Protein Tier List | Plant Based Meats | Gut Instincts

Protein Tier List | Plant Based Meats | Gut Instincts
Welcome to Gut Instincts! In this exciting video series, renowned health expert Dr. Gundry dives into the world of protein sources and protein alternatives, ranking 20 popular options on a tier list based on their impact on gut health and overall well-being. Join Dr. Gundry as he shares his insights, tips, and recommendations to help you make informed choices for a healthier gut and lifestyle.

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Dave McKinnon

  • @RJ-lk5pj says:


  • @wandadorta1527 says:

    Impossible to digest.

  • @torietorreano6613 says:

    I cook Impossible patties at work every day because they’re on my menu as a vegetarian option. I hate cooking them. They smell like cat food before cooking and look even less appetizing. They spit the added oils everywhere. They’re disgusting.

  • @thousandoaks.2080 says:

    I knew about impossible whatever they make are not good but eventually if you want to avoid animal meat thats the price you pay which being moral even out toxicity.

  • @alexalexa141 says:

    I bought reishi mushroom to make tea with it , but it was very bitter as hell

  • @tawniastoklassa2549 says:

    Dr. Gundry, thank you for holding your integrity and sharing!

  • @nick42023 says:

    Keep going Dr Gundry, make the world healthy again❤

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