Reboot Your Brain in 30 Seconds – (Discovered by Dr Alan Mandell, DC)

This is a miraculous hand reflex point that connects directly to the pituitary gland in the brain. Stimulating the thumb a specific way will help the body sustain better health and homeostasis. The results can be very fast and exciting. I wish everyone many Blessings. Dr Mandell

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Dave McKinnon

  • 90s Faker says:

    I was breathing through my nose, now I can breathe through my brain as well. Thanks 🖤

  • No Name says:

    No lie, I feel this actually cleared my sinuses. Amazing.

  • 0ak3nshi3ld88 says:

    I seriously noticed a slight difference. Cleared my sinuses. Plus I feel a bit more calm. If a difference can be noticed, it often means the effects are substantial. Genius. Thanks, Doc.

  • David Arundel says:

    Did this as it was shown & a noticeable difference occurred. Now to remember to do this daily, a couple or so times.
    Thankyou, Dr Manderll, for sharing.
    Namaste 🙏 💟

  • Patience C. says:

    My face got cold and I felt chills all over my body. I am a massage therapist and will try this on my clients! ☺️

  • Fariel Ali-Kangaloo says:

    This doc is amazing. Absolutely appreciate all his efforts to educate and protect us without the use of medicine but natural resources. Love him.

  • Shaun Penne says:

    I’ve had bad sinuses all my life, in fact it’s caused me some true discomfort throughout. I literally tried this seconds ago and all I can say is “WOW!” Awesome stuff!!

    • Iquey says:

      I’m sorry you are/have been dealing with sinus issues! Idk about this thumb thing, but there is also real research on humming! (Humming loud enough so that your internal nasal passages resonate, to kind of make your face tingle) And it can help generate nitric oxide in the nasal passages and sinuses, to help clear congestion, inflammation and mucus. Best of luck to your health!

    • Shaun Penne says:

      @Iquey Thank you so much!!😊😊😊❤❤❤✌✌✌✌

    • Vrboyz says:

      @Iquey really helpful…thanks buddy

    • LaptopiaLTD says:

      I’ve had similar symptoms and what has recently worked for me is using the nasal cleaning attachment of the dental water jet. Being able to smell anything has always been an issue, however, after daily use of the water jet I can now smell everything!

    • Marisa Delfino says:

      Wow your amazing thank you so much Doc.

  • Starlight GT says:

    What a champion this guy is, I’ve had a cold for 3 days now and this is the first time in 3 days I can breathe through my nose 👃 thanks Dr Mandel

  • ParanoidPony says:

    This is fascinating how I actually feel different after doing this exercise. The human body is truly a perplexing thing!

  • Paayal Mahajan says:

    This is very helpful! As a practioner of reflexology, I can affirm that reflexology is very effective when practiced properly.

    • Papersharp 09 says:

      How is this particular technique administered, over, lets say a year. It seems once per day is fine or per week.

  • Youtube watching account says:

    This is literally the solution to all our problems I’ll do this everyday

  • Christine Africa says:

    I don’t have nasal problems, but I have a different reaction. I had LBM a couple of hours after doing this exercise. It felt like I was releasing toxins from my body, and then I had this shift of consciousness in regard to my food. I was craving for fresh fruits and vegetables, and fresh juices.

  • TinaRN says:

    Midway, I felt popping & opening “behind” my nose! I also got rid of the headache I’ve had for 4 days. I can vouch for the validity!

  • Adha P says:

    I use to do this whenever I felt my health is not good for years, never know there is a science beyond my activity (I do bite both my thumbs at the same time) and yes it is really really helpful. My stomach always feel better to after doing this. Thanks for the science doctor!

  • Jangy18 says:

    This is actually legit! I was experiencing afternoon slump before watching this video but after that, it’s gone. Thank you so much!

  • Raja Shah says:

    These are called Pressure points.. Not only for brain but for all organs of our body there are different pressure points in our hands… These are all mentioned way back in INDIAN script and Aurveda.. Being and Indian I feel proud that Dr Mandell is bringing this to public… thanks

  • David says:

    It did help open my sinuses… After I did both thumbs. It works better if you can feel your thumb pulsating. Then you squeeze the sides of the thumb. It feels like it goes directly to your brain and nasal passages ❤

  • Alex Barrows says:

    You’re my miracle for today. I started looking for miracles on a daily basis and me being able to taken in air through my nose is a big one. Thank you Doctor Mandell!!!!! 🥰😇

  • Kate Baunillo says:

    Wow!! I just can’t thank you enough, Doc! I tried it and immediately felt the relief in my sinuses ❤

  • INDEFINITE says:

    This is awesome! I did it and it felt like one whole side of my nasal passage was blocked. Immediately did 100 push ups and focused on my breathing! 🤘

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