Heal Your Body With Apple Cider Vinegar | Dr Alan Mandell, DC

Apple Cider Vinegar has many health benefits for your body. It boosts your metabolic rate helping the body burn fat, controls hunger, balances glucose levels, increases energy, helps blood pressure, reduces bad cholesterol, helps digestion, and cleanses the liver and lymphatic system.
This livestream will help you understand the great health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar.

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Dave McKinnon

  • motivationaldoc says:

    Hi, a few important things. Apple cider vinegar goes through a fermentation process using apples. This is a natural whole food that has been converted to a vinegar. Many of you who are very toxic and who have been eating incorrectly may get a slight reaction initially because ACV has great detoxifying benefits. I would recommend you always dilute it a little bit more and gradually build up. You will read in many of the comments how well many people have done by using apple cider vinegar. If you do have any bad reactions or pain in your stomach then it may not be for you. I did list contraindications in this video as well. Blessings to everyone. ❤️😊🙏

    • straight forward says:

      Doctor please reply to this question i have homemade by me grape viniger. Is it similar to apple cider viniger. And if not can i use it as an alternative?. It is raw and with the mother

    • 562Omar says:

      Thanks Dr. Mandell. Braggs is great, so is the Kirkland brand of ACV from Costco. Cheers from Los Angeles.

    • motivationaldoc says:

      @straight forward There are many similar positive health benefits from the fermentation process.

    • M. Campbell says:

      @562Omar I agree on both …. Always used Bragg’s just because of the branding….copped the Kirkland on a whim while at costco …. I see no difference between the 2 … Both VG .

    • EVAN.norwalk California says:

      🗣how do you feel about goli gummies

  • alberto arizpe says:

    I’m 63 years old with a flat belly, I’ve been taking this wonderful stuff at least 5 years!! And I’m healthy as well. Thank you Dr. Mandell.

  • Tim Fay says:

    My wife had a fatty liver. Her doctor said that there was nothing she could take to get her liver back to normal. We listened to a doctor online who said that ACV will dissolve the fat around her liver. She took one tablespoon in the morning and one tablespoon at night. Three months later she had her liver re-checked and found that her fatty liver was gone.

  • Dave originally from Brooklyn says:

    This man is a gift to humanity

  • Shelley Marker says:

    Been taking vinegar, lemon juice and Himalayan sea salt in water and drinking every AM for 3 days, completely resolved my cravings for sweets and chocolate. Already less bloated. Thank you Dr Mandell

  • Susanna Soto says:

    Thank you Dr. Mandell for your passion and dedication to health and wellness. Your thorough information has been so helpful. I will pass it along accordingly. May God continue to bless you and yours. Peace.

  • Omobola Oduyoye says:

    Hello Dr. Mandell. Thanks for the enlightening video. I take a 1-2 tablespoons of ACV in water every morning. No joint pain, and significant weight loss. Quick question: Do I take ACV before or after my morning exercise? And is it advisable to take ACV even when fasting? Thank you.

  • Vishanti Bowers says:

    You are an amazing Dr! Thank you for always taking the time to teach us how to look after ourselves properly. God bless you Dr M

  • goneflying140 says:

    I started to drink ACV 4 years ago. At first I had trouble drinking it because of the taste. I actually enjoy the taste now because I add honey and lemon to it. It absolutely works if you have indigestion. Take a little if your stomach is upset, and usually within 5 minutes, it is gone! Also, I have noticed that i rarely feel hungry anymore, unless I have had a day with very rigorous excercise.

  • Barbara Ann MacPhee says:

    ‘I will surprise you one day?’
    Dr. Mandell you amaze me with every video you turn out!
    Thank you for your compassion shown to the world, so grateful for you! 🙌🏼

    • Kathryn Billinghurst says:

      Hi Barbara… I actually surprised myself! Healing and improving since day one in many of my ailments!! 🥳 Dr Mandell truly knows what he’s talking about and with so many videos…we can actually tailor these choices to suit our own constitution! I’ve learnt how to listen to my body and understand it better now than all of my 54 years!!😜 Also YOGA 🧘‍♀️ is so easy painless and has has brought my mobility back. Since March I have not been BED RIDDEN plus my depression is almost non existent!
      How are you doing now…update us … please 🥰💖

    • Kathryn Billinghurst says:

      I love going back to revisit episodes, making sure I’m keeping in touch with the original info and recipes! I tend to get carried away with concoctions of elixirs! Haa haa… 🤭
      I’ve even made my porridge 🥣 into a curry…mmmmm😋
      Pop corn sprinkled with TUMERIC, pepper, pink salt and a drizzle of olive oil…mmmm✌️🍿curry power and sultanas in pop corn! 🥳

  • Jose Martinez says:

    I can personally say this is one of the few nature’s miracle drinks. Few years ago my brother mentioned he drinks this. I started by mixing it with plain water. Every morning on an empty stomach. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, all went to normal levels. I shed over 30 pounds in less than 2 months. Amazing stuff. Earned a subscriber!

    • Michelle Nicole Parlos says:

      How many tablespoons are you taking a day and when? Mixed with 4 oz water?

    • Jose Martinez says:

      @Michelle Nicole Parlos as of right now, I take a straight sip without measuring it. No mixing it either. But I used to add 3 to 4 tablespoons instead of 2 (because I’m 6ft tall, I guess to compensate for my body mass) to a regular bottle of water in the mornings. Empty stomach. I hope that helps. It worked for me.

    • Michelle Nicole Parlos says:

      @Jose Martinez thank you

    • Emily Bernstein says:

      Me too, it actually works, believe it or not..I lost 38 lbs, seemed like over night I was thrilled..

    • Nancy Raju says:

      Did you do any diet or exercise in between?

  • Ann Baker says:

    Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar has helped my vision. I was once struggling with the outdoor sunlight but after drinking the vinegar everyday has helped to prevent eye irritation from the sun. I rarely wear shades or glasses any more outdoors.

  • John Last says:

    I take Olive Oil, Honey, ACV, Lemon Juice, Cayenne Pepper, Cinnamon in a little warm water, twice a day. I also limit my carbs and eat almost no refined sugar. I intermittent fast a few times a week.
    I feel great, and have lost over 40 lbs in the last four months. Blood work is perfect. I’m 62 and haven’t felt this good in years.

    • Emily Bernstein says:

      DITTO…I do the same thing, the honey and a dash of lemon makes a big difference and the stuff works.

    • Gray Gray says:

      How much of each ingredient?

    • John Last says:

      @Gray Gray about two tbs of olive oil, 1 tbs honey, 2tbs ACV, good squirt of lemon juice, 1/2 tsp pepper, about the same for cinnamon, and a little warm water to thin it out. You can adjust the honey if you need, or any of them for that matter. If you don’t want to use honey because of insulin resistance, I sometimes use Stevia for sweetness.

    • Kimberly Marie says:

      Do you mix all of those ingredients together in water ?! It’s sounds terrible tasting . Yuck, do you plug your nose and hold your breath as you drink it as fast as you can and pray you don’t throw up ?? 😁 The things we do for health lol
      Here’s to good health !

    • MernCat says:

      ​@Kimberly Marie
      It’s awful at first but gets easier.. the honey helps!!

  • Mozzilla says:

    Thank you, Dr Mandell, for giving us such valuable information about alternative medicine. I am originally from Europe, where these types of approaches are much more common to know about and use than here in the USA. I love your videos and the great info you provide. I have been chronically ill for a very long time, had been on a ridiculous amount of prescription pills for over 2 decades that did more harm than good. A few years ago after experiencing scary symptoms that were pharma related, I decided to get off the prescription pills. Some took a long time to wean off, others I simply quit (not a smart way). I still have my chronic problems but the weird symptoms and episodes are gone. I almost entirely take only alternative, natural medicine now. They can be harmful, too, if taking in too high doses or if sensitivities or allergies occur, but in general it works out much better and shows me that the 20+ years of pharma pills were a huge mistake. My brain works much better again and I hope to still recover more over time although higher age is not helpful in this regard.
    Thanks again for telling us about all the natural approaches to improve and potentially heal our bodies.

  • van nguyen says:

    Thank you, Dr. Mandell for a great work you’ve done! God bless you and your family! 😊

  • Jennifer Nelson says:

    I take 1 tbsp in the morning diluted with 1 cup of water. My gut feels better, I’m not as constipated, I just feel overall better! I love your detailed information. Thank you so much!

  • linda donnelly says:

    15:18 Started on this back in May. In the morning I take 1 Tablespoon of ACV diluted with water at room temperature on an empty stomach. Blood pressure has dropped, feeling way more energized & have noticed weight loss as well, so happy with the results. Thank you so much Dr Mandell. God bless you greatly and abundantly!!

  • Thuy Huynh T.T. says:

    I like your way of encouraging your audiences to share their experiences. I begin just a few weeks drinking a diluted ACV every single morning, but now I will drink 1h before meals as per your advice. I may share again about my progress. Thanks, Doc.

  • nicholas morgan says:

    The world needs more people like Dr Mandell. You are a beautiful soul who has helped me more than you will ever know..I look forward to watching your videos daily not just for amazing exercises, diet tips and scientific info about my body & nutrition but also for the motivation you give through your infectiously positive attitude. Thank you Dr Mandell you are truly a godsend to myself and so many others !

  • mjhprofessional says:

    Thank you, I’ve been wanting to try using this. I try to stay health-conscious. And you explained it and put it down into simple terms where I understand the pros, cons and benefits, and exactly how to use it safely so I appreciate that. Thank you. And great job on your videos. I liked and subscribed and hit the Bell notification.

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