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Total Restore's potent gut health formula is designed to help your body naturally combat “leaky gut” by promoting a strong, healthy gut lining. Because leaky gut can lead to fatigue, digestive discomfort, and weight issues, supporting your gut is key to keeping you healthy, comfortable and energized every day. Gundry MD™ Total Restore combines 16 all-natural ingredients in one powerful formula designed to protect your body from endotoxins and promote full-body wellness.

– Formulated to reduce frustrating gas, bloating, and occasional constipation and irregularity
– Boosts feelings of energy and focus, and may even help improve your mood
– Helps combat out-of-control food cravings
– Supports comfortable joints
– Mfg in USA / 90-day Money Back Guarantee / GMP Certified Facility

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Dave McKinnon

  • Gundry MD says:

    Try Total restore here:
    Have you already tried Total Restore? Share your experience with us below!

    • George McFarland says:

      Dr Gundry, I have a history of over using antibiotics. I have seen GI Doctor and had Ct scans. I have bad cramps and gas and currently using Bio Complete 3 and following the Plant Paradox Diet. We have your recipe book as well. My question.. should I be using total restore as well and for how long? I do feel better than I did, but even on the diet, I am getting cramping in my lower intestine and pass gas a lot.

    • UUN says:

      ​@George McFarland Find a good naturopathic doc to help you clean your gut and look closely at your diet. There are many people in health food stores and groceries that know a lot about gut health. Cut back on your sugars and carbs, absolutely no sodas, and get to a healthy diet. There’s many people on the internet that have recipies for good health. Good luck!

    • chantha hanesana says:

      @Oscar Tabares does it work?and how much is it

    • vityok3000 says:

      Where can i find Total Restore 1hr advertisement video. So i can send it to sick friend?

  • Jo Ann Wahrer says:

    Thanks for the heads up! Will you show a video on Glucose Defense?

    • Gundry MD says:

      Thanks for the suggestion Jo! Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on our video about Glucose Defense coming soon – Dr G

  • Eleanor M says:

    The label on the supplement jar for Total Restore shows that one serving (3 capsules) has only 213mg of L-Glutamine. Not 600mg as stated in this video.

    • Ras☆_♡ƘřÿşŢąļTafari says:

      Its a test to see if your stupid enough to get tricked into buying good job you passed

    • Simone Whitehead says:

      The amounts are per capsule – dose is 3 capsules = 3 times 213 etc etc

    • Oppothumbs M says:

      It’s cheaper on Amazon and reviews that were favorable were 51%

    • Paul Ferrante says:

      @Simone Whitehead this video is a bit deceiving as it says, “a whopping 600 mg of L-glut in every serving”. Most people would assume a serving is (1) cap. The video fails to tell you “one serving size is really (3) caps”; so actually you are getting 639 mg. Also, how many caps are in the bottle? Well –> ONLY “30”. So, NOT even a month’s supply – actually only a “10” day supply! His products are a bit expensive if shipped out of the USA and considering “Currency Conversion”. I used quite a few in the past, but had to stop because I just could not afford them anymore and they kept shipping “automatically”. Actual $dollar$ shipping cost to NZ was not too bad.. but the US to NZ dollar conversion of the price of one to 6 bottles was horrendous!!!🤷‍♂️

  • YouTubesShitSorter says:

    What’s the differences between this product and Bio Complete 3? And which is better for Leaky Gut and bloating?

    • Gundry MD says:

      Great question, the Total Restore helps support and improve gastrointestinal function and health. Support of the mucosal lining and the entire gastrointestinal tract. Bio Complete 3 This powerful “Super-Postbiotic” keeps dangerous toxins out and grows your army of good gut bugs. This complete colon health formula contains prebiotic fiber, a clinically studied probiotic strain and postbiotic butyrate.

    • YouTubesShitSorter says:

      Gundry MD Thanks, for a second there I was starting to think these vitamins were like all the rest.
      Why aren’t these FDA Approved? Your product would be the first out of all the other brand humbug vitamins that don’t work except one. I’ve bought many many different brands including some of the best on the market by Andrew Lessman.

    • Tina Philip says:

      Dr Gundry I live in Australia and just realised one bottle of bio complete cost me 90.00 this is a bit much to spend every month , it’s literally a car payment . Why is this so expensive in Australia?

  • mark lyons says:

    This stuff really works No Doubt

  • SayCheeez says:

    I’m curious if this improves heart health, kidneys and liver functions. This sounds great!

    • Gundry MD says:

      Hi there! The purpose of Total Restore is to support and improve gastrointestinal function and health. Support of the mucosal lining and the entire gastrointestinal tract. We hope this helps! Please reach out to us if you have any other questions!

    • C- ZA.C says:

      Difference between this and bio complete 3?


    I tried to place an order but India is not included in the list of countries were the product can be delivered. Is there alternative means of shipping it to India?

    • Gundry MD says:

      We apologize for the inconvenience, at this time we do not deliver to India. We are always looking to expand our international reach, however at this time we do not have an ETA on when we will be able to ship to India. Thank you for your time.

  • Sevan Youhanna says:

    Dr. Gundry,
    I have a question for you regarding this. I am having a gastric bypass operation in the near future, can I continue taking TOTAL RESTORE after my surgery? Please let me know.

    • Gundry MD says:

      Thank you for your question. We highly recommend consulting with your primary physician if you have any health concerns with adding a new supplement to your regimen. Thank you!

  • GRH Rubi says:

    The amount of nutrients might be off on the bottle? However I suffer from leaky gut big time! Always constipated. Just hell with my stomach all the time. After taking these three times a day for three days I was pretty regular. I have to say this because nothing would worked for me. I’ll post again in 2 weeks to see if it still working. I hope it don’t stop like everything else.

  • conselita culp says:

    Very good supplement 👏👏

  • David Albert says:

    Most of the symptoms mentioned are relevant to me, except that I’ve lost weight, am under my healthy weight and cannot put weight back on. Can Total Restore potentially help me?

  • Funny Moments says:

    Great product, great benefits, great ingredients 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Silvya Romero says:


  • tina Padilla says:

    Thank you Dr Gundry. Appreciate your help. 🙏❤

  • Bashirah Jjuuko says:

    Hi dr. Can I use total restore together with complete bio complete 3 or I should use only one of the two supplements. What do you recommend?

    • Gundry MD says:

      Hello Bashirah, thank you for reaching out! These formulas are designed to work synergistically together for optimal results. Each is powerful on its own, and when combined together, you could experience faster results with better digestion and energy. We hope this helps!

  • King Vybz says:

    Hello Dr Gundy what’s the best time to take my total restore and bio complete 3, before or after meal?

    • Gundry MD says:

      Hi there! We recommend taking two capsules of Bio Complete 3 twice per day, preferably before a meal. Take all three capsules of Total Restore with your biggest meal of the day.

  • Antonino Solano says:

    I live in Mexico, just a normal person, no one is paying me or anything to that effect, i lived in the USA so i learned english, after 20 years or so with ulcers that i kind of control with diet but never went away, i tried jack fruit, probiotics ice cream, aloe vera, all work, but i can never get rid of it, i figure i had enough so i got me a bottle of Total Restore within 3 days i am seeing great results, in fact my stomach is not bloating and i dont have to get up in the middle of the nighg to get something to eat otherwise i had bloating and stomachache, i feel more energetic and slim, important i have a bland diet (chicken and fish diet), im convinced i will get rid of ulcers once and for all, good luck to everyone, Total Restore does work for me.

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