The Tastiest Fat Burning Herb that Flattens Your Stomach in 72 Hours – Dr Alan Mandell, DC

With anti-inflammatory power, ginger is the famous secret to stop cellulite, since the problem arises from inflammation of the cells and these are combated by ginger. Its thermogenic trait accelerates metabolism and thereby speeds up calorie burning and fat elimination. Betting on this root helps the body respond to faster weight loss.

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Dave McKinnon

  • Indy D says:

    I really like how you got right to the point! Thanks for not wasting our time like so many videos do.

  • Arlene Portsmouth says:

    Absolutely love how you got right into the subject matter without beating around the bush for 90% of the video like other people do. I definitely don’t like ginger but I will have to try this remedy that you have suggested. Thank you Dr Mandel 🙏

  • Racquel_with_ lrc says:

    Thank you doctor! I’m just seeing this and I decided drink this ginger water before I went to bed. I must say.. I already feel less bloated. I have already started my health journey ( walking daily and eating healthier) so this is a great addition to what I’m doing! Working on being the best version of myself ❤️🙏

  • Babs Hull says:

    Hi doctor. Your tips are the very best on youtube. I’ve tried them and I confirm that they do work! Thank you so much 👍🏽

  • Simplyjen5 says:

    This is very true for me. I’ve always had a flat belly, but after my 40s I started weight gaining around my belly but it was more bloating than fat. I started drinking ginger honey and lemon every morning and it’s been 3 weeks and my bloating has gone down!

    • Frank W says:

      not 72h then

    • என்றும் நம்பிக்கை says:

      Wow , is it good for pregnant ladies

    • Jamie Jambuster says:

      Hi can somebody advise me please, due to another video of the doctors advise, having Himalayan salt and lemon juice first thing in the morning, could I just add ginger to that drink?

    • Dannie Debe says:

      I really want to try this but I’m nervous because it’s mentioned if you’re on blood pressure pills that it can lower it more. Do you use it just in the morning? Maybe that’s the safe way for me to go is just once a day. I find I’m bloated every time I eat and I’m in my 40s and I never had this problem quite as bad as it is now.

    • josephine bijo says:

      Yes it works
      It reduced my fatty liver too
      It reduced mu sgot in 25 days
      Now no. Medicine for fatty liver
      Also, if you want to reduce weight you can have it early morning
      Take A break if you loose too much of weight and restart after few weeks
      It really works. Man

  • Maryann Bolobanic says:

    As a retired nurse I cannot thank you enough for sharing your wisdom with us!!!!
    May God richly bless you ALLthe days of your life!!!

  • Decarla Anderson says:

    Thanks doc! You’re a wonderful, trusted source of healthy, life-changing information. May you live long and prosper!

  • Mike R says:

    I truly appreciate how he clearly and with a Dr’s caring assertiveness gives directions on how to prepare and take all his tonics,,he gives thorough info that’s easy yet still detailed,,,Thanks Doc

  • Sherry Apple Balagot says:

    You never fail us Dr. Mandell!!! Kudos to you as always and thank you so much for your videos!!! <3

  • Janet Warfield says:

    It sure would be nice to have Drs like him where I live . Thank you Doc for taking the time out of your busy schedule to help those of us that need a little extra help ( for me it’s diabetes and high cholesterol) . You Rock Doc !

  • Nnabuo Chisa says:

    I really do appreciate this Doctor, definitely starting this in the morning…. thankfully I just started working out and have been eating healthy for quite some time now. This belly fat must go 😂

  • Scott Peever says:

    Just came back from a back injury over a year ago but while I was off I started watching your channel and I’ve lost weight and feel so much better Thanx for your help keep up the great videos

  • Chris Fullerton says:

    My adult daughter has cerebral palsy and periodically has trouble with slow digestion. After hearing this I found some ginger capsules that can be taken 3x day. I started putting 1 in with her tube feeds and I think it has been helping her. She’s not good with extra fluids but I also give her teas that seem beneficial to her. 😊

    • B C says:

      Read The Magnesium Miracle—I have mild CP and magnesium glycinate has helped with spasticity. It’s not exactly a miracle, but I had no idea that everyone needs magnesium, CP kids are deficient in many nutrients at birth, and it definitely makes it easier to stretch, Magnesium is responsible for some 300 functions. Good luck!

    • Ryan M says:

      Amanda Erskine is someone who has cerebral palsy and has helped her symptoms with diet a great deal. She may have some good advice or tips you may be able to use.
      An interview:

  • Estelle Paulsen says:

    Just when I’m feeling used up, old, fat, tired and ugly….. I listen to this man and he just makes the sun shine again…. ♥️🤗Thank you dear doctor!

  • Leah Link says:

    When I feel like there’s too much wrong physically I find these videos and now I get excited to hear them. Thankyou Dr.Mandell for your encouraging , simple solutions.ove that you get to the point and your video length is perfect. I now have 3 more people watching. They love the simple help to. God bless you Dr.Mandell.

  • Who’s who at the zoo ? 🦓 says:

    I have been using Apple Cider Vinegar, very hot water and a half-teaspoon of grated fresh ginger ( ready to use, store in fridge after opening ). I was experimenting with something to make the vinegar more palatable without
    the added calories of sugar. It’s actually been pretty good for helping me lose a few pounds that crept on after
    retirement. First thing in the morning works for me. ☕️

  • VVV Vlines says:

    Love this man’s vision, energy, alignment❤

  • Doris Spears says:

    Dr. Mandell I love your heart and mind for making it so easy for us to become our healthiest selves.❤

  • Elizabeth welch says:

    Thank you Dr. Mandell! So thankful to have you and your expertise on all issues! May Gods blessings be with you and your family always in Jesus’name!

  • Frank Roper says:

    I been using the ginger in a shaker since I couldn’t find a supplement. I can say if it doesn’t help then it doesn’t hurt. My digestion does seem better after 60 days. I take cinnamon and garlic too. Walk 4 miles a day. Went from 300 to 230 but it is a lot of work and you can’t give up you have to stay with it come hell or high water!

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