What Are Some Healthy Processed Foods?

Here’s something you might be surprised to learn: not all processed foods are bad! It’s the level of processing that matters. Canned sardines, sheep’s yogurt, and sauerkraut are all minimally processed foods that support health.

In a recent episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy, we will learn precisely what ultra-processed foods are, how to identify them, and their impact on human health and the global economy.

We’ll also discuss tips and tricks for how to read food labels to better navigate the grocery store, and the innovations happening in Washington to develop label laws that help protect the consumer.

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Dave McKinnon

  • @maxgluteus4263 says:

    Factory process food are bad, olive oil has plasticizers, like all vegetables oils, it’s a research done by Chinese on us store bought oils, push through GC mass, regardless of the container

  • @DrKnowsMore says:

    Olive oil is not really okay for you. It’s been touted as healthy just because it’s better than vegetable oil, but better than vegetable oil is not a high bar. Cheese is also not good for you. It’s very high in saturated fat. We basically panicked about the fat and milk and so they processed the milk to remove it and then they wondered what they could do with all of that fat so they put it in the cheese. Don’t buy the narrative. They just keep changing the narrative, but they’re never going to tell you the truth which is that the best things you can eat are whole foods. Eat the olives themselves. It’s very difficult to eat enough Olive to consume the amount of oil you’ll get in just a tablespoon of olive oil. Drink the milk. It’s hard to drink enough milk to consume as much fat as you’ll get in a serving of cheese.

  • @SallaTyrvainen-to8yj says:

    Dr. Georgia Ede for example says olive oil is prosessed (Will it oxidase too? Is it often mixed with other oils?), so better to eat your organic olives. I have no problems with milk or cholesterol (“bad fat”), so I eat cheese too. At the moment I put some organic feta with scrambled eggs. I was a long time agaisnt red meat, but I have given up. I just had a lovely dinner around cow liver (onions, capris, mushrooms and cream with it), kimchi and avocado along.

  • @NO-ib1ip says:

    Cold Pressed Organic Olive Oil is good for you, just don’t heat it.

  • @patrickfinnegan5202 says:

    Nice video thanks for the information.

    Just some food for thought here.

    The governments trying to shut down small farmers you know why?

    Because if we all learn how to live off the land and sustain ourselves without outside, help, they look at it as a complete and total threat. Our forefathers had it right. Live off the land and you’ll never know when a recession comes or goes in our crazy government. Then and only then, do you know that the foods you have are foods you made and grew from your own hands, and will cause you no harm

  • @mella8298 says:

    I have a crush on this dude! 🙃🙊

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