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Why Is Hashimoto’s the #1 Autoimmune Condition?

Watch this insightful interview with Dr. Dimitris Tsoukalas as we discuss the most common autoimmune disease—Hashimoto’s disease. METABOLOMIC TEST LINK: 0:00 Welcome, Dr. Dimitris Tsoukalas 1:00 What is the most common autoimmune condition? 2:41 What is Hashimoto's? 5:08 Causes of Hashimoto’s 7:40 Is Hashimoto’s reversible? 11:20 Symptoms of Hashimoto's 15:55 Dietary patterns of people with […]

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Eating a lot of Brussels sprouts and other cruciferous veggies can help protect against cancers of the stomach, lungs, kidney, breast, bladder, and prostate. Crunchy veggies like Brussels sprouts can also help you stave off other health issues, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Please subscribe so you and […]

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The 1 Miracle Mineral for Rapid Metabolism, Weight Loss, and Fat Burning | Dr. Mandell

The Mineral Calcium is involved in many important physiological processes in the body. Although, Calcium plays a very important role in thermogenesis, fat burning, and weight loss. Anti-Obesity Effects of Dietary Calcium: The Evidence and Possible Mechanisms Calcium Burns Beige Adipose and skeletal muscle thermogenesis: studies from large animals in Journal of Endocrinology Please subscribe […]

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