The Worst Protein in the World

Find out about the worst protein in the world. You won’t want to eat this!


0:00 Introduction: The worst protein in the world
0:56 What is textured vegetable protein?
1:52 How is textured vegetable protein made?
4:26 Protein poisoning

In this video, we’re going to talk about one of the worst protein sources in the world. After having a horrible reaction to some “chicken wings” that I ate, I called to find out what was in them. It turns out they were plant-based chicken wings made with textured vegetable protein.

Textured vegetable protein, or textured soy protein, is the worst protein in the world. Soy or cottonseed is used as the “vegetable” to make this protein.

Textured vegetable protein was invented in 1960 as a way to use the waste produced from seed oils. It has been used in veggie burgers, fake meat products, cereals, and many other food products.

Textured vegetable protein is an ultra-processed ingredient. To make it, oil, nutrients, and fiber are removed from the soybean using heat and chemicals like hexane. There are no long-term safety studies or upper limit on hexane established by the FDA. Chronic hexane toxicity is a condition caused by inhaling hexane, so what happens when you ingest it?

Over 95% of textured vegetable protein is GMO, and when consumed, it robs nutrients from your liver. It’s very similar to soy protein isolates.

Any time you consume pure protein without fat, you are creating stress in your body, especially if the protein doesn't contain key nutrients like fat-soluble vitamins A, E, D, and K.

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Dr. Berg, age 59, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.

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Thanks for watching! I hope this explains why textured vegetable protein is the worst protein in the world. I’ll see you in the next video.

Dave McKinnon

  • @pjprevite3021 says:

    Good morning Dr berg, any chance you could do a video on what you take everyday? Thanks either way! Enjoy the day

    • @AndrewZebrunIII says:

      I take 100 or more supplements daily. Mostly in the form of dried plants. Or Earth minerals like fulvic acid, the Biblical ones too like frankincense and myhr.

  • @prozac5314 says:

    I remember not knowing about different protein quality, I munched on these soyprotein proteinbars thinking its good, well, I had no idea they were the cause of my extreme tiredness, bloating and heavy acne 😂😂😂😂

  • @mekman4 says:

    Thank you for the heads up!

  • @4everhdt says:

    I can’t believe you ate something without knowing all the ingredients.

  • @UhearGA says:

    I have been a vegetarian/part-time vegan for over 50 years. I am a healthy 65-year-old on zero pharmaceuticals. Fake meats were never an option. Your report is extra validation.
    Thank you for educating the public.

    • @J.o.e_K says:

      Appreciate the comment and I’m no vegetarian but plants are important to me. Nitric oxide and carbon👍🏼

    • @iloveschicken6527 says:

      Each to their own but I have been in the best health at 56 by eating good clean farm raised beef. I also support farmers markets for the veggies I don’t grow on my own. 😎

    • @shawnlewis1918 says:

      Just imagine….you could be even healthier if you implemented animal based products into your diet. Research has proven that our digestive system absorbs protein and nutrients from plant based products at only a fraction of the rate it does with animal based products…don’t shoot the messenger, you can’t argue with science! But at least vegetarian/vegan diets are healthier than ultra processed food diets and though it’s possible to be in descent health on plant based products, over time, the only thing saving you since you are vegetarian are eggs, they are a fantastic multi vitamin but optimal health can only be achieved through clean animal based products including both meat and healthy fats and of course pasture raised eggs!

    • @Sok10253 says:

      Love it I’m pre-diabetic and I really need to change my diet but I really don’t know what to eat could you please let me know what you eat thanks 😊

    • @anankedos says:

      @@Sok10253please take a look at low carb diets and diabetes prevention/reversal

  • @sparkle3000 says:

    I am so not rocking with fake meat at all!

    I wish they would call ish what it is.
    If it taste like chicken, I’m going to eat chicken.
    This is why I cook my own food.
    I even ground up my own pepper now after what I found out what some companies mix in with pepper corn.

    Thank you for sharing Dr. Eric. So happy you are okay. Smh

  • @janislevy1ify says:

    Thank you Dr. Berg! I don’t shop at Whole Foods anymore. When I did, I didn’t eat food like that. Textured vegetable protein, soy isolate protein – yuk! Always read ingredients! And it’s best to eat food you’ve prepared at home.

  • @lindaa5344 says:

    Your Research is so appreciated. Thank you Dr. Berg. 🩷

  • @UCONN_HUSKIES says:

    I thought drinking zero sugar flavor lemon water was good for us until I was told if it says zero sugar but still sweet. They substitute it with something worse than sugar. 😩

  • @causeitsthere says:

    I always wonder why the fda just allows the public to eat this.

    • @gabbyahmed5766 says:

      They part of Big Pharma, the more sick people they can create the more money they make when people buy more drugs and go to hospital, they all shareholders in the capitalist system of the rich and wealthy. Only Dr Berg prescribe the truth.

    • @mj625 says:

      The FDA is not in the business of consumer protection. They are more concerned with protecting the businesses that fund them. Yes, you heard that right. A large portion of the FDA funds come from big business, not taxpayers

    • @themasterofanalyticsandwie1342 says:

      Either Incompetence or the plan to make people dependent on government services

    • @OutWestRedDirt says:

      They make lots of money under the table but stabbing Americans in the back.

    • @justpray365 says:

      You know the answer. 😔

  • @XXfea says:

    Stay away from SOY

    • @cherylniles9588 says:

      I think I’m seeing a correlation between soy and bad headaches I’ve been having 🤷‍♀️

    • @user-mv7jg3pb3n says:

      @XXfea Not necessary – I live in South East Asia,people here have all been consuming Tofu for ages and still are – but no soy from Monsanto & Co of course … and when they fry it they use pure coconut oil – not the frying oils based on GMO sunflower seeds etc

    • @R.Magritte says:

      ​Weird isnt it. I know a lot of buddhists people who dont eat meat and they eat plant based protein and they live just fine. I, on the other hand, if consuming a lot of soy protein will have fibroadenomas/cysts somewhere in my body 😂@@user-mv7jg3pb3n i guess it’s just a general rule of thumb, everyone’s body is different

    • @user-mv7jg3pb3n says:

      ​@@R.Magrittemaybe so – a question for our good doctor Berg … Just listen to your body and stay safe & healthy friend😊

    • @user-ir9qq7bt9w says:

      That’s what my mother always used to say

  • @mega408 says:

    All these videos taught me to look at the ingredients. I can’t believe I used to buy these junk ice cream.

    The only decent ice cream out there is Costco Kirkland signature ice cream.

  • @EvilVon777 says:

    I gave up on whole foods when it was sold to Amazon.. I instantly noticed a drop off in quality. I’ve known about soy for a long time. Big no no

  • @NameLess-kj1kk says:

    I recently applied for a new life insurance policy and they told me they couldn’t find any medical records for me since 2018 and to forward over my Dr.’s name and clinic address. I sent over Dr. Berg’s YT channel😂. I haven’t needed a Dr in years bc I fuel my body with healthy food and exercise daily. Thanks Dr. Berg!!

  • @MaliaSoul says:

    Soy is also super fattening bc it increases the production of the estrogen hormone. Whether you are male or female. And it is intentionally put in majority of the foods in grocery stores now.

    • @daughterofgod777 says:

      Only gmo soy beans not organic non gmo soy beans.
      I’d stick with the whole beans rather then the processed stuff

    • @debdebcastillo6600 says:

      FR .. cereal. .. nutrient bars etc.
      That’s maybe more women are getting endometriosis.

  • @Virginia_784 says:

    You will own nothing and eat zeee bugs. So I’ve heard.

  • @tomsparks6099 says:

    Sad that with any new trend, every crook jumps on the marketing wagon to falsely label a product as healthy. We’ve seen it with oats, flaxseed, bone broth, chia, olive oil, aloe, stevia, coconut oil, probiotics, …the list goes on ad nauseum. We can’t even trust the Certified Organic labeling anymore.

  • @tomlambert906 says:

    after being tricked, poisoned, drugged, I no longer consume anything I do not prepare myself. have not been to a restaurant in many years.

    • @rubysspot4164 says:

      I’m sorry you’ve been through all of those things. I don’t each very much but I need to not eat out at all

    • @kennethrhodes7143 says:

      Soy Oil and any products containing ANY Form of Soy is POISON !
      It Reduces Testosterone and Increase Estrogen in Males, Shrinks Testicles. Coining the phrase “Soy Boy”

    • @deadbeat-vc9kg says:

      What do you mean? We’re all going through this. We’re all being tricked, poisoned and drugged on purpose. Why else would they add industrial waste to municipal water supplies? What other reason could there be for putting paint thinner in cereal or dowsing meats with ammonia? We are being killed on purpose. The plan is an 80% population reduction as per Agenda 21.

    • @themasculinismmovement says:

      Same here man. Don’t trust anyone with your food. Not even a so called professional. Not even so called “family”. And especially not women you date.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes. I as well only eat food that I’ve prepared. It all boils down to seed oils and their use in restaurants.

  • @FLGurl says:

    This type of fake meat should be outlawed. In fact, all fake meat should be outlawed.

  • @Drberg says:

    FYI: I failed to mention the TIME period when I ate those soy chicken “things” – years ago, like a long time ago, definately not recently. Maybe 15 or more years ago.

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