The #1 Vitamin Deficiency Behind Migraines (MUST KNOW)

Find out about the #1 vitamin deficiency behind migraines and how increasing your intake may provide migraine relief.


0:00 Introduction: What is a migraine?
0:10 Migraine symptoms
2:29 What vitamin deficiency is associated with migraines?
3:26 Vitamin B2 for migraine relief
3:38 How to stop a migraine
4:10 Other migraine causes

In this video, we’re going to talk about the #1 vitamin deficiency behind migraines. Migraines can cause debilitating pain and hypersensitivity to smells, sounds, and light. They can also cause nausea and increase the impulse to vomit.

Migraines can be genetic, but this doesn’t mean you have to live with them. You have to understand the epigenetic factors that can potentially help you override this genetic weakness.

There is a connection between under-functioning mitochondria and migraines. This vitamin is involved with an enzyme that helps preserve the aerobic metabolism in your mitochondria. It also helps you build up glutathione.

One of the earliest indications of Parkinson’s disease is the failure of the glutathione mechanism. If you don’t have enough glutathione, it can cause serious damage to your neurons.

Riboflavin (vitamin B2) deficiency is the vitamin deficiency often involved with migraines. If you have a genetic problem in your mitochondria, you may need more vitamin B2. Vitamin B2 helps allow oxygen to work through the mitochondria.

Try taking 400 mg of vitamin B2 to help prevent migraines. If you want to know how to get rid of a migraine if you already have one, try taking 100 mg of vitamin B2 every hour until your migraine symptoms are gone—but don't exceed 400 mg per day.

Sodium deficiencies can also cause migraines. Consuming more sea salt can help. If vitamin B2 doesn’t provide migraine relief, you can also try ginger or turmeric.

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Thanks for watching! I hope these migraine remedies help you find some relief. I’ll see you in the next video.

Dave McKinnon

  • @i.mahdihosseini says:

    00:00 🧠 Migraines can be genetic, but understanding epigenetics may help mitigate them.
    01:22 💊 Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) deficiency is linked to migraines, particularly due to mitochondrial dysfunction.
    02:56 💡 Increasing riboflavin intake, up to 400mg per day, may help alleviate migraines, especially in cases of mitochondrial genetic issues.
    03:10 🧪 Low glutathione levels due to oxidative stress can contribute to migraines and Parkinson’s disease.
    04:03 💊 Taking riboflavin (B2), increasing sodium intake, and using herbal antioxidants like ginger or turmeric may help alleviate migraines.

  • @TonyyFlow says:

    A cured patient is another lost customer

  • @Tracy-wr7mj says:

    i went to the er due to a severe migrane and they gave me their cocktail of a ibupropen type drug intrav. along with benydrl and compazine for vomiting..worked like a charm and so now i have advil pm always on hand…surprising combo ..i quarter one pill till it kicks it out.

  • @maddisonbythesea3015 says:

    I suffered debilitating migraines all my life from age 6. All the women in my family have. Ketovore fixed the issue for me. Not sure if it was the food changes or the 600mg of magnesium glycinate I take daily now.

  • @tammyc4477 says:

    My husband’s migraines are triggered by bright light.

  • @containedhurricane says:

    I’d prefer to eat food for vitamin B2, instead of taking supplements. I think it can minimize cancer risk

  • @kathym6603 says:

    Here’s a theory Dr. Berg. Between Feb 10 and Feb 29 I had four migraines. On Feb 29th I had an aortic dissection and on March 4th I had a heart attack. I feel like these electrical events are connected. I wouldn’t be surprised if B2 would have helped with all this. The doctor signed me out of the hospital after a day of tests when I wouldn’t agree to a CT scan. Will be getting the B2 to go along with my nutritional yeast and benfotiamine.

    • @annawright666 says:

      if you are menopausal or perimenopausal that could be related to the drop in estrogen ( migraines & heart attack )

  • @ronaldkulas5748 says:

    For the past 5 to 10 years (I am 71), I increasingly got headaches during the night. They would start around 2 to 4 AM, and not even coffee would mitigate them. They were not migraines per se, but they were bad. They occured about 2 to 4 X per week. About 6 weeks ago a friend who is a health nut suggested that I take an B complex vitamin simply for my general health; so I purchased a bottle and a good nature store. Little did I expect that my headaches would disappear, but after a couple of weeks it suddenly dawned on me that “hey, no headaches”. In the past month, I have had only one night-time headache, and the B-Complex, IMO, is the most likely explanation for the cessation of my headaches. BTW: I take the B complex with my supper.

    • @cameronozaeta5924 says:

      Please let go of the coffee…caffeine is a POISON…slow but SURE…!

    • @dee468 says:

      What brand? Can you share the name of the B. Complex please

    • @tengdayz2 says:

      Good call to take food with what is needed to turn that fuel into working vitality.

    • @kurtbecker3827 says:

      I have exactly the same problem… during the night 2-4am. When I get up, walk around or watch TV in the middle of the night, it goes away usually after 1 hour.
      Are you saying, that you take B-Complex vitamin every evening, and how much… can one overdose on B vitamins?
      Strange, my neurologist did not know that… but incompetence among doctors is the reason we patients must educate ourselves.

    • @ronaldkulas5748 says:

      @@dee468 Brand: Solaray; “High Potency B-Complex”; Chewables (taste like a sweet-tart). They are easy to chew and they are fairly large. I bite one in half and take the half with supper. I purchased them at a local health and nature store. FYI: I also purchased a bottle of NOW (brand), combo D-3 and K2 capsule, but I had been taking D-3 and K2 separately for over a year so I do not think this purchase explains the cessation of my headaches. I did not mention this, but I also noticed that my need to urinate twice a night has decreased to one or none per night. This too was an abrupt change, but I did not mention it in my original comment. BTW: the one night that I did get a headache might have (not sure) been caused by having a liqueur on ice cream for my dessert after supper. I am avoiding doing that again.

  • @sheejajustin9768 says:

    Thankyou Sir🙏

  • @sheppyoutside5836 says:

    i had severe regular migraines for age 14 to 23, temporary visual aura, loss of sensation in face and hands, uncontrolable projectile vomiting and of course excruciating headache, id have them maybe 6-8 times a year would last 24-48hrs, for me they completely went away when i stopped eating store bought pasteurized Holstein dairy, I’ve experimented pretty thoroughly, i can eat raw sheep, goat and a2 jersey dairy without an issue but when ever i slip up (which is rare to never now a days) and eat something with “cheap generic store bought dairy” in it ill have a migraine a day or 2 later, nothing else seems to trigger them for whatever reason, no store dairy = no migraines for me

  • @RAJ._.WONDERZ says:

    🧠Migraine Foods Best is 🦴 Bone Soup Liver & SweetPotato‼️
    💠Mineral Magnesium Almonds Guava etc
    💠Vit B2 & B3 Whole Grains Jowar Sorghum
    ❌Avoid Refined Packed Preserved & Cold Foods

  • @janetbegelfor6223 says:

    Reactine stops my migraines. Found out completely by accident.

  • @tomasaldente2622 says:

    12 years ago I started taking ginger for migraines and it cures 95+% of my migraines. 1/8h of a teaspoon works for me, powdered and in capsules. I have been hospitalized for migraines, paralyzed temporarily, ocular, etc and it works like a charm.

  • @gurjeetkaur9963 says:

    Thank you Doc for helping us ❤

  • @Success_Gurus says:

    Thank you sir very much for this useful video, last year my brother was suffer from cluster migrane .

  • @Skate-Steve says:

    Dumping dairy and adding in magnesium helped reduce mine

  • @JanetLloyd-eg6in says:

    Been getting migraines for years. Recently experienced an ocular migraine. Thank you so much for this info..

  • @haroldmerewether1224 says:

    Fasting has helped me keep insulin at a normal level. I found I used to snack on glutenous foods before bed. I would wake up with awful tunnel vision and migraines. Fresh food and veggies in the diet is a must.

  • @lighthousefan5538 says:

    I definitely will try this. My daily chronic migraines are genetic, hormonal, and atmospheric. Most remedies work for a little bit, but then stop working.

  • @nevastrong2850 says:

    Only had one migraine in my life when I had EXTREME stress at my job 20 years ago. Went home early from work & took 4 Tylenol & a can of soda w/ extra caffeine & it went away. I wouldn’t do this now! I feel for people who have them often!! 😮wow.

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