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Side Effects of Resveratrol Supplements

The side effects of resveratrol likely outweigh the benefits. Resveratrol supplements may blunt some of the positive effects of exercise training. This is the final video in my four-part series on resveratrol. If you missed any of the others, check out: • Does Resveratrol Make You Live Longer? ( ) • Does Resveratrol Benefit Our […]

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Does Resveratrol Make You Live Longer?

Is the red wine molecule resveratrol responsible for the “French paradox”? This is the first video in a four-part series on resveratrol. Stay tuned for: • Does Resveratrol Benefit Our Metabolic Health? ( ) • Resveratrol Tested for Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, and Osteoporosis ( ) • Side Effects of Resveratrol Supplements ( ) What about just […]

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1 Tablespoon a Day Burns Belly Fat

Could 1 tablespoon per day of a potent polyphenol be the natural belly fat solution you’ve been searching for? Watch this video to find out. DATA: 0:00 Introduction: How to lose belly fat 0:24 Do you have a slow metabolism? 1:22 Mitochondrial uncoupling 3:05 Resveratrol benefits 4:01 Other ways to increase mitochondrial uncoupling and burn […]

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