Stop Counting Calories! Weight Loss Secrets Revealed | Dr. Mark Hyman

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Why is it so hard to lose weight and keep it off? On this episode of "The Doctor's Farmacy," we explore the intricate science of weight gain and metabolism, debunking common myths about calorie counting and your diet. Emphasizing the importance of food quality over quantity, I'll examine how modern diets high in refined carbs and sugars contribute to obesity. By investigating root causes and offering a holistic approach, I’ll provide you with a science-backed roadmap to achieving sustainable weight loss and optimal metabolic health.

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Dave McKinnon

  • @thinking4myself676 says:

    I recall joining a gym to get lean, lose 10 pounds. They gave me a meal plan that was so much food I was almost sick eating it all. Sure enough the first week I lost a pound a day. There was a lot of exercise too, but for me it was different activity (instead of riding my bike, I was in the gym).

    • @meanwhile...7707 says:

      Same with the diabetes menu. Spent a weekend with two friends with Type 2 and my goodness their meal consumption was way too much. I had to call them out on it and skipped out on three of our planned meals just to get a break.

  • @SenorJuan2023 says:

    The most effective tool for me, by far, was walking several miles a day………..combined with intermittent fasting.

  • @orion9k says:

    Im a slim person trying to lose enough weight for my summer sixpack, eating the same food every day that will make you lose weight only worked shortly for me, because your body is intelligent and it starts using the same food more effectively and starts storing fat even thou that same food were making you lose weight the previous week.

  • @denisecurry1316 says:

    Thanks for the information Dr. Hyman! Its a lot to take in but very helpful!

  • @K-top13 says:

    I love your videos and books Dr. Mark. I’m down 30 pounds by eating real food. And I’m never hungry.

  • @thelabarchitect says:

    Thanks so much for your help explaining this and shedding light to this issue! You are awesome 😎

  • @richardjaffe9972 says:

    I don’t understand why he says over the last decade our calorie count has gone down but our weight has gone up. With the SAD diet that is highly palatable and full of calories which create increase consumption would lead to increase calories not less. 😅

    • @JMK-vo8pv says:

      I was thinking the same thing. It seems to me that most Americans nowadays are consuming ULTRA-PROCESSED JUNK like there’s no tomorrow!!!!!!

  • @skincraftorganicsllc8537 says:

    Great content as always, thank you! I will add though, most people counting calories have NO CLUE what they’re consuming… they think they’re smearing 1 tablespoon of peanut butter onto their apple and it’s actually 2 tablespoons (+100 cal)… or think those healthy looking vegetables at the restaurant are low cal, but they’re swimming in 200 calories of oil… or that 1/3 cup of tuna or chicken salad loaded with 300 calories of mayo. 😉

  • @RoxanneM- says:

    Thanks for posting this. ABC News recently reported on a research paper that hasn’t been peer reviewed yet, that says that counting calories and intermittent fasting give the same result. Why would ABC News report on a paper that hasn’t been peer reviewed yet?

    • @emusic96785 says:

      News network sponsors are pharmaceutical companies. Therefore, they promote illogical info supporting their sponsors and even get paid for promoting nonsense.

    • @JonathanNielsen-bd1bx says:

      Their reporting is always very much skewed toward helping particular narratives and industries.

    • @margaretklassen6410 says:

      The food industry has them in their corner

  • @shellys7950 says:

    Great information! Thank you ❤

  • @wow50plus9 says:

    We are trying really hard to complicate this. The people who claim to be in a calorie deficit, yet not seeing weight loss, are NOT in a calorie deficit. When speaking of nutrients and how it may affect your health, no not every calorie is the same obviously, when speaking of energy they are all the same.

    • @Rosemari753 says:

      Definitely disagree with this conclusion. If I eat a piece of cake, I feel like crap and my energy tanks and I want to lay down and do nothing. If I eat an apple I feel energized and want to go for a walk or move around in some way. So even if they had the same number of calories, I would much more easily and readily (without trying) burn more calories from the healthier more nutrient dense food. I am certain my non exercise energy thermogenesis changes drastically based on the type of food I eat.

    • @wow50plus9 says:

      @@Rosemari753 Sure, certain foods are definitely going to affect your energy levels, sugar is a quick up and a quicker down; however, energy expenditure is completely up to you regardless of how you feel or what you eat.

  • @TobieJohnson says:

    Lack of sleep will cause weight gain. Most people do not get enough QUALITY sleep

  • @PAOLINAG says:

    Great information thank you!

  • @scalab1 says:

    I think post menopause weight is a completely different animal. There is almost too much information out there. My head is on a swivel.

    • @melindah1121 says:

      Check out Dr.Mary Clare Halver, she wrote the Galveston diet

    • @Lorikneisler says:

      I’m 63, post-menopausal for 13 years, generally healthy, no HRT. Here’s what works for me: Intermittent fasting (16/8 or 18/6), minimal processed food, high protein (100+gm/day), high-ish healthy fat, fiber (20+gm/day), lower carb (<50 net carbs/day) no alcohol, strength training 3x/week, HIIT training 3xweek, walking (4+ miles a day). All this works well for me. Yes, it’s a lot, but it works…. Many levers to pull (time restriction, calorie restriction, food type restriction, amount of exercise) depending on what your tolerance is.

  • @Seanporier1410 says:

    This channel and it’s exploratory teaching has been a major drive for me as I give back 50% of my weekly earning ($22,000) to the sick old ones in my neighborhood. God bless America 🇺🇸

  • @GG-wg1yh says:

    Guys. Track your calories religiously for 1 month. You will lose weight. Eat high protein, workout 2-3 times a week, and walk daily. If you’re a fat slob, like i was, the fat will disintegrate.

    • @rebella5769 says:

      Thanks for showing that good old calorie counting works. You just have to be religious about it. The good news is that then you can enjoy the tropical fruits, the starches. The treat I’m moderation…You gotta enjoy life…His diet sounds joyless.

  • @sammyocgirl7411 says:

    Im doing what works for me….I count calories,,,,eat low carb, no sugar and work out 5 days a week i lost 8 pounds,,,, thats all i needed to lose…

  • @lorettaroberts2260 says:

    Love this

  • @JonathanNielsen-bd1bx says:

    With zero calorie counting and learning how to eat nutrient dense high quality food, I lost 52 lbs and have kept it off for 13 years (actually lost a few more lbs in those years – I weigh the same as I did my second year of college – that was 23 years ago).

  • @pennypeters9877 says:

    Love you and your podcasts and books. I am watching this podcast now and am finding you are talking so fast it is hard to follow and grasp the information. You have such great information but you are going so fast….it looks like you may be reading some of it…maybe that is why it is easy to talk so fast. Just a suggestion….. love all the things you are doing and the fact that you do the podcasts etc. Thank you for all you do.

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