The Most Important MINERAL for Clean Arteries (Prevent Heart Attack/Stroke) Dr. Mandell

Magnesium prevents muscle spasms of the heart blood vessels, which can lead to a high blood pressure and a heart attack. Magnesium prevents calcium buildup in cholesterol plaque in arteries, which leads to clogged arteries. Magnesium levels are inversely associated with cardiovascular disease risk. Magnesium also helps direct calcium into the bones and out of the soft tissue within the body.

Magnesium Intake Is Inversely Associated With Coronary Artery Calcification
The Framingham Heart Study

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    I take 800 mg Magnesium Glycinate every night for sleep and it really works. πŸ₯°. I take 4000 iU of D 3 and 200 mg of K2 as MK7 daily. I was having foot spasms at night, I read that potassium helps so I started putting electrolytes in my water daily and that stopped! I love your advice Dr Mandell!

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    I take Magn and Calsoum with potassium etc … I believe what you say Dr … Thank you❀❀❀❀

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    What about boron? I attended a seminar and part of it was the lack of boron and magnesium in our soil. People also forget about the importance of boron and why we need it.

  • Dee Vee says:

    Dr. Mandel’s recent video stated that we need 320-420mg magnesium but it must be ELEMENTAL Mag and there is a big difference, my old mag did not even list the ELEMENTAL aspect of the mag. I found a few choices of ELEMENTAL MAG online and am taking it now. 320mg for Female, 420 for Male!!

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