The Meditation Trick for INSOMNIA | Dr. Mandell

This proven technique will help your body calm down immediately so you can get to sleep super fast! You should use this whenever you feel anxious and stressed. The more you practice this technique the more control you will have to keep your body calm and relaxed.

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Dave McKinnon

  • RedDog says:

    Good morning everyone. Its a great day with Dr Mandell. I pray that everyone is safe and healthy. Thank you Dr Mandell God bless all.

  • Jonathan Statham says:

    Newish to this channel. Kind of, have had you in my feed for a long time and you helped me significantly. Then yesterday I thought to myself, why am I not subbed? The info is always spot on, positive, healthy. Anyway, glad to be part of the group. Can’t wait to try the thyme remedy you suggested. Thanks for all the good stuff.

  • Marilyn Martino says:

    About to sleep now. Looking forward to a healthier immune system etc… Thank you!

  • Dahabo Ibrahim says:

    Thank you for everything Dr.Mandell
    You are very helpful 😂.

  • Charlotte : Single again ♥ says:

    Your dedication to your channel is inspiring. Keep doing what you love

  • Robby Jo Barton says:

    Thank you for your uplifting ideas for all to live healthier. God Bless and have a great day

  • Pamela Philip says:

    To be honest Dr Mandell, the very best tonic for a good nights rest, for me, is knowing that, whatever ails me, your wonderful guidance will set me on the right track to recovery…I will try this too though. 😊 Thank you so much for your continued invaluable assistance 🙌🏽

  • Pat Rhea says:

    Love this man! He gives me the mental “warm fuzzy-stress relieving feeling” inside to go on with life. It’s a demonic world and time we are going through. (God too has promised though that “these things too shall pass”.)
    THANK YOU DR MANDELL for reminders, giving us tools, and words helping us relieve stress, clear our minds to think, live better, and get through this mess we are in now.❤🫠

  • 68GTO Watts says:

    A doctor who truly loves his fellow man and their well being! Thank you Doc from ALL OF US!! 🙏❤️

  • Deborah DeMarco says:

    Doc, you are a blessing. You may be a Chiropractor but you enlighten 🤔 your followers with so much information to help ourselves with every aspect if our lives. God Bless you 🙏 ❤️ Dr. Mandell.

  • Irenia Mina says:

    Thank you so much Doc ! God bless you and your family more and more ❤🙏🏻

  • Adlih Kristopher says:

    Good morning Dr Mandell. Thank you for sharing this great information with us. 🤝👍❤️🤗

  • Adlih Kristopher says:

    Wish we had more Dr’s in this world would care more about people and not about money. Thank you Dr Mandell you’re a wonderful and kind human being! God will reward you for the work that you’re doing to help others. 🙏🤗❤️

  • Shaunhunter says:

    I was suffering from insomnia I’m sure trying this out thanks 😊

  • Fatimah Arrechea says:

    Gracias por todo lo aportas en los videos ❤

  • Kimchick says:

    Thank you for this valuable health tip. I did it and feels wonderful ❤

  • Beanie says:

    Thank you so much. Dr Mandell is better than any doctor I’ve been too . I go see a doctor for anxiety and they tell me to take some stupid medication….a true blessing to have doc do the exercises with me on a YouTube channel……blessed

  • Rebecca L. says:

    Thank you so much after just doing the 3 that was included in the video. I feel sooooo much better. I was anxious and stressed and now I feel like i can continue with my day in a much better mood than when I started. Hope everyone has a better day and are feeling better as well.

  • Jenny Osorio says:

    Great exercise, felt immediately!

  • Johanna Friedt says:

    I followed your advice last night Dr M and for the 1st time in months I had a great sleep & I feel refreshed & I only had to get up once during the night for peebreak. I’ve been getting up every hr to hr & 1/2 for bathroom duty and last night oh what a feeling to get up this morning and feel great. Ty Dr M ❤️ u for this video.

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