Using Hypnosis To Enhance Mental Health, Performance & Preventing Disease | Dr. David Spiegel

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When you hear the term “hypnosis,” what immediately comes to mind? Is it a clock-swinging magician or a comedy hypnosis show? What most people don’t know about hypnotherapy is that it’s actually an accredited science with tremendous healing power.

On today’s episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy, Dr. David Spiegel, the world’s leading researcher and clinician in the field, is here to help us better understand the scientific power of hypnosis.

Dr. David Spiegel is the Willson Professor and Associate Chair of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Director of the Center on Stress and Health, and Medical Director of the Center for Integrative Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine, where he has been a member of the academic faculty since 1975, and was Chair of the Stanford University Faculty Senate from 2010-2011. Educated at Harvard and Yale before coming to Stanford, he has written thirteen books, 404 scientific journal articles, and 170 book chapters. He is also the Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of the clinically-backed self-hypnosis app, Reveri.

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Dave McKinnon

  • bethanne coxx says:

    Wait. 4:18 I must not hear this correctly ? ” A few months before he was killed, he was beheaded” did I hear that right? Serious state of hypnosis to be convinced you are peaceful altered state with your head before you. 😱
    I would love to be hypnotized. Self hypnosis is especially of interest as I could use it to relax and enter an altered, peaceful state.

  • ai ja says:

    Thank you 👍 for your best information

  • Lori McNamara says:

    Exceptional video as usual!

  • Lisbeth Bird says:

    Thank you so much doctors. So fascinating and important. Is the reverie app free to try?

  • Irina Kozhevnikova says:

    Amazing video, thank you so much ❤

  • Maya Widyasari says:

    I’m also a believer of hypnosis. It works for my nephew. But for PTSD, I believe more in psychedelic. PTSD is nasty. You have to bring the big gun on the table.

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