Would You Drink It? #shorts

We’re told that milk is a perfect food that we should drink daily—three glasses to be exact—in spite of a large (and growing) body of research showing its lack of benefits.

In today’s episode of my series I’m calling Health Bites, I talk about common dairy myths, why it is such a contentious food, how to tackle the pros and cons of whether it belongs in your diet, and which dairy is actually okay to eat. 

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Dave McKinnon

  • terry horvath says:


  • CattyBlu says:

    I grew up on a dairy farm in Ireland, that’s all we drank! And it was unpasteurised! I never even had a spot as a teenager but I do think that might have been the intermittent fasting we did lol 😆 (not by choice! 😅😂). I agree with you though but I do drink milk occasionally… I must be a calf!! 😊

  • luvyatubers says:

    Mom made me cereal w it every morning as a kid and now know it was the cause of my bad breath. Also I was shown happy milking cows in happy barns on TV. Did not know newborn calves never get a taste of it. I can only guess why humans don’t sell human milk. Abuse and slavery probably. The less dairy the better I feel

  • Pinche Bruha says:

    Never liked it 😂 but I do love real cheese. I eat the French way fresh and organic when I can afford it which was the norm while living in France. America let’s big Pharma but way to much garbage in our food chain!

  • Danuta Janeczek says:

    Thank you that you ate saying. I talked about that 20 years ago, but it was to early.❤

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