    05:39 🍎 *Adding a teaspoon of diluted apple cider vinegar to saltwater gargles can further kill microbes and reduce inflammation, supporting an antibacterial effect.*
    07:58 🛏️ *Using a humidifier with saltwater during sleep can help thin mucus in the respiratory system, promoting improved breathing and mucus clearance.*
    09:49 🔊 *For ear infections or mucus in Eustachian tubes, applying drops of saltwater, diluted apple cider vinegar, or garlic oil can help thin mucus and alleviate congestion.*

  • @AgaveDiaries says:

    Hey Doc, I’ve let a pretty healthy life as far as diet. Living in Spain for 12 years however a few months before covid hit I started getting mucus in the mid throat area and only noticed this when laying down before bed and waking up. It has got significantly worse over the years. Other doctors gave over the counter medicine to loosen it but no luck , when I try to cough something up its like glue. and wont dislodge. Could it be something more series?

    • @laurafoote214 says:

      i get that too, i’m an ex-smoker and in fact right before seeing this video i had a tiny piece glued to my voicebox making me sound hoarse, so i just had a good bowl of salty chicken soup and now it’s cleared up and i can speak normal again or until the next time lol.

  • @puddlejazz says:

    0:30: 🧂 Using salt to address throat mucus and microbial growth.
    2:36: 🤧 Managing throat mucus involves addressing its source, such as the ear, sinuses, or tonsils, and using salt as a cost-effective remedy.
    4:56: 🤧 Relieve throat mucus with saltwater gargles and apple cider vinegar to improve immune system and kill microbes.
    7:11: 🤧 Relieve throat mucus naturally with nasal irrigation, humidifier, and staying warm in bed.
    09:27: 🤧 Relieve throat mucus with natural remedies like diluted apple cider vinegar, garlic oil, and shaking it out.
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  • @MarieWilliams07369 says:

    Thanks so much for this information, Dr Berg. That’s what I did when my long covid symptoms started by gathering information from your videos. I tackled a sinus ear infection with sea salt solution nasal rinses, diluted ACV ear drops and also a ginger, garlic, rock sea salt infusion in a boiling pan and took inhalations covered by a hand towel, it helped a lot to clear all out. All your educational content is priceless. Thank you 🙏🏻💕

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    Wow, I was just searching for help with getting rid of constant phlegm, perfect timing! Thank you Dr Berg 👏🏽👏🏽

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    Dr. Berg, you are a God send for people’s ailments. Thank you for all the hard work you do in making these teaching videos. I enjoy you so much.❤

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    Thanks Dr Berg. Your insight on these issues have been so enlightening. I pray i can be as impactful as you have been for so many.

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    Very timely advice, Dr. Berg. Common sense advice and no prescription required. Thank you.
    Note: No more GERD and acid reflux issues since we both went on keto!

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