How To STAY HEALTHY Until Your 105+ (FIX YOUR GUT!) | Todd LePine & Mark Hyman

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The impact the gut has on the entire body should not be underestimated, but unfortunately in conventional medicine it often is. We are shuttling pounds and pounds of food into this tube we have called the digestive system several times a day and we don’t give it a second thought—it’s pretty crazy when you think about it. The gut is responsible for our ability to turn food into fuel; to absorb and even create certain nutrients; to rid the body of harmful toxins on a daily basis. We rely on it to do so much for us.

It’s also one of my favorite topics as a Functional Medicine doctor—poop, the microbiome, the gut-immune and gut-brain connections—there are so many angles we need to look at with gut health and they can tell us an amazing amount of information about the rest of the body. That’s why I’m so excited for this week’s episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy, where I sit down with my friend and colleague Dr. Todd LePine to take a deeper look at digestive health and the fascinating collection of life forms we carry around inside and on us, called the microbiome.
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Dave McKinnon

  • manUpbuttercup says:

    I loved this chat and I shared it far and wide. One thing, though, that I’d love to see a solution for is how to make functional medicine affordable. EVERYTHING you guys talked about is true and valid–but also expensive. The out of pocket kind. People are sick and dying all over this country because insurance companies only cover allopathic medicine.

  • Linda says:

    The most profound thing this doctor says is that the more he practices medicine the more he realizes what little he knows about the human body. Excellent video.

  • Abdul Hai says:

    This conversation was so rich in information and so beautifully expressed. Such a healthy conversation and so calming to listen to. It was like therapy

  • Nicole Lagamo says:

    These are the doctors who are actually helping patients, going to the root causes of diseases. Thank you for your work. God bless.

  • Tiffany Lobbestael says:

    Thank you so much for this information! I have struggled with psoriasis for over 10 years and want to heal it once and for all. Your podcasts are informative and encouraging but especially this one!

  • Abundant Health Services says:

    God bless you both for telling the truth and giving back to the community like this and sharing your talents with us, being courageous enough to say it’s not one size fits all in medicine, I love that you all have a functional medicine approach, I look up to you and am encouraged by your interviews and messages, keep shining brotha #walkamerica

  • Carol Ashlee says:

    Thank goodness you doctors are on it at last.
    At 65 years old, I have been on a merry go round my whole life of auto immune.
    When I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis & fatty liver, I said ENOUGH.
    I have spent 4 months researching & changing my diet as I was fed up with my specialist not doing anything for me.
    I have fixed my liver, cholesterol, asthma & reflux.
    Thanks for this video

  • Christopher Huffman says:

    My prayer is that more of these kinds of doctors begin to replace the ones who are caught up in this horrid disease management system, prescribing nothing but pharmaceuticals to people, not healing anything but merely masking symptoms.

    • Byaklangak Wasinton says:

      Masking and they doesnt wana cure bks the school of medicine abstract memes says: one client cured is one lost patient

    • Byaklangak Wasinton says:

      Oh sori, its the inverse, i shud wrote: one patient cure is one client lost

    • Marjet22 says:

      @Byaklangak Wasinton What’s more: the farmaceuticals ruin your health fairly and surely and make a chronic patient out of a potentially healthy person. I was wondering about the idea of vaccination when I was six years old.

    • Jonathan Henderson says:

      ❤️🙏🌻 couldn’t have said it any better. This is my prayer too

  • N P says:

    Thank You!!! I really needed this. Last Sunday, I decided to give up sugar/gluten/dairy…now I realize I am truly on the right track to healing my gut. This is ALL because I don’t want to take the Covid vaccine. God Bless you!!!

  • Kat Baskaran says:

    After listening to a few of your podcasts and then visiting my family doctor, I realized just how long these doctors have been only touching the surface of my issues. I wish there were more doctors like you two who actually help their patients.

  • Rae Wise says:

    My health is improving dramatically by listening, learning and following what I’ve learned from these conversations. Thank you and bless you both!

  • Fay B says:

    My sister just found your channel and was so amazed she sent it to me, knowing how much I have suffered and is still suffering with my gut; as a matter of fact my entire body. You are apparently two of the few doctors who knows what’s going on. I had to quit my job, and spent many days in bed, after 2 years my gut is still a mess. I was going from one doctor to another, wasted all my savings and is still 1 step forward and at time 2 step backwards. Every day unbelieveable gas, blotting, skin issues, fatique, stress, skin issue, things crawling in my head There was a time I could barely stand due to burning and pins and needles, and all kinds of weird sensation; not to mention the vision problems that is directly related to my gut. You touched on many of my issues. Thank you and over to your website now.

  • Lisa Abercrombie says:

    When I told my oncologist and my breast surgeon that my husband and I believe food is medicine, both laughed at us and our thinking. It’s sad. Everything that goes in or on our body affects the body, but most don’t see or believe this.
    Thank you for this video, very informative!

    • Quantum Universe says:

      Lisa Abercrombie totally agree! Doctors laugh on everything which is not scientific! BUT, we can choose to think and use food WE WANT TO PUT IN OUR BODY! When we do that out of the scientific box, we become healthy! Honestly, I left doctors long time ago, and started my OWN WAY OF HEALING!

    • me man says:

      I hope you found new Drs. How are you doing today?

    • Kiki says:

      azimuth food is certainly a big part of healing from cancer. Cancer cells feed on sugar.

    • Aoki Aoki says:

      Food is not medicine, it’s prevention and health

  • MiCielo29 says:

    This podcast was very educational and eye opening. I definitely will be contacting the Wellness Center for a consultation. So glad you’re putting this information out there. There are so many people suffering from the illnesses discussed that have had no resolution with conventional treatments. Thanks for information.

  • Mark Hyman, MD says:

    Get my FREE guide 3 Steps to Reverse Aging when you sign up for my weekly health picks 👉

    • Theresa Ferrante says:

      Do you have any physicians that you can recommend in the Pittsburgh, Cleveland, or Buffalo area that practice functional medicine? I’d like to take my mom who has ahlzheimers. Thank you!!

    • Loving The Country Life 2021 says:

      Do you have any suggestions for Histamine Intolerance?

    • Fanny Pereyra says:

      Hello Dc I have so many things,I’m straggling with my 😢 health,I don’t know how to start I live in North Carolina ,I’m almost 2 years with the problems I have tiroides problem and I having problems with my eyes himmuny decís can you help me can I contact you.

    • Ghazala Ayaz says:

      Thanks for sharing knowledge

    • R. Diaz says:


  • lee nyholm says:

    OMG…possibly the best podcast I have listened to. Soooo much information.Something to ponder upon for every member of my family.I have worked in health care for some 30 years and am well aware of how the allopathic medicine has a tendency of putting bandaids on symptoms. Its good to see drs actually looking for the cause of diseases!

  • Nanette Alegado says:

    The world needs more of this kind of doctors. Well done! Thank you for all your hardwork ❤️❤️🙏

  • CW02 says:

    This entire segment has me laughing, but engaged. You both have great personality and your passion and respect for healthcare is wonderful. Thank you for all you do to combat bad medicine practices.

  • Mia Lorenzen says:

    You two are both amazing! I think you’ve really saved my life, totally true…thanks so, so much! I have totally changed my lifestyle, diet, I’m doing intermittent fasting, lowering stress, increasing my exercise…healing my gut and I just made an appointment with a functional doctor near me for my regular care from now on. Thank you both so, so much!! ❤❤😊😊🎉🎉

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