You Have Control Over Your Own Genes

The growing movement toward personalized medicine is changing how we approach diseases in general. Rather than a one-size-fits-all solution, personalized medicine takes into account the high variability in genetics, environment, and lifestyle to offer a more tailor-made solution for each individual.

On today’s episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy, I’m excited to talk to Dr. Sharon Hausman-Cohen about her work in genomics and how she is helping to pave the way for more tailored and effective treatments for chronic diseases.

In this episode, we discuss:
– What are genes, and what do they do?
– Genetic predisposition does not mean predestined
– The difference between genetics vs genomics
– Polygenic risk scoring for chronic disease
– Dementia risk and treatment
– Mental and cognitive health issues in children
– The similarities between Autism and Alzheimer’s patients
– My genomic test results, specifically related to detoxification and osteoporosis
– Genetic vs genomic testing

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Dave McKinnon