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Slow Metabolism Is a Myth (Not Kidding)

Does dieting cause a slow metabolism? Learn more about metabolism and discover the best diet for stubborn weight. DATA: 0:00 Introduction: Metabolism and weight loss 1:05 Do diets slow your metabolism? 3:45 Calorie restriction 5:45 Intermittent fasting vs. calorie restriction 9:27 Traditional diets vs. keto diets 11:22 Metabolic confusion diet 13:28 Learn more about the […]

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The Tastiest Fat Burning Herb that Flattens Your Stomach in 72 Hours – Dr Alan Mandell, DC

With anti-inflammatory power, ginger is the famous secret to stop cellulite, since the problem arises from inflammation of the cells and these are combated by ginger. Its thermogenic trait accelerates metabolism and thereby speeds up calorie burning and fat elimination. Betting on this root helps the body respond to faster weight loss. Please subscribe so […]

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