Can Akkermansia Be Bad For You?

Today, on The Doctor’s Farmacy I’m excited to chat with the co-founder of Seed, Raja Dhir, about the role our gut microbiome has on our overall health.

In this episode, we also discuss: 
The central role the gut plays in whole-body health
How the makeup of our gut microbiome comes to be 
The explosion of research on the gut microbiome 
Why fiber is critical to reaping the benefits of Akkermansia
Microbiome testing 
What are probiotics, and should you take them? 
Selecting a probiotic 
Prebiotics, synbiotics, and postbiotics
How antibiotics affect the gut microbiome 
The future of microbiome data 

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Dave McKinnon

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    Whoa good to know! I just started taking it a few weeks ago

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