Olive Oil + Ice Cream!? Does this Food Combo actual have health benefits?

Join Dr. Gundry as he unravels the truth behind this trending weird food combo. Discover its health benefits in this Gundry MD Short. Like, share, and subscribe for more health insights!

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Dave McKinnon

  • @ronaldbohan2720 says:

    I have read a few times that the olive oil in America has bad oils mixed in them because regular olive oil is to expensive to make . Organic olive oil is supposed to be better.

    • @TriggerStand says:

      it’s true. Most olive oils, even if they say “extra virgin”, are garbage. Get a high quality olive oil.

    • @GundryMDYT says:

      Thank you for sharing! Gundry MD Olive Oil contains 30x more hydroxytyrosol polyphenols than your average grocery store brand. It is extremely rare to find such a high-quality olive oil in the general market and it requires a higher quality and quantity of olives to produce. Every lot of High Polyphenol Olive Oil comes with a certificate of analysis that states the level of oxidation or peroxides value, and our quality control team does its own 3rd party testing to ensure the values on the COA are accurate. Our olive oil is packaged within a dark amber glass container with a unit carton to help reduce exposure to light and oxygen. Maintaining the quality of our olive oil is our number one priority here at Gundry MD.

    • @MistressOnyaCox says:

      I have 🐐 🤟 making my own Frozen yogurt w #GundryMD Olive 🛢️ & Super Reds + my home grown Stevia. who said dessert can’t be HEALTHY ❤❤❤ THANKS TO GUNDY I REVERSE MY FIBROMYALGIA AND HOSHIMOTO AND NO LONGER WALK WITH A CANE/WALKER AND LOST 25LBS ❤❤❤ THANK YOU DR.G

  • @umayalai6319 says:

    ❤Dr. Steve can you give good for reduce cholesterol ❤🎉
    Ice cream with avocado is better than olive oil Sir ❤🎉🎉🎉 but still I using olive oil too in my cooking but we cannot overheat the oil

  • @johnvgrand says:

    That’s very interesting combination😮. I gotta try this one

  • @JR-sb6mj says:

    Sugar free coconut flour cake and blueberries ice cream 😋

  • @philippine_phin says:

    What not substitute the white sugar for raw honey?? I’ve been substituting white sugar for raw honey (from my own hives now) in everything from breads to waffles and smoothies to lemonade, aand saw HUGE IMMEDIATE changes in my kids behavior (not to mention mild seasonal allergies). But is the ‘sugar’ content of honey any better?

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