Tonsil Stones: Removing the Deeper Cause

Watch this video to learn more about the deeper underlying causes of tonsil stones and how to address them through natural remedies and supplements.



0:00 Introduction: What are tonsil stones?
0:55 What are tonsils?
1:15 What is the function of the tonsils?
1:47 Challenges associated with tonsil removal
3:32 Challenges with tonsils in children
3:51 The impact of vitamin deficiencies on your immune system and tonsils
4:55 Supplements to aid in tonsil health issues
5:30 Alternative treatments for tonsil issues

Tonsil stones can be frustrating and embarrassing due to the unpleasant odor they produce in the mouth. However, it's essential to understand the deeper cause of these stones to fully address and prevent them from reoccurring.

Tonsils are small lymphatic tissues located at the back of your throat. They act as the first line of defense against pathogens entering the nose and mouth. The tonsils pick up information from these pathogens and send it to the rest of the immune system, signaling the body to ramp up its defenses.

Unfortunately, many people opt to have their tonsils removed as a quick solution to recurring tonsil issues. However, this can lead to further complications. Without tonsils, our first line of defense against pathogens is removed, making us more susceptible to respiratory tract infections, Hodgekin's lymphoma, and autoimmune conditions.

Furthermore, antibiotics are often prescribed for tonsil infections but only treat bacterial infections. The majority of tonsil infections are caused by viruses, making antibiotics ineffective. This highlights the importance of maintaining a strong immune system to fight viral and bacterial infections.

Swollen tonsils may be seen as a nuisance in children and are often treated with anti-inflammatory medication. However, it's crucial to allow the body to develop acquired immunity through infection. This helps to strengthen the immune system and prevent future tonsil issues.

Research has also shown a correlation between low vitamin D, zinc, and iron levels and inflamed tonsils. These nutrients are crucial in supporting the immune system and fighting infections. Therefore, it’s important to ensure you get enough of these nutrients through a nutritious diet or supplementation.

Vitamin D, in particular, has been found to have potent antimicrobial effects, and a lack of sun exposure has been linked to increased instances of inflamed tonsils. This is especially concerning for children who may not spend enough time outdoors or consume foods rich in vitamin D. Additionally, consuming too many phosphates through soda and processed foods can deplete the body's vitamin D levels.

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Thanks for watching! Dealing with tonsil stones can be frustrating, but it’s important to understand the underlying cause and take steps to support your immune system. I'll see you in the next video!

Dave McKinnon

  • @i.mahdihosseini says:

    00:00 🔍 Tonsil stones are often treated superficially, but addressing the underlying cause is crucial.
    01:23 💡 Tonsils act as the body’s first line of defense against pathogens, aiding the immune system.
    02:02 🦠 Removal of tonsils may increase susceptibility to infections and autoimmune conditions.
    03:40 🌞 Vitamin D deficiency is linked to inflamed tonsils; adequate sun exposure is crucial.
    05:16 💊 Phosphate-rich sodas can deplete vitamin D, contributing to tonsil issues.
    05:59 🌿 Vitamin D supplementation, especially with vitamin K2, can help manage tonsil problems.

    • @TacklingTheGiants says:

      Nothing about the cause of the stones and what do about them. He only talked about inflammation of the tonsils.

    • @margaretohara7250 says:

      Really amazing because have always heard, read and told that these stones were food particles stuck in tonsils.

    • @lakliams says:

      Maybe you should listen the video this time, he explained during thw whole video that is the pathogens that make your tonsils create this stones to analyze those pathogens ​@@TacklingTheGiants

  • @projectkj7643 says:

    I used to get tonsil stones…I thought it was just plaque from my teeth hiding from my toothbrush. Those things STANK.

  • @user-yq9lt8jn6r says:

    Ever since I followed Dr Berg health advice, my body health and mental health improved significantly. I am in excellent condition now. Thanks to Dr Berg!

  • @deedieducati2272 says:

    I used to get these all the time as a kid. My pediatrician called them “puss bags on my tonsils.” He told my mother that he refused to remove my tonsils because they protect me from catching things, and that these “puss bags” (stones) were just my tonsils doing their job.
    I know it sounds weird but I could actually contract my throat and squeeze those puppies out, spitting them out. It was gros but such a relief to get them outta there.
    I’m 62, and I still have my tonsils. It is a RARE occasion for me to get stones these days, but it can still happen. Of course I now know that it’s my body fighting something so I help it along by taking extra vitamins, getting plenty of sleep and drinking a lot of water. . . and they go away.
    I will say this though: I’ve had them SOOO many times that I have scars on my tonsils from them.
    The more ya know…… 😉

    • @BigMama2022 says:

      Same here! I’m 65 and still have mine as well. I don’t get tonsil stones anymore, l only recently found out they were a thing!

    • @projectkj7643 says:

      Impressive for anyone born in the 60s to still have tonsils. My four siblings got theirs removed. My parents were in the middle of a divorce so I got lucky – I got to keep my tonsils since their minds were elsewhere!

    • @luka188 says:

      This obsession with removing valuable organs to the human body because there are some “problems” in them is completely insane. What in the world made doctors think the solution to these problems is to remove the ogran experiencing the problem? Where do they think this problem will go then? How about understanding and teaching people why they experience such problems and actually Curing these problems? Ooh I guess that’s not what they signed up for when the many quacks became doctors…

      At least there were and still are reputable doctors, and now there are amazing people like Dr Berg educating people for free online so we can all live healthier and understand how our bodies work, something which should be taught in schools but never was…

    • @VickiTakacs. says:

      The hubris of doctors yanking organs out. Mine are gone because my brother had ear aches a lot. Remember, you are listening to a Dr. right now. Think about that and all of the fear por n here.

    • @louannhuber2651 says:

      @@BigMama2022 Me too! I have a long tongue so picked them out. Didn’t know they were a thing either.

  • @user-vr1uh5ze7u says:

    I had tonsillitis many times when I was little. Fortunately I fought to keep them. When I got older I stopped dairy which cleared up all of my childhood issues. My parents didn’t know about blood types and that dairy wasn’t good for me. Prevention is the key.

    • @drforjc says:

      well, my experience was different. I started getting strep repeatedly as an adult, and after having tonsils removed as an adult, I rarely get sick now.

  • @kati-ana says:

    When I was a little girl I remember so many kids having their tonsils removed and those of us who kept ours were so jealous because they talked about all the ice cream and jell-o they got to eat plus being in the hospital seemed cool and fun. So glad I still have mine. I once had a neighbor who had those tonsil stones and yes, her breath was horrendous. She’d often cough them out.

    • @user-fc2tn2eb5z says:

      OMG same same same. Even my cousin got to eat ice-cream while i didn’t

    • @user-fc2tn2eb5z says:

      OMG same same same. Even my cousin got to eat ice-cream while i didn’t

    • @electronwave4551 says:

      When sister had her tonsils removed, the old man bought 30 flavored ice-sticks. As a young kid, I’d beg, “Can I have just one???” The answer was “NO!” After three days, sister’s blood sugar must have been all over the place and she couldn’t stomach another. I was then offered any of the remaining 15 ice-sticks. But, being driven by principle, I refused. They threw the unwanted ice-sticks into a plastic bucket and I’d peer into the bucket and stir them as they dissolved, but never took one!

    • @barbarakauppi9915 says:

      @@electronwave4551 _”…being driven by ‘principle’…”_ .. Lol! Interesting word choice for passive aggressive adolescent behavior for merely not getting what you want when you wanted it. Darn good thing most people get past those childhood phases in due time….

    • @electronwave4551 says:

      @@barbarakauppi9915 Ah, you’re reading too much into it. I was aged 6 years, sister was 8. We have always had a close relationship. Sis got a bit cranky with the pain, and over-compensated by refusing my request for one ice-pole out of thirty, which was excessively reasonable, particularly as it was mid-summer and hot, hot, hot. (As I recall, the old man bought the complete supply of the small local deli.) The household was not flush with earnings, and something like a sugar treat was a rarity. (Indeed, the only time back then when I was given a lemonade was at Christmas time.) I decided, upon principle, to hold them to their word and not be ‘bought and sold’ — this is passive defensive. We’ve laughed about it during the years since when something would remind of the event. She always said my middle name was ‘Justice.’

  • @nunyafawkingbiz says:

    Dr Berg you saved my life ! I was 260lbs and I am now at 188 and it’s so funny my interactions with people have changed ! When you look good you feel good and people treat you better as well ❤ I am unrecognizable

  • @ProductiveHealthPH says:

    Only doctor who can explain things in easiest and funniest way❤

  • @ExpEcer says:

    It has been 31 years and no one was able to explain why? Thank you for this video I finally know what it is.

  • @jameshetherington3087 says:

    Really interesting. Thanks. I would also recommend warm salt water gargles to decrease microbial load and increase immune response

  • @Deliverancewellness24 says:

    Amazing video! I never knew that tonsil stones could be stopped! God has made our bodies exactly as they should be!

  • @lizzywoo88 says:

    I was plagued by painful bouts of tonsillitis all through my childhood and teens, almost monthly some years. Plus these stones would form in between bouts. Then in my 20’s I also started getting bronchitis twice every year for ten years. In my thirties I read that there was a link with tonsillitis, bronchitis and dairy, so I gave up dairy. I never had tonsillitis or bronchitis ever again and now I’m in my fifties. My tonsils are very scarred but I’m so glad my dad wouldn’t allow the doctors to take them out. I just wish someone back in the seventies could’ve told me there was a link with dairy.

    • @allouttabubblegum1984 says:

      The word casein I believe originates from a Latin word that that translates to glue

    • @w1975b says:

      @@allouttabubblegum1984 A2 milk available in regular stores like Walmart and Kroger (big red letter and number on the carton) may not cause the same problems as “standard” A1 milk.

  • @lqla4837 says:

    I remember getting my tonsils removed.. it was a rough few days, but ever since it’s been amazing.

  • @r816311 says:

    In 1972, Mother had my tonsils removed when I was 15, I damn near bled to death cause the doctor didn’t sew up the blood vessels. Spent 4 days in ICU.
    I’m glad they stopped removing them.

    • @azulcielo382 says:

      They haven’t stopped removing them I got them removed. A couple of years ago. Almost die from that surgery

    • @pamelatimbush3762 says:

      Omgoodness I’m soooo sorry you had to go through that 😳😱😬!!!
      I used to suffer a lot from tonsillitis but I still have my tonsils my parents NEVER took us to the doctor’s when we were young 😔 except for one time when I couldn’t stop crying because of a baby tooth and that dentist was so mad at my parents (I don’t blame him you don’t let your children suffer!!!) I understand that when we’re young we shouldn’t have to go for every little thing, but sometimes we may truly need help.
      I have recently learned about tonsil stones, I didn’t know what they were and occasionally I would cough them up because I almost choked on them 😮.
      I started taking them off with a Qtip and I brush my tongue and with a tongue scraper after brushing I thankfully don’t get them anymore 😊.

    • @Bucephalus84 says:

      They still remove them. It helped me. No problems.

    • @SandraHof says:

      I remember decades ago learning there is the possibility of extreme blood loss from this surgery. Many people aren’t aware of this risk. It is fortunate you survived!

    • @bert454 says:

      ​@@azulcielo382That’s disturbing. What happened to you? Did it take a while to recover?

  • @user-vl7rr3ur8z says:

    This is my problem for the last 3 years. Thanks doctor!!!❤

  • @Zoeyelizanelson says:

    FINALLY I am so happy you made this! This has been a five year struggle of having them all the time, ALL the time. Bless you!!!

  • @louiseanderson1505 says:

    My 8 year old granddaughter was receiving the nasal spray flu vaccine at school unbeknowst to me. She was suffering from tonsillitis monthly for 2 years. They would become inflamed and she would have a week off school. When I found out about the nasal flu spray, I begged my daughter not to sign the consent forms anymore and educated her on what I’d found out about these awful vaccines. My daughter agreed and since my granddaughter has stopped having the nasal spray, her tonsillitis has disappeared. She’s not had an attack for almost 2 years now and they were a regular occurance, monthly as I said.

    • @thinkofsomethingcooler says:

      How often did they administer the nasal flu vaccine yearly? I’m glad she is better now God Bless

    • @jessyvalentine7492 says:

      You sound so ignorant. Your granddaughters immune system was working as it should when given a vaccine. Without it she will have to fight off the real flu, possibly needing to be hospitalized or god forbid lose her life. But yeah vaccines are so awful 😞

  • @RicarldoDes-cartes-qh2br says:

    I actually got this once. Took to the internet to find solutions and saw that, salt changes the bacteria in the mouth. I found that when I made a solution of warm water and salt mixed together it went away quite rather quickly by gaggling it at the base of the throat where the tonsils are with each drink then spat it out. I took it constantly but not excessively as progress was being made. It did not last more than 48hrs. I was surprised such a simple solution worked, but now that I know the underlining cause, it’s much easier to avoid the problem. Thanks Dr Berg 🙏

    • @Drberg says:

      You are welcome. Thanks for watching and sharing your experience.

    • @SandraHof says:

      In 1972, when I was almost 17 years old, I developed mononucleosis. It really attacked my tonsils and they became covered with what I now know are stones. My doctor instructed me spray salt water down my throat toward my tonsils and it helped to heal them. My doctor was very wise, as is Dr Berg! Happily, I still have my tonsils at age 68. I escaped the popular trend at the time of having them removed. Later in life I learned how valuable they are to one’s health and that made me especially grateful to still have mine.

  • @amy11228 says:

    I used to suffer with tonsil stones all through adolescence and my 20s. They stopped forming at some point in my 30s and I could never correlate it, but that is when I began supplementing with Vitamin D 5,000-10,000 IU depending on the time of year. WOW! I never knew this was the reason. Fascinating.

  • @justsnappy says:

    Dr. Berg, your content is so much better now that you’ve invested in a better mic / sound quality. Thanks for listening to feedback!

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