The BEST Protein comes from a CAN!? | Protein Tier List | Gut Instincts

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The BEST Protein comes from a CAN!? | Protein Tier List | Gut Instincts
Welcome to Gut Instincts! In this exciting video series, renowned health expert Dr. Gundry dives into the world of protein sources and protein alternatives, ranking 20 popular options on a tier list based on their impact on gut health and overall well-being. Join Dr. Gundry as he shares his insights, tips, and recommendations to help you make informed choices for a healthier gut and lifestyle.
– Chapters –
00:00 Comming Up
00:15 Intro
01:11 Chicken Breasts
02:03 Turkey Breasts
02:33 Beef
03:22 Pork
03:58 Atlantic Salmon
05:23 Canned Tuna
06:01 Shellfish
06:32 Shrimp
07:10 Deli Meats
07:55 Eggs
08:40 Tofu
08:58 Seitan
09:27 Tempeh
10:00 Plant Based Meat
10:54 Quorn
11:42 Mushrooms
12:22 Beans
13:07 Chickpeas
14:04 Outro
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Dave McKinnon

  • @AlexRyan says:

    Dr. Gundry,
    Please explain WHY sardines in water are to be preferred over sardines in olive oil?

    • @bcro83 says:

      because often times te olive oil will be rancid so it will go from a good fat to a bad fat and another thing is that you dont know where the sourcing of the olive oil comes from and when you dont often times it will be cut with seed oils and why are these bad? they oxidize cholesterol molecules

    • @fireflamess says:

      its hard to say because sardines in water could be sourced straight from the tap

  • @padmedaidoyi6810 says:

    OMG really excelent information thank so much… But please subtitulada in spanish!!!!

  • @salamandiusbraveheart4183 says:

    Most European canned products are pressure-cooked/pasteurized.

  • @najinaser1623 says:

    It would be helpful if you make a list of veggies that we can eat everyday,veggies we can eat once in a week and veggies we can eat only once in a month.iam Naji from beirut lebanon

  • @chubbyface22 says:

    Thank you for the great information Dr. Gundry! Tuna (no mercury) and mushroom (always cooked) are the best super foods!
    These are my favorites! 😍

  • @GundryMDYT says: ⬅ Looking for Gut Friendly food? Use code GOODGUT30 for 30% off all lectin-free food items!

  • @karinasaarenpaa6693 says:

    Would be nice to just see an episode on the S category. I think there is such a big looming confusion also over oxalate foods vs lectins and which is truly more harmful and to be concerned about. My understanding is lectins are far less troublesome than compared to high oxalate foods which when taken into consideration some of the foods are ones you suggest eating.

  • @paulhart3812 says:

    Canned wild Alaskan salmon!!!!

  • @angeliquebel says:

    Tempeh, mushroom & grass feed meats

  • @Gronevelttt says:

    Hemp protein powder, sardines in water (canned), nutritional yeast.

  • @maritesamparado2378 says:

    Thank you Dr.Gundry for the knowledge…i eat all kinds of meat but in moderation.❤

  • @janmar7428 says:

    Love ❤ Dr Gundry! This was the best video. Thank you so much and I will be sharing ❤️❤️❤️

  • @ligiasommers says:

    Love this kind of episode !!!! Thanks 🙏🏻

  • @user-bj8kc9xc9k says:

    Great information! Thank you!

  • @user-bj8kc9xc9k says:

    I love sardines, natto, and all goat/ sheep yogurts and cheese!

  • @reggiedunlop2222 says:

    Pasture raised eggs, grass fed beef & organs, sardines & mushrooms for the win 💪

  • @karrskarr says:

    I really enjoy this format! Top shelf production, thank you! My superfood choice is canned lemon peppered sardines!

  • @sarahavena8537 says:

    That was awesome….but you forgot to include sardines 🙀

  • @butch843 says:

    I would add full fat organic milk kefir. Also canned smoked herring in water. Maybe smoked Korean oysters in olive oil.

  • @Pelerincha says:

    Fantastic ….I”ve been a fan of yours the past year , I no longer have inflamed liver due to your advice on ‘sugars’ ,lost weight, and have become so conscious of what I eat…..Thank you, thank you, thank you….I take every day your virgin oil, MCT, and Pro-bio 3,,,,,,

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