This Doctor Thinks They Have The Longevity Protocol To Prevent Disease | Nir Barzilai

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Dr. Nir Barzilai is a geroscientist, Chaired Professor of Medicine and Genetics, and the founder and principal investigator of the Einstein Nathan Shock Center and the Glenn Center for Excellence in Biology of Aging. He also studies families of centenarians that have provided genetic and biological insights on the protection against aging—with several drugs developed based, in part, on these paradigm-changing studies. He is also leading the TAME (Targeting/Taming Aging with Metformin) trial to prove to the FDA that aging can be delayed and to allow for next-generation interventions.

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In this episode we discuss (audio version / Apple Subscriber version):
The hallmarks of aging (9:01 / 7:10)
What causes the hallmarks of aging? (15:40 / 13:49)
Dr. Barzilai’s research on centenarians (23:16 / 21:25)
Why living to 100+ years is good for the economy (24:54 / 23:03)
What enables someone to live to 100 years old? (29:30 / 25:20)
Taking growth hormone and Metformin have different effects based on your age (36:58 / 32:48)
The connection between HDL cholesterol and longevity (43:36 / 39:26)
Dr. Barzilai’s research on Metformin (56:23 / 52:13)
How Metformin works in the body and on muscle growth (1:04:51 / 1:00:41)
Dr. Barzilai’s personal longevity (1:42:05 / 1:37:55)

Learn more about the Longevity Genes Project:

Learn more about the TAME Trial:

Get a copy of Age Later: Health Span, Life Span, and the New Science of Longevity:

Dave McKinnon

  • @gracefulindeed6091 says:

    Yay first in excercise is crucial for me

  • @Nellis202 says:

    Look , this doctor (Hyman), doesn’t look very healthy now , does he .

  • @user-fb9vx2ou7t says:

    Exercise is a must, because it keeps us in line with what doctors know about everything in our being, use it or lose it. My physician dad and uncles retired in their 80’s. I played them tennis beyond 80.

    • @angeluceta5688 says:

      Exercise will make you age faster. Walking out in the sun is good for your health.humans are a sedentary specie while inketosis most of the time.we are lean and strong.look at the indigenous people all over the planet

  • @cheslockri says:

    My interest in this video lessened when the other doctor said he was associated with a pharmaceutical company. I’m not sure I will continue watching.

    • @nikowabbit says:

      yeah we have to watch out for the next gen of pharma their big tagline is that the next gen of pharmaceuticals will increase longevity.

  • @JeanHendrix-zl5hv says:

    Half Bald, Gray hair, Bad eyesight, Taking Metformin ! Wow, we ALL need to do whatever he is doing ….. Oh HELL NO !!!

  • @jengamboa4958 says:

    If I walk on the treadmill in the morning before eating, I get off the treadmill super hypoglycemic. It’s so bad. I tried intermittent fasting. I never lost a pound. I eat no sugar, low carb, and read labels to avoid toxins. I’m so frustrated .

    • @martinlang9615 says:

      Simple, eat fatty red meat. Fat fuels your body and mind. Just avoid carbs, all sweetners/sugar, seed oils.
      I only use Coconut oil and butter in cooking.
      Hitting the treadmill before eating breakfast (please avoid cereals, oats etc like the plague, they are the worst. Cheese in moderation, try to minimise milk) is a great way to build appetite.
      Lost 53kg in 8 months, HbA1c was 8.7, now 5.4

      No more sleep apnea, no more meds, no more severe major depressive disorder, fatty liver (was on the verge of cirrhosis), no more type 2 diabetes, no more hypertension, no more erectile disfunction.
      Life is good again.

  • @sheilastevenson4823 says:

    How do you get rapmician

  • @keithmarshalldds511 says:

    If blood flow restriction training increases growth hormone would this be bad for people over 50?

  • @fussman7199 says:

    His grand father is from Palestine 🇵🇸 Mark. Come on😮

  • @elvoraabels4799 says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  • @dmbfannh says:

    Over a million subs
    Go mark!!!!!!!

  • @Hoyt-editz says:

    Magnesium glycinate, iodine, salt, creatine, amino acids, *methylene blue

    Inclined Sleep Therapy is free & an ancient practice

    Rebounder, kettlebell, & gymnastic rings

    Poultry, onions, almond butter, & sweet potatoes replace unhealthy calories

    Dentist gum cleaning

    TENS for soreness & vagus nerve

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