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1 Oil Cures Toe Nail Fungus | Dr. Mandell

Oregano oil is a potent natural remedy that has been recognized for its ability to combat toenail fungus effectively. The key to its antifungal properties lies in its high concentration of carvacrol, a powerful compound known for its antimicrobial effects. When applied topically to the affected toenail, oregano oil works by penetrating the nail bed […]

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A Tablespoon a Day…Takes Inflammation & Pain Away! Dr. Mandell

Extra Virgin olive oil contains numerous phenolic compounds that exert potent anti-inflammatory actions. Of interest to this paper is the recently discovered phenolic compound oleocanthal. Oleocanthal is contained in virgin olive oil and possesses similar anti-inflammatory properties to ibuprofen. Molecular mechanisms of inflammation. Anti-inflammatory benefits of virgin olive oil and the phenolic compound oleocanthal . […]

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