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Why Is Hashimoto’s the #1 Autoimmune Condition?

Watch this insightful interview with Dr. Dimitris Tsoukalas as we discuss the most common autoimmune disease—Hashimoto’s disease. METABOLOMIC TEST LINK: 0:00 Welcome, Dr. Dimitris Tsoukalas 1:00 What is the most common autoimmune condition? 2:41 What is Hashimoto's? 5:08 Causes of Hashimoto’s 7:40 Is Hashimoto’s reversible? 11:20 Symptoms of Hashimoto's 15:55 Dietary patterns of people with […]

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Tonsil Stones: Removing the Deeper Cause

Watch this video to learn more about the deeper underlying causes of tonsil stones and how to address them through natural remedies and supplements. DATA: . 0:00 Introduction: What are tonsil stones? 0:55 What are tonsils? 1:15 What is the function of the tonsils? 1:47 Challenges associated with tonsil removal 3:32 Challenges with tonsils in […]

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Plant-Based Meat Scam

Watch this video to learn the truth about plant-based meats in comparison to real meat and how they affect our health and the environment. 0:00 Introduction: Understanding the plant-based meat scam 0:26 The truth about red meat 0:46 What’s in plant-based meat? 1:36 How plant-based meat affects health 2:35 How beef affects the environment 4:45 […]

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The DARK SIDE of Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha has many health benefits, but does it also come with side effects? Find out about the dark side of ashwagandha. 0:00 Introduction: What is ashwagandha? 0:14 Ashwagandha benefits 0:53 Should I take ashwagandha? 1:39 Side effects of ashwagandha 3:06 Taking ashwagandha In this video, we’re going to talk about the side effects and benefits […]

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The Biggest Research Study Scam

Check out Dr. Westman's website here: Subscribe to Dr. Eric Westman's YouTube Channel: Watch this enlightening interview with Dr. Eric Westman as we investigate some of the studies making headlines. 0:00 Welcome, Dr. Eric Westman! 1:08 Relative risk vs. absolute risk 4:00 Misleading information from observational studies 14:58 The Stanford twin experiment 17:54 Harvard research […]

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