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The #1 Cause Of Obesity, Diabetes & Illness Nobody Talks About | Robert Kennedy Jr & Mark Hyman

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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is an independent candidate for President of the United States. He is the founder of the Waterkeeper Alliance—the world’s largest clean water advocacy group—and served as its longtime chairman and attorney. He founded the Children’s Health Defense, where he served as chairman and chief litigation counsel in its campaign to address childhood chronic disease and toxic exposures. He was also on the team that prosecuted and won the case against Monsanto for glyphosate's role in causing cancer.

As President, he promises to restore the middle class, unravel corporate capture, end the chronic disease epidemic, improve the quality of the water we drink and the air we breathe, heal the divide, fix our public education system, take care of our veterans, support the trades, make homes affordable again, support regenerative farming, among other key priorities.

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In this episode we discuss (audio version / Apple Subscriber version):
The state of health in America (5:41 / 4:01)
One of the main reasons RFK Jr. is running for president (8:39 / 6:59)
The beginning of the autism epidemic (12:38 / 10:58)
Addressing harms caused by ultra-processed food (15:03 / 13:23)
Eliminating corporate culture in government agencies (33:05 / 28:41)
America’s disproportionate deaths from COVID-19 (42:10 / 37:46)
How America’s health status is affecting our national security (44:34 / 40:10)
Solving the mental health crisis (47:41 / 43:17)
Food and drug TV marketing (56:14 / 51:49)
Bobby’s thinking about fitness for himself and America (1:03:39 / 59:14)

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Dave McKinnon

  • @JakeRoselli says:

    Imagine our government not beholden to big food and big pharma. We could fix many ills in society

    • @faithsfarmlife1424 says:

      They are trying to depopulate why would they save us

    • @enonknives5449 says:

      The government likes people weak and sick, because the weak and sick are easier to control. The government likes people to be poor, because poor people are easier to control. The government likes people to be uneducated, because the uneducated are easier to control. Everyone who looks to government for answers is causing self-harm. Government is actively trying to make its citizens dependent on government. Dependent people are easy to control.

    • @cski9148 says:

      Yes, change what and how you do it. Don’t shop in grocery stores. Eat seasonally, say no to junk and make your own meals. It’s a simple and beautiful use of your time. Cook together!

  • @ricksanford6485 says:

    20 30 years? Try since 1950 1960 when the box foods came out.
    Tv dinners used to be a treat for me as a kid.

  • @donniemoder1466 says:

    Food/diet has been ultraprocessed for more than a few decades, more like 5 or 6 decades. Robert K. basically confirms the same thing. In the 60s and 70s kids diets were really very ultraprocessed, just look at school lunches from then and the sales of cookies, candy, chips, french fries, fast food, pringles, tang, sodas.

    • @ricksanford6485 says:

      I used to like tang, but my mother was obsessed with Hawaiian punch. I hated that crap

    • @curiouscat3384 says:

      The first McDonalds opened in 1940. I was born in 1954 and remember dry cereal every day, American “cheese” on white bread sandwiches, PB&J on white bread, Tang and Koolaid. White bread with Oleo (margarine) sprinkled with white sugar for a treat. The dangerous hydrogenated “vegetable” oils became ubiquitous even earlier in the century.The good thing was my mom always made a fresh whole food dinners with meat and two vegetables. My siblings and i have continued that tradition, none of us became addicted to chips and stuff and are still very healthy in our late 60’s-70’s. Kids nowadays with working moms who are too tired, poor, stressed, not enough time to cook, don’t stand a chance.

    • @ricksanford6485 says:

      @@curiouscat3384 that’s cool, my mother raised gardens, made homemade meals most of the week, she did however cheat if you will. She would say ” well they couldn’t put the food in the stores if it was unsafe” in some ways she trusted the fda, ag dept to make sure we had the safest foods available. Yet when I wanted certain foods she would say that’s unhealthy eat liver and onions lol. She was the best mother ever but a mixed bag as well.

    • @johnr5312 says:

      I’m nearly 65. When i was a kid I didn’t see corn syrup – cane sugar was common – all the sodas and sweet drinks used cane sugar. Today’s processed foods are far different. Back in the 1960’s there were fewer ingredients, less preservatives and chemical additives and non-food fillers. 300 countries in the world don’t allow American food and the ingredients are healthier for the same products in Canada. That’s facts.

    • @bobbylee2853 says:

      In the beginning, junk food was created.

  • @parisconstantinou8299 says:

    I am a Greek Cypriot and one of the leading pioneers in the field of Natural Medicine in the history of my country!my opinion is that if just IF! Mr Kennedy had been the president of the United States of America,and Dr Mark Hyman the surgeon general(in charge of medical matters/i know hes not a surgeon),United States of America would be surely the greatest country in the whole world!!may God bless them both for the wonderful work they have been doing for all of us !!!

  • @american6431 says:

    What about all the vaxes the kids get before they leave the hospital?

  • @praguecrbrave says:

    Robert Kennedy Jr. speaks truth. I believe him when he says he will call the recreate the NIH, pharma and food companies.

  • @amosjsoma says:

    I agree that obesity and garbage food are big problems but do we really want the same government who is managing our southern border telling us what to eat?

    • @curiouscat3384 says:

      Mr. Kennedy is recommending that government change its ways my dear. No we don’t want the “same”, lol

  • @Jraymiami says:

    I would have voted for him but his support of Israel is insane

  • @bruceelniski says:

    The number one ingredient to remove from the food supply is manufactured seed oils such as canola, cotton seed oil, crisco and margarine. Check out the ancestral diet.

  • @christianlords1340 says:

    turns out that high cholesterol is not a problem. there is not a relationship between cholesterol and heart disease. heart disease is caused by sugar.

  • @colleenhaithcock216 says:

    I saw the notes, I want transcription. His voice is so hard to listen to, but as someone who loved chemistry, grew up in a pharmaceutical manufacturing community and have been healed by functional medicine practices, Thank you for this..

  • @michelegioffredo8811 says:

    Thank you both for your service to all of us. ❤

  • @joecool3332 says:

    Thanks to Dr Hyman for bringing diverse voices on your show. While I’ll be voting for someone sophisticated enough to not run in either oligarch funded major party, and who isnt thus so wedded to capitalism, colonialism, and theocracy. That said, i appreciate your discussion. I wish RFKjr wasnt afraid to speak with reporter Max Blumenthol.

    • @REL602 says:

      Please don’t vote for trump. He’s a traitor.

    • @jessicajensen1976 says:

      Maybe you need to learn a little more about him… he is running as an Independent candidate, no party with the exception of the We the People party, true free market capitalism isn’t your enemy, crony capitalism is,, and he said many times that he was going to talk to Max Blumenthal, but that was before the far left went unhinged against him. Just seems like another separation to keep us fighting each other and never breaking free of the uni-party control.

    • @joecool3332 says:

      @@jessicajensen1976 I think maybe Ghizlaine Maxwell and her ilk may have RFKjr by the short hairs. From what Whitney Webb has reported that makes the most sense to me.
      RFKjr was so naive that he wasted months running for the Dem nomination before he finally realized how corrupt both major parties are. He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, apparently.

      You can believe in magic capitalism if you want to. I dont care. I don’t believe in magic bullets or in magic capitalism. And I know that both major parties are bought and paid for by the same capitalists. You know, the same people RFKjr is taking money from.

  • @amandaamadori7756 says:

    Good interview ty

  • @Bama_J says:

    I haven’t had a carbonated drink of any kind in over 25 years. I was a diet coke addict😂

  • @johnrosario2789 says:

    Thank you Dr. Hyman and Robert F Kennedy Jr for putting this information out. I’ve been following Dr. Hyman since the early 2000s when I attended a training at KRIPALU with Alberto Villoldo and you Mark spoke. I’ve been following you ever since thank you all for this wonderful information. I am a health and wellness practitioner. Been studying it for 30 years, and I am fascinated by the things I have found, thank you thank you thank you, Robert F Kennedy Jr for president.

  • @KKing55 says:

    Robert Kennedy~! Well Said~! Getter Done~!~!~!

  • @Detmold1965 says:

    Who is going to be left to fill jobs or serve in the military when the population is getting sicker all the time? Our children are born poisoned and sick. This doesn’t bode well.😢

  • @robinstewart3316 says:

    Stilled praying for Kennedy to be come our next president come on people vote for the best man lets bring him to white house

  • @workingtogether8804 says:

    Imagine if the people in any government position had integrity. The planet would not be in the State it is Now.

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