The MOST Serious Symptom of Potassium Deficiency

Potassium deficiency is incredibly common and can lead to serious problems. Find out about the most serious symptom of potassium deficiency and some of the causes of low potassium.


0:00 Introduction: The most serious symptom of potassium deficiency
1:14 The sodium-potassium pump
2:17 Low potassium and blood pressure
2:41 Potassium deficiency symptoms
5:11 Sudden cardiac death
5:52 What causes potassium deficiency?

In this video, we’ll discuss the causes and symptoms of potassium deficiency. We need a lot of potassium—around 4700 mg per day! Most people eat a lot of junk food or processed foods high in salt and not enough potassium, which throws off the sodium-potassium ratio. Your body needs a 2:1 ratio of potassium to sodium.

Every cell in the body has a sodium-potassium pump that helps to generate electrical current around the cell, which powers the nervous and muscular systems.

Potassium is also important for the health of your blood vessels. Low potassium is one of the leading causes of high blood pressure; however, it isn’t often used in conventional medicine as a treatment. Over 90% of high blood pressure is essential hypertension, which means the cause is “unknown.”

Here are some signs of potassium deficiency:
•Muscular issues
•Abnormal heart rhythm
•Mental issues (delirium, hallucinations, psychosis, depression)
•Low back pain
•Increased pulse rate
•Increased risk of stroke

The most serious symptom of a potassium deficiency is sudden cardiac death. If you have low potassium, your risk for sudden cardiac death increases by 10x.

You could end up with low potassium if you’re not consuming enough potassium-rich foods like leafy greens, squash, nuts, shellfish, bone broth, avocado, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds.

Other potassium deficiency causes include the following:
•Consuming refined sugar, refined starches, and refined grains
•Gut inflammation
•Alcohol consumption

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Thanks for watching! I hope this increases your awareness about the symptoms of potassium deficiency. I’ll see you in the next video.

Dave McKinnon

  • @MindGymMeditations says:

    So grateful for all your videos

  • @christiearnold2781 says:

    Have bp that goes up very high but on meds too low. High pulse since childhood. Ended up in er with extreme high bp and erratic pulse. Blood work showed low potassium. Thank you for the video

  • @IsabellaGarcia-ox8ii says:

    Great Video Dr Erric! Below are the Timestamped Summaries from ChatWithPDF:
    – 00:00🍌 Potassium is crucial and needed in large amounts, especially when compounded with high sodium intake.

    – 01:00⚡ Potassium is essential for generating electrical current to power the nervous and muscular systems.

    – 02:00💔 Symptoms of potassium deficiency include fatigue, muscle problems, abnormal heart rhythms, and mental issues.

    – 03:00💧 Potassium is needed to store glucose as glycogen, releasing water when depleted.

    – 04:00🩺 Potassium keeps arteries soft and elastic, crucial for blood pressure regulation.

    – 05:00❤ Sudden cardiac death and heart failure are the most serious risks of potassium deficiency.

    – 06:00🥦 Leafy greens, nuts, shellfish, and avocados are potassium-rich foods to prevent deficiency.

  • @kevinstarski1598 says:

    You should address Dr Gundry and his constant talk about lectins, and why to avoid them. His recent video where he ranked nuts/seeds, the sunflower/pumpkin were on the bottom…

  • @peacepoet1947 says:

    After my work injury, I started to see doctors. They were shocked to see how low my blood potassium was when they did my blood analysis. My doctor prescribed potassium pills. I was also suffering from leg and hand cramping. A YT doctor said try taking magnesium. I started supplementing magnesium and I’ve never had a problem with potassium when the doctor has my blood work done.

    • @seanaames6855 says:

      The nutrient needed is indicated by where the cramps are located.
      Body part cramping: Homeopathic Remedy – Nutrient Needed
      -Ankles: Kali phos – Potassium

      -Thighs or Knees: Nat mur – salt

      -Calves: Mag.Phos – Magnesi

    • @peacepoet1947 says:

      @@seanaames6855 you’re welcome to your opinion, but not what I experienced.

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    Doctors don’t need or even want to know the cause of essential hypertension because they already have a Rx for it!

  • @moocrazytn says:

    I knew someone whose husband experienced sudden death from low potassium.

    • @gerismith1218 says:

      Years ago I read an article on how doctors found that young athletes who dropped dead suddenly while exerting themselves had no potassium in their body. I’ve never heard or seen any more about this until now. Makes you wonder about sudden death in young adults presently.

    • @Siquomb1 says:

      My middle-aged neighbor claimed he almost died from low potassium. His doc told him to drink tomato
      juice every day and eat a banana. I can’t remember any other foods but this video recommends what to eat.
      🍅 🥤 & 🍌

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      @@gerismith1218clot shots

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    THIS video in particular is critically important.
    Thank you, Thank you , Thank you .
    A way needs to be found to mass-educate seniors in this matter.

  • @jj5ben77 says:

    My dad recently went to the hospital for really low blood pressure. When the doctor saw him they said that he had low potassium in his system. I didn’t realize how much potassium plays a role in our health. Thank you for this video!

    • @cprivera1 says:

      Did your dad blood pressure go up to normal after taking potassium? You said he had low blood pressure. I’m wondering if the potassium helps raise it too

  • @KiLLaBushWooKiE says:

    My grandmother is in carehome and has awful edema with ankles and feet like balloons. Yet been on strong diuretic done nothing now on another type. Yet no potassium IV or even powder. Beyond frustration. Total disgrace why wouldn’t u at least try it. Anti healthcare. Blaming heart failure etc which doesn’t have yet has leaky valve had for yrs and so higher blood pressure.

    • @pilgrimpeace7763 says:

      You must be your grandmothers advocate. Please attend any meetings with the doctor and voice your concerns and requests. Put your concerns in writing. You sound like you already have a great understanding of her condition. Good luck.

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    Just got back watching your videos lately. I been focused on other issues in my life while neglecting my health. I’m 5 5″ , weigh 140, gained 10 pounds from 3 years ago since I stopped the keto program, let alone fasting. I have a protrude belly and I feel horrible even though I exercise. I have to say it, you are the king ! Since I started watching your videos 5 years ago and followed your program, I was in a very very good health until I stopped 3 years ago !! Your words are Gold, and thank you for helping all of us !!

  • @intranger2848 says:

    A tip for if you are looking for an easy way to increase potassium in your diet: Light salt! There are lots of brands on the market that use a blend of potassium chloride and sodium chloride. I use a brand that consists of 70% potassium chloride. Once dissolved, it tastes just like regular salt! (a bit weaker though, you will have to add more than usual)

    • @intranger2848 says:

      And other than that, garden grown vegetables usually contain much more potassium than their mass farmed rivals.

    • @intranger2848 says:

      Lastly, do remember that the 5g per day is based on an a multitude of diets. Certain diets (high carb) diets simply require more potassium to keep the blood potassium solid.

    • @intranger2848 says:

      Besides, one needs less potassium if one decreases a previous over consumption of sodium, another pro of using a potassium salt mix!

    • @mickeyc2137 says:

      can you please share this brand of salt that you are talking about?

    • @sheilacape4794 says:

      There’s a brand called: “No Salt”, which has 640mg of potassium!

  • @mwilliams369 says:

    Great video on potassium, Dr Berg. Always love your insightful content. Thank you ❤

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    Thank you for another insightful video, Dr Berg. Your daily work is always appreciated.

  • @user-hd9gu6iw6l says:

    Root cause or Essential Hypertension is usually Insulin Resistance. Hyperinsulinemia causes sodium and water retention leading to Hypertension.

    • @megmodaff5989 says:

      Seems to be the cause of just about everything! Dementia is now called type 3 diabetes and I’ve heard cancer called type 4 by some, I’m one of them. Will the medical community ever admit that is the major health issue???

  • @imaginationaryman7995 says:

    You mentioned low back pain right in back of your kidneys.
    The problem is that
    The Kidneys are now in the midback up under the ribcage.
    I and millions of others like you remember the kidneys in the lower back.
    Anyone who studies boxing and other martial arts know about the illegal kidney punch to the lower back.
    Thank you for your content.

  • @seanaames6855 says:

    From my experience:
    Body part cramping: Homeopathic Remedy – Nutrient Needed
    Ankles: Kali phos – Potassium
    Thighs or Knees: Nat mur – salt
    Calves: Mag.Phos – Magnesi

  • @kelrhil7391 says:

    Thank you so much dr. Berg for these information

  • @scottl8469 says:

    Sudden cardiac death killed my mother, who was recovering from colon cancer surgery in a rehab facility. I alerted the staff that potassium was a huge problem for her. She stood up for her physical rehab at the facility and died on the spot. Of, course, I didn’t know that until the hospital called me. The young er doc apologized profusely—said when she came in, her heart was like a stone and she was depleted of potassium. Maybe Dr. Berg should do a video on rehab profit centers.

  • @SingleMaltBuckeye says:

    I was having terrible symptoms 5 years ago. I was weak in the legs, dizzy, basically all the mental issues as well, very high pulse and unable to catch my breath. One day i couldnt function or even think clearly so i called 9-1-1. The emt’s were sure i was having a drug overdose. And tbh that made sense. So i began to think i was being poisened. At the hospital i was told i had no drugs in me which i was relieved. But my potassium was extremely low. They gave me these huge potassium pills and my heart when back to normal within an hour. I was so happy. I felt like i just escaped death.

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