The Secret to Younger Looking Skin (Boost Collagen Naturally) – Dr Alan Mandell, DC

Since stress hormones break down collagen (responsible for skin's texture and elasticity) a facial relaxation technique such as face tapping will prevent ageing and wrinkles. The skin's cells need good circulation to heal, and tapping stimulates blood circulation, which is linked to collagen production.

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Dave McKinnon

  • Annetkiki Kimathi says:

    Definitely a legend in your time.I’m a nurse and I’ve never seen a doctor dedicate himself like you do and for that receive my sincere gratitude.

    • Sem says:

      He’s not a doctor, he’s just a chiropractor.

    • belovingkindness says:

      @Sem A chiropractor is a doctor, just not a “medical” doctor, but a doctor of chiropractics. Still a doctor. There are some chiropractors who even seem to have more knowledge than “medical” doctors. Maybe depends on how dedicated they are to their work.

    • Star Foxx says:

      @Sem I banish you in the name of goodness and positivity! Be Gone!!

  • Doris Moore says:

    Love the way you teach and not try to sell us anything, you’re an Angel, Dr Mandell

  • Blue Waters says:

    I am a massage therapist and I just want to thank you Dr. Mandell for reminding me of the importance of draining the lymphatics in my face. You are wonderful.

  • Vanessa Buck says:

    Dr Alan is the only one who just tells you what things to do to benefit yourself. It isn’t one of those long, unBELEIVABLY tedious clips that suggest ‘a spoonful of this’ or ‘you’ve probably already got this at home’ but at the end tgey want you to buy something. 👍brilliant, I love it.

  • Charlotte Johansen says:

    As usual, an excellent video- short and succinctly and thoroughly explained. Thank you Dr .Mandell

  • Sally Rose says:

    I’ve been neglecting my self care. This video is my go to for my anti aging and oh my, after slacking this is so invigorating. Going to keep it up! Thanks so much Doc for this quick and easy routine.

  • Safuan Alhaj Stefan says:

    Thanks Dr. Mandel. I’m 36 and already look and feel 24. I believe its my genetics. My Mom looked very young for her age. This will definitely preserve the youthful appearance I inherited 💗

  • Tereza Borges says:

    Me senti tão bem fazendo essa massagem! Muito obrigada !

  • Christine MacKenzie says:

    I love the tingles my face feel automatically just doing this for the first time! Thanks for getting right to the point, and showing us what to do! I really appreciate you!!!!

  • florence hendrick says:

    Dr. Mandell, YOU ROCK! I’ve been doing this along with you, and you’re so right, I could feel the tingling…thank you for your dedication to sharing all the helpful information to keep us healthy, and happy. Bountiful and Boundless Blessings to you and your family! I’ve never had a doctor that cared so passionately, and also as knowledgeable as you!!

  • Sandy Hodge says:

    I recently subscribed to your channel. Started doing the chin and neck muscle excersizes with you. I’m mind blown at the difference in the results already. I will be doing this collagen massages with the other excersizes with you now. Thank you Doc! Your just what the doctor subscribed 👍Love your new student,Sandy.

  • Amela Papan says:

    It helped my sinuses to clear up. My whole face felt lighter and cleared up. Thank you very much Dr Mandell.
    It helped my shoulder and chest pain too. You are a blessing to all who pay attention. 🥰

  • Carol Hamilton says:

    On week 2 doing these simple exercises to the face. Seeing definite disappearance of my fine lines and wrinkles and improvement in my skin. My skin feels smooth without having to take a collagen supplement. Thanks Dr. Mandel for these informative sessions! Amazing🎉 Doing these exercises once a day

    • Pradip kumar Dash says:

      How old are you?i am on my 20s can i do it

    • bbtrixie says:

      Of course you can 😊

    • Pradip kumar Dash says:

      @bbtrixie thank you,you also do it?

    • bbtrixie says:

      I’ve been making a point to do it daily. My face is starting to show improvement, but I’m also taking liquid collagen at night and liquid hyaluronic acid in the morning. I use NeoCell. I think the combination of all 3 has been really beneficial for me.
      You’re in your 20s, I’ve just turned 60! If I could tell my 20yr old self, I would say start early taking care of your skin! It really does fly by! 🕊️

    • Pradip kumar Dash says:

      @bbtrixie thanks for your feedback 😀

  • Mike says:

    This video is 2 yrs old, and when I see his latest videos Dr. Mandell’s skin looks much smoother. It really appears to be helping for the Doc 😊

  • Michele Baca says:

    Love this technique. I’ve been doing it five days a week for the past three weeks. I noticed the tingling sensations throughout the tapping. My face feels awake and refreshed every time. I have definitely noticed plumping of the skin. When I first started doing the tapping across the cheek area it was mushy and sunk in . Now when tapping the cheeks it’s plump. Really cool thank you for this video.

    I would love videos on Jowl and neck for tightening. ❤

    • Toby Day says:

      If you look up EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping) you will find that this covers most of tapping points, by adding tapping under arm on the rib cage, tapping on top of the head at the end & consciously using your thoughts to work on blockers & limiting beliefs positively, you could increase the benefits you get from it. 😊

    • I CORR says:

      I’ve been doing this for the past few months and wholehearted agreed ❤

    • Nene Mabbagu says:

      Thanks for this wonderful tecnique

    • jane braun says:

      Sunk in? Yikes!!

    • Diane Burgess says:

      This guy is amazing
      Thank-you doctor mandell
      You are a star.

  • Richie Flamburis says:

    I am 76 y.o.and I have been doing these exercises for a while. They work. We are blessed.

  • Yvette Durham says:

    I’ve been doing this daily for 3 weeks and my skin looks so much younger already; it looks fresh and vibrant, smooth and my forehead wrinkles less noticeable. It gives my skin a real glow. Thank you so much!

  • Judy Myers says:

    Thank you, doctor. People do not understand how important is blood circulation to their’s skin (And hair as well!). I have tried almost everything: face exercises, vitamin C serum, Fraxel, collagen supplements and even Retin A for about 7 years straight. However, nothing made any real difference compared to the high-quality derma pen I purchased for under 100 bucks. Within 3 months of use, my skin has improved DRAMATICALLY. I don’t look like I’m in my 20s again, but definitely not 59 either. My fine lines have disappeared completely, and my nasolabial folds are way less prominent to nonexist. People often underestimate the power of wounding and the revolutionary effects it can have on the skin and of course, just like you mentioned – Blood circulation. Blood = Life.

  • Tybee Smith says:

    Dr. Mandell, I believe I speak for many when I say, “You Are Loved.” 😊 Not only do you see us, you stand with us. You are a champion. Bless you 💜

  • Rosemarie Sanfilippo says:

    I’ve started to do these exercises about a week and 1/2 ago. I love it! Everytime I do them, I feel so relaxed. It feels so good. Thank you Dr. Mandell for explaining each one and also doing the exercise so we make sure we are doing them correctly. I totally appreciate it and you : ). Thank you

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