Which Nut Fights Cancer Better?

Within hours the blood of those fed walnuts is able to suppress the growth of breast cancer cells in a petri dish. Which nut might work best, though–almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamias, peanuts, pecans, pine nuts, pistachios, or walnuts?

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Image Credit: Horst Frank, Aney, Kotoviski, Firetwister, Maximaximax, TonytheTiger, Evan-Amos, Azure, and Grendelkhan via Wikimedia.

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Dave McKinnon

  • Pure Bliss says:

    Stunning,thank you so much for sharing!

  • Sarah Wick says:

    Great video as always! But I have a question, would the nuts have to be soaked first to increase their effectiveness? And what’s the research on soaking nuts to make nutrients more available to start with? I hear a lot about soaking nuts on social media, so was wondering what the research says. Thank you!

    • Joseph1NJ says:

      I think its important to make sure nuts are raw, not roasted, heated, etc. Unfortunately, we can no longer buy “raw” almonds in the US. By law, they must be pasteurised (flash heated) to protect against salmonella. If you buy organic nuts, at least they haven’t been treated with propylene oxide (PPO). Organic nuts are permitted to be pasteurized with steam.

      But, at least for now, you can still buy raw walnuts.

    • Joseph1NJ says:

      joe bolan An important point! When it comes to nutrition, you are what you absorb, so proper digestion is essential. 

    • AstralStorm says:

      Joseph1NJ  But did the study use raw nuts?

    • Joseph1NJ says:

      AstralStorm Don’t know, we assume so. 

    • Pat Lieber says:

      Sarah Wick hh

  • BigThinkYOLO says:

    Hey! Thanks for your videos, They might’ve as well saved my life. I’ve been transforming my diet since i started watching you. Adding nuts to my diet, eating oregano, sweet potatoes, turmeric, good stuff!

  • Laura Catherine says:

    So thankful for this information. Always appreciate you sharing with us.

  • Persimmon Dancer Emilie says:

    This info is amazing! Thank you. I appreciate these videos.

  • Healthy Vegan Life says:

    GREAT information! I am quite surprised that peanuts do so well against cancer! Looks like I need to go get myself a jar of all natural peanut butter when I’ve run out of hazelnut butter =)

    • marcus olsson says:

      Better to buy raw peanuts from asian store very sheap, then you make your own peanut butter. At least in Sweden peanuts butter cost alot then I mean alot.

  • Bianca Gaban says:

    I’m proud to say that walnut trees In our country grows at every 100 to 200 meters (where there can be found trees, not in the fields, of course :)) ). It grows in  many cases as a wild tree bunt almost every household has one for the nuts, some even trade nuts for houseware like pots : one pot for the equivalent in volume of walnuts;
    another spicy fact: the word nut means walnut in our language because we don’t grow any other nuts, just a few parts of our country are known for their wild hazelnuts in the mountainy part and chestnuts, which I don’t know if they’re nuts, in the western part… the only place in Romania that cultivates chestnuts for commercializing

  • blacksquall says:

    I wish more studies would test human blood cells being dripped on cancer cells after consuming different foods.  Seems like one of the better ways of doing this kind of thing in vitro.

  • BobbyG says:

    Walnut hulls are said to be anti cancerous.
    Are there any studies on them?

  • Cynthia White says:

    Very interesting. Thanks so much to Dr.McGregor & his team for providing us with so much knowledge. I seriously can’t thank you enough 💚✌

  • NewDrew2 says:

    This type of content should be on the news daily!

  • Surf steve says:

    Nice to know my two favorite nuts, walnuts and pecans are the top two protectors against cancer. I used to like peanut butter but quit eating it because I believed it wasn’t healthy. It came in #3? Cool! Now do a video about natto!

  • Layla Layla says:

    Does it matter if nuts are raw or roasted or otherwise processed with or without heat?

  • hhh123 says:

    Love the channel. But what doses are they using in the invitro experiments? We all know that in in vitro experiments sometimes they test with doses that are unattainable in blood plasma levels.
    The dose makes you or breaks you

  • Aaron Brown says:

    Wow! I don’t like the flavor of the walnut, but this result makes me want to eat it. I eat organic peanut butter and organic almonds, maybe that’s good enough?

  • Ramon Mendez says:

    Lastima que no lo hacen en traducción en latino osea en español.es lo mejor para tratar de entender el escrito.de la medicina.

  • imthetube44 says:

    Can you do similar video for seeds?

  • spectoral says:

    Hi Dr Michael. I’ve found recent studies that Walnuts contain BHA / Antioxidant 320 and other nuts contain potent liver carcinogens. Should I be worried? Thanks.

  • Scott Bles says:

    Thank you once again Dr Omole on Youtube for this information. Since following you (for some years now), my kidney stage results has decrease from stage 3 to stage 1. You saved me from dialysis. Thank you and please keep the videos coming!! God Bless.

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