The Most Dangerous Ingredient in Protein Powder (Mass Gainer)

Check your protein powder's ingredients to see if it contains this dangerous ingredient—it’s terrible for muscle growth!

0:00 Introduction: Protein powder side effects
1:11 Maltodextrin
3:15 Maltodextrin and vitamins
4:42 Maltodextrin side effects
5:26 How to build muscle

In this video, we’re going to talk about the worst ingredient found in many protein powders: maltodextrin.

This dangerous ingredient increases acne, bloating, gut inflammation, mental irritability, anxiety, and insomnia. It’s highly addictive because it increases dopamine.

Maltodextrin promotes acid in your mouth, which increases cavities, and it spikes blood sugar more than sugar! If you consume it repeatedly, it can cause belly fat, high cholesterol, fatty liver, and other health problems.

Maltodextrin is often one of the first ingredients in many protein powder products, which means it makes up most of the product. It’s made of inedible dent corn that’s ground and treated with chemicals. It’s typically heated, pressure-treated, decolorized, and deodorized.

After this process, you’re left with maltodextrin powder, which can then be used as a filler to add bulk to different products. Consuming maltodextrin powder has no benefit. It’s classified as a carbohydrate but acts as a sugar in the body.

The glycemic index tells you how much an ingredient will spike your blood sugar. Maltodextrin has a glycemic index between 105 and 185, which is higher than glucose and table sugar!

Many protein powders contain 50 grams of whey protein per serving combined with 253 grams of carbohydrates from maltodextrin. Your need for many vitamins and minerals increases when you consume this many carbs.

Ultra-processed foods like maltodextrin cause oxidation and inflammation in the body. Maltodextrin also causes significant insulin and blood sugar spikes. It may cause you to wake up groggy and have low blood sugar the day after consuming it. This will cause you to want more, creating a vicious cycle that eventually leads to insulin resistance.

To build muscle, you need exercise and protein, not high doses of refined sugar!

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Thanks for watching! I hope this increases your awareness about the worst ingredient in protein powder. I’ll see you in the next video.

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      my guy malto back in the list

    • @teresa633 says:

      My stevia pwdr reads stevia leaf and maltodextrin bot 0 calories, how can that be ?

    • @Voltornator says:

      Who started WWI?


    • @luffywest says:

      ​@@teresa633 Maltodextrin is worse than Sugar. Its synthetic sugar and its sweeter than Stevia. But also, it has zero calories. And its not classified as Sugar which is why cumpanies exploit the loophole. But make no mistake, Maltodextrin will give you diabetes quicker than Sugar will.

    • @Domi-mf2db says:

      Its now even in creams i mean cosmeticks, make up etc.

  • @misssarr7534 says:

    This couldn’t have come at a better time xx

  • @AzureSymbiote says:

    I was taking a mass gainer for a month, and I got acne on my forehead. I just checked the label, and it turns out the main ingredient is, indeed, maltodextrin.

    • @Leonhart_93 says:

      The US market for these things seems wild. I have never seen maltodextrin in what I buy, there are like 4 ingredients and the main one is whey protein.

    • @AzureSymbiote says:

      @@Leonhart_93 Mine not only had maltodextrin, but also soy protein. And I didn’t buy this in the US.

    • @Leonhart_93 says:

      @@AzureSymbiote I said US because that’s where I expect things will be experimental and an un-regulated mess.

  • @helios4425 says:

    2 grams of Maltodextrin in a serving of whey = nothing really at all.

    252 grams in a super mass gainer = something to think twice about.

    It’s technically not a sugar, but it’s a carb with a glycemic index of 134.

    • @chaosflower4892 says:

      I have not seen it as an ingrediuent in whey or casein protein powders. As you say it tends to be used more in meal replacement and weight gain powders. Having said that, I’d be happier to see maltodextrin or sucrose used as a sweetener in protein powders instead of the synthetic sugars that are used.

    • @Porkypies6m says:

      in a 20g serving? =10%

    • @jgringo5516 says:

      I’ve been using a protein powder as a meal substitute for 6 months. Label does show a tiny bit of this in it. I have zero intestinal issues. No bloating. I’ve trimmed down to 190 lbs from 217. Eating various meats (protein), tiny serving of vegetables, 2 eggs every day. I only drink water. Prior to 6 months ago, I was heavy vegetables and drank “light” juices. I crapped 6-8x a day blasting like a fire hydrant. Now, I have zero issues, visible abs, and poop a perfect 3-4 footer every morning. No gas, no bloating…nothing. Those protein powder drinks don’t bother me at all. I’m 52. Right now, I’m the same weight I was back in 11th grade football. 6’2 190. I’m in better shape overall now then by far. Blood work isn’t perfect (never has been), but it’s all within the limits.

    • @gsssprocket says:

      @@chaosflower4892NOT ANY BETTTER, NOT GOOD

  • @AbdulGhani-vm6oq says:

    Maltodextrin was the cause of severe dizzy spells for me.

    • @lt3j says:

      How to remove from body

    • @shaniceervin1465 says:

      You too!! So glad I found someone like me. I got over the dizzy spells after I left the drink alone. It took awhile for it to go away. I started it again about 2 months ago and it came back now I’m a hard time getting rid of it.

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    Your informative videos mean a lot to me. Watching these amazing videos helps me to choose healthy food. Thank you.

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    I don’t quite understand why anyone would call weight gainers “protein powder”.

  • @shiptj01 says:

    This man keeps saving my life.

  • @jimrutherford2773 says:

    It’s very easy folks. Stop eating sugar, and carbs, or at least keep them low.

    • @JennWatson says:

      And seed oils and ultra processed foods and all grain!

    • @DKing-js1of says:

      Stop using the generalized term “carbs”. Nobody got fat and unhealthy from potatoes and Oatmeal and rice. They got fat off all the calorie dense crap we drown those foods in, in America. Millions of Asians and Africans eat tons of rice and corn and fruit and they’re skinny.

    • @DerineShorts says:

      How can I gain weight without CARBS? I stop eating bread for a while and I have been losing weight..I want to gain weight not loose it. Btw I’d advice anyone trying to loose weight to cut out bread and pasta..with moderate workout

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      ​@@DerineShorts eat potatoes and rice.

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      Carbs arent bad

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    I was here thinking about the best protein powder to get then here comes this video. 😮 Thanks doc 🤝

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    You’re the man, dr berg

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    I see alot of vitamin companies use maltodextrin as filler, but people give the product good ratings it’s crazy.

  • @stephenarkless9444 says:

    I’ve tried many different kinds of protein powders and none of them really work now I take an electrolyte powder and only eat meat and eggs and that is what made me big and muscular ❤🥩💪🏼 went from 30% fat to 10% ❤️

  • @haroldpinteresque4460 says:

    You had me at maltodextrin at 105-185 on the glycemic index. Yipes … More than sugar! Thank you Dr. Berg!

  • @a.williams10 says:

    No wonder it’s the most used in their products. Great content as always. Thank you, Dr Berg.

  • @d.shermandesantos3570 says:

    I was a bodybuilder back in the 80s and none of us used those kind of protein powders, but wow – I had no idea there were ingredients like that in there. The advice the guys I worked out with followed was from a Doc who promoted a low glycemic – high calorie diet, which made our workouts and muscle gain better. On that diet one could win competitions without needing steroids. I thought it was just what we were doing that made us so successful, but looks as if what we weren’t doing may have had as much to do with it. Thanks for the info.

  • @williamhenry3337 says:

    YES, for TWO YEARS I lived on a minimum of 8,000 calories and 300 grams of protein a day. I remember that was an ingredient in the gain weight protein powder. Amazing I’m still alive.

  • @AB-vc7ox says:

    seems the industry thinks that all those refined carbs are the simplest least expensive ways to give people the energy to do their workouts.

  • @subhan1641 says:

    ill be dead without this man 10 years ago

    • @AK-Solution-47 says:

      Could you please give me some advice on how to gain weight in a healthy manner. I have a high Metabolism, I’m 42 and since I was a Teenager trying to gain Weight so I could be eligible for sports has been and still is a uphill battle trying to gain weight. Dr. Berg could you please give me some advice on this Matter ??? I would be so appreciative !!!!!! SKÅL BRÓDIR

    • @mohitadlakha982 says:

      You’re wrong. It’s not a whey protein powder. It’s a weight/mass gainer, which contains some whey.
      Whey protein powder is either whey concentrate/isolate

    • @a.williams10 says:

      Well said, Dr Berg. Always sharp and straight on facts 🎯

    • @MrTheRalez says:

      @@mohitadlakha982 yes. Two totally different things, gainers and whey. There is too much carbs and sugar in gainers, but a lot of whey is blended, mix of everything in it. We should read the “small letters” before we buy 🙂

    • @tedantares2751 says:

      There must be a mistake – 235 grams is about half a pound. There are no servings like this. It’s probably 23.5 grams, not 235

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