Doctor Thinks He Knows What Causes Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ALS! | Mark Hyman

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The gut and brain are strongly interconnected. That’s why in Functional Medicine we always take the gut into account, along with the rest of the body, when trying to understand a brain disease. Unfortunately, conventional medicine likes to look at each part of the body separately, which may be why doctors have a hard time effectively treating neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ALS. Knowing that the gut affects the brain and understanding the far-reaching role of the microbiome has led this week’s guest on The Doctor’s Farmacy to approach neurodegenerative conditions with a whole new perspective.

Dr. Jay Lombard is an internationally acclaimed neurologist, author, and keynote speaker specializing in neuroimmunological conditions and medical mysteries. Dr. Lombard integrates biological, psychological, and existential components in his holistic treatment approach. Dr. Lombard’s clinical experience revealed an interesting pattern: one patient with ALS also had small intestine bacterial overgrowth, then another who had ulcerative colitis, another had Crohn’s, and so on. He started seeing the connection between these bacterial imbalances and Clostridium difficile, or C. diff, and the link to neurological symptoms.

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Dave McKinnon

  • Katherine MP says:

    It seems everyone is a critic but let’s respect these doctors as this is an extremely vital interview. I am going to continue to follow these two doctors. Thanks so much.

    • Ladybug Sarah says:

      Have you found a website to follow Dr Lombard? I want to fallow him also. And he mentioned taking Taurine and another supplement I was not familiar with. That was to help make a secondary bile. Do you remember or know of this he was speaking of? I’m really not wanting to watch it again.

    • Monica V. says:

      @Ladybug Sarah tudca. You can get it from Amazon.

    • chris rocco says:

      its youtube wake up

    • Springteen says:

      Taking positive criticism makes better outcomes for future programs. Stop the wicked sentiment replies.🤔

    • BCSTS says:

      Yes…but unfortunately Dr. Hyman (whom I really respect)..seems to interrupt all guests far too often…the guests must find it difficult to keep their train of thought. Wait until the end of thought or at least end of sentence before adding info or giving definitions please

  • Merry Walsh says:

    As a nurse of forty years, mostly in cardiology, the last 30 years were a quantum leap in cardiology. I hope the next 30 years really are the quantum leap in neurology and cancer treatment. I believe we will see a paradigm shift for so called auto-immune diseases, which are really markers for curable disease in many more cases than we know now. Finally, I never believed in bringing down fevers, except in a limited number of cases where the fever would be deleterious to other conditions. The body has fine tuned and complex strategies to fight infection and disease. Our job as clinicians is to recognize and support those exquisite mechanisms.

    • Denise Bilby says:

      Start by eating organic grow ur own make your soil and avoid all food companies bought by Monsanto.

    • Ron S says:

      Heart disease and strokes is still the number one killer. It’s a food based disease. Esselstyn and Ornish proved it.

    • chris rocco says:


    • Brent Beatty says:

      Medically supervised fasting clinics in Southern California below Los Angeles… Dr Longo oversees the clinics there.. Dr Mark Hyman also supports fasting for obliteration of cancer cells. Cancer cannot live in the absence of glucose.

  • Stop 5G Now and respect life says:

    My dad was so healthy until he and my 11 year old sister were seriously injured when his car was hit by a drunk driver, 1967. My sister died. Dad felt guilty like forever. My mother verbally abused my dad forever because he hadn’t made sure my sitter had her seat belt on. Dad suffered mentally, emotionally and spiritually for nearly 20 years. He gradually went crazy and died insane. They said that he had Alzheimer’s. I say it was family issues. Mental, emotional, spiritual torture changes your brain chemistry.

    • ms 13 says:

      So sorry to hear that. Your parents really needed help to deal with the trauma. Be strong and good luck.

    • Rapture Ready says:

      Thats a heartbreaking story.
      My mom and dad argued because my dad didn’t want my brother going to an overnight party. My mom bullied my dad, insisted my brother go. My brother was killed in a car accident on the way home the next morning. We don’t talk about it. Its terrible. My dad knew my brother shouldn’t go. My dad knew things. None of us beat her up over it. It wouldn’t bring my brother back.
      He was 15. Such a tragedy.

    • Stop 5G Now and respect life says:

      @Rapture Ready
      Thanks for sharing your heart with me. Sad stories.

      I worked hard to understand my parents’ emotional differences.
      Mom was an only child with a frequently drunk, absentee father. Perhaps her mother tried to compensate for the father’s shortcoming so she totally spoiled my mom.
      I forgive them all. They did their best; the very unhappy best they could with the screwed up rules they were given and the hand they were dealt with the family tragic death.
      So be it.
      Blessings to you.

    • Juliet Tailor says:

      What a tragic story Cars are killers. I know so many people with similar stories. I now live in a city with great public transportation and I am so glad not to have to use a car.

    • Revelations says:

      @Stop 5G Now and respect life Heartbreaking story. So tragic. Im so so so sorry.

  • Jordan Penick says:

    This is fascinating. My uncle died of ALS in 2005. When his issues started he sought treatment from holistic and traditional doctors. He was diagnosed by holistic dr with Lyme. Given treatment and exercises to strengthen grip. He did gain strength – which goes against all “rules” of ALS progression. Also, as he started this, neurologists had a tough time diagnosing ALS. He only had one marker (if that’s the word). However, he had a port inserted for Lyme treatment and it became infected. He was told to sit in a spa daily (is this a form of heat treatment?) – they think this is how the port was infected. That set him back too much to recover to be able to try to treat the Lyme disease again. I’ve always believed the ALS & Lyme were intertwined so this is some confirmation. And the antibiotics to fix these issues. Hopefully, this will help others in the future. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

    • Mary Ann MD says:

      I am sorry for your uncle ,I hope he is doing well. But no one with a port should go to a spa and sit in water. That is dangerous for the patient but it’s also dangerous for other people around the sick one . Take care.

    • Marilyn Carlson says:

      I learned so much from your podcast thank you for all the research and things you’re doing to keep us healthy. At 94 I’m grateful for every day I have and look forward to being with Jesus my lord and Savior.

    • Angela P says:

      ​@Mary Ann MDthis person’s uncle died

    • Catherine Vardeman says:

      I am so sorry I watched so-called Medicine kill my daddy my grandpa my uncle my mother it is hard wrenching but my intent is to fix this Medical mafia God bless us all

  • Sally A McLean says:

    From this discussion, I can see why my change to taking a nap(2 hrs a day) and drinking enough water have created a much healthier and efficient body for me! I am 81 and feel better than I have for years! THANKS for your program.

    • Colette Jacinthia says:

      Thank you for sharing! I am about half your age but I would love to know your schedule as far as the time you go to bed, the time you wake up and the time of your daily nap? If possible I would like to emulate your schedule because I want to feel better too! Thanks again 🙂

    • Edward Bridges says:

      I saw that in an old western movie,Indiana were treating someone for a sickness and they had heat in the tepee with blankets on the person, just ask an Indian even if the government will lie.

    • Gesundheit !!! says:

      @Colette Jacinthia Use a ketogenic diet as both doctors have mentioned.

    • LaurenD says:

      I think our bodies tell us what we need. You figured it out by resting your body during the day and hydrating it well. I hope you live for many, many years.

    • Jean Hargis says:


  • WH2012 says:

    EXCELLENT video. Folks, don’t dismiss this based on people’s negative comments. This was a compelling and informative discussion between Doctors (and friends) who are both doing great work and making great strides in informing the public and turning the corner on health and wellness. Truly time well spent. This could be just the information you need to point a loved one in the right direction.

  • mandandi says:

    Glad more and more conventional doctors are coming round to this simple fact. I battled SIBO symptoms for over 20 years and was told I was not sick. Eventually, I discovered I had systemic candidiasis – it was only the start. It turned out I had over 20 different pathogens in every organ. And they cause all kinds of symptoms – I listed over 100 of them! Then I discovered literature showing even more symptoms.
    Recovery has been slow but sure – 6 years! I started using every single edible plant available. Every single one of them. Rebuilt all my body’s systems.

  • laura Jones says:

    Time to break the already broken Paradigm of ignorance! Thank you both! The first truth I have heard since I found hyperthermia for my daughter who suffered with Lyme disease and lost 12 years of her youth being sick, needlessly. How do people at the CDC sleep..?

  • Sane One says:

    Wow. First time listener and I am really impressed. Dr. Hyman you do a great job of breaking down the science in a way that’s easy to understand, yet comprehensive. I am a retired journalist, and in my work, it was always a challenge to find scientists who could explain their work in words or concepts so others could understand. Having now heard you, you would have been a dream to interview for a story. You are essentially a conversationalist with a great deal of smarts and fluent in the language of medicine. And by the way, thank you for not cutting out the big words. People know what endothelial cells are, or it they don’t, they can always look it up. You don’t compromise the science for the sake of selling an idea. I like that. Bravo.

    • B Stirling says:


    • B Stirling says:


    • Frank Lesko says:

      I agree wholeheartedly. A lot of his guests struggle with this. They have trouble explaining things in smart but plain language. They are probably good researchers, but they are overly cautious about making predictions or suggesting a path forward. Many people will live and die before these things are scientifically proven, we have to learn how to navigate that space and make the best possible decisions for ourselves in the meantime without being sensationalistic.

  • Elaine Milfelt says:

    My sister died from als in her late 40’s She lived with chronic allergies and asthma all her life She was constantly on antibiotics for one thing or another. I believe this could probably be what caused her ALS

    • Angela P says:

      I’m soo sorry… too much antibiotics are never good… My Mother was diagnosed with ALS for 6 months, passed away 10 yrs ago at the age of 72. No one knows how one gets this disease …I have MS.. I hope there’s a cure for it and other diseases.. May your sister Rest in Peace❤

    • Patricia Doty says:

      What is ALS? In a assisted living facility about 2 weeks worse every day.

    • Angela P says:

      @Patricia Doty ALS is a disease that affects your muscles, it freezes your muscles when my mother got it was 10 years ago she only had it for six months and then she passed away but she had it where she couldn’t swallow Foods because the muscles in her throat were very weak and then it got to the point where she can only drink smoothies because it was sick if you gave her water she would have choked and died instantly and then she had issues with her breathing it was very sad to see her struggle it’s a terrible disease until this day they have no idea why people get a ALS and MS, I happen to have MS which is a brain spinal cord disease that causes nervous system issues such as numbness and other symptoms…

    • Yt Lol says:

      Bless you both xxxx

    • Elaine Milfelt says:

      ALS is also known as LouGherig disease

  • Mark Hyman, MD says:

    Get my FREE guide 3 Steps to Reverse Aging when you sign up for my weekly health picks 👉

  • Kat Freedom says:

    This is so interesting. My sister at 68 passed from diagnosed Parkinsons w Lewy Body dementia. She lived her whole life from a young girl with gastric problems known today as IBS. My other sister hasate term Alzheimers. Recognizes no one and IU s now mute. Her whole young life she tried to stay slim. But, not in a good way. She might eat a whole bag of Oreos and that’s what she may have eaten all day. This is so amazing. I am now at 67 losing weight by eliminating sugar and minimal trans fats. I hope I do not suffer what my sisters did. Thank you.

  • robyn grenside says:

    I’m a Dementia/Alzheimer’s Nurse.. I started nursing later in life. I’ve studied Naturopathy for 40 years. This is fascinating material….I am hands on with humans with the condition. Not reading statistics.
    Keep up the amazing work you are doing. Your book I have found in a few of my clients homes.

    • Tammy S says:

      Not reading statistics?? Where do they say to ignore stats or the scientific method?? In fact, he calls for more studies, which would lead to statistical data and evidence one way or another. Jfc.

  • beverly C says:

    I’m glad to know that there are actually Drs Still looking to CURE DISEASE. I was a Critical care nurse for over 30 years and after the pandemic and the disastrous treatment or I should say NON TREATMENT of patients , myself as well as many healthcare friends gave up on medicine and big Pharma. It was especially disheartening to see Drs and nurses and pharmacist pressured by non medical people to invent government mandates to do the wrong thing which were carried out by drs and nurses against all common sense and medical ethics. . Myself and many others previously in healthcare as well as many non medical people , will never trust HEALTHCARE or Big Pharma again. We cannot after what happened.

  • Laurie Francisco says:

    What a fascinating conversation. It not only makes me feel hopeful for the people who are previously had health issues once thought to be incurable, but it also pisses me off big time because of the ABSOLUTE failure of the medical system in the U.S. Not only does it fail so many people, it’s WAY too expensive, and the combo of medicine for profit and medical isurance for profit just bleeds people dry for what is basically INFERIOR care!

  • Sheila Smith says:

    I am so happy to hear you both discussing facts that I try telling my clients, friends and family about issues like this, that I learn about in my continuing education and in my career! Many people dismiss my coaching or will not listen to me! It is from people like you men who are discussing these topics that can make a difference! Thank you SO MUCH for bringing these facts and truths to light for the skeptics!

    • Paula Rhodes says:

      I couldn’t agree more. And I echo everything you said! We have to be a megaphone for this information. So many need to learn it!

    • Jill D Myers says:

      It’s maddening to have family members and others consider me as the nut job in telling the incongruity I experienced over the many years in my reading and the way that instructors in medical office management classes I’d taken years ago in comparison to the factual information and experiences I’ve learned functional medicine I chose to follow decades ago. The conventional practices for whatever reason block the actual use of real proven healing benefits I see is a money thing over the natural healing that’s RIGHT THERE IN YOUR FOOD CHOICES?! I’m disrespected and blatantly treated as though I’m dropped off by space aliens when I try to encourage better nutrition with hopes of eliminating chemicals and the heavily promoted sugars and additives in most all packaged/ processed products?! I find it difficult to even say the word food when frozen items are prepared for human consumption has so many chemicals in any form I eat the chemicals immediately sets of pain in headaches, feet pain and vision?! Read labels and know who prepared your meal and snacks! Shockingly they make comments about MY MENTAL ACUITY? It’s frightening to see children being fed toxin and empty non nutrients as the norm! How demeaning that I’m to take their insensitive comments in defense of their non foods that keep detracting from their health and increasing financial drain. What’s wrong with Jill? I’m not prepared for watching the poisonous roulette they’re engaged so heavily in eating toxins and being treated by more toxins? What is this- THE TWILIGHT ZONE?!
      And don’t dare drink tap water that’s not fit to wash in! Roundup is still being sold and increasing in water daily? What’s the point of education?
      No. I haven’t taken Rx in over 30 years. I’m the weirdo. Okay got it 👍

  • Donna di maio says:

    This information is making me cry because my husband died from many of these disease’s & ever since then I have been learning about all these disease & how we can change our diet & heal ourselves. Thank you both for all the hard work & many hours you have put in to learn how to get people well. I thank the Lord every day for giving me good genes I have nothing wrong with me not on any meds & I am 80 yrs young still working in my church taking care of the little ones. I know my attitude has a lot to do with my good genes & I am Praising the Lord most of my waking hours. And sharing with as many as possible.

    • Debra Poulos says:

      Awww❤ thank you God bless you

    • Donna Csuti says:

      Changing diet will do little to nothing to help unfortunately

    • Maureen Klopfenstein says:

      My husband died of ALS. He had ulcerative colitis and this is the first times I heard of the causative connection. It’s a hopeful concept and makes sense. Keep your research But
      the therapies you suggest will Not be money-makers so expect major resistance, sadly.

  • Lory Bacio says:

    My husband’s ALS symptoms started after he went to at least one Hot Yoga class! So I find this very interesting! He then exhibited 24/7 twitching in his shoulder. He had fast progression and I lost him last fall, within 2 years. Thank you for your renewed interest in this horrific disease and all neurodegenerative diseases!

  • Rebekka D. says:

    This gives me a great deal of optimism to know there are doctors out there who truly care about their patients. It doesn’t seem to be the norm. Thank you for a wonderful conversation.

  • Francoise Bekaert says:

    Wouldn’t the world be a wonderful place if there were more medical doctors like these two around……🏥

  • >