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1 Cup Slims Your Belly Up! Dr. Mandell

This fat burning elixir will kick up your bodies metabolism to help shed those pounds. It will also detoxify your liver and bodily systems, remove bloating, ease constipation, and boost your cardiovascular system. It’s very important that regardless of what concoction you drink, you still need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Decreasing your sugars, trans […]

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How to Burn Fat–Dr. Berg Explains

Discover the intricate relationship between your hormones and fat burning, and find out how to trigger hormones that can help you lose weight fast. 0:00 Introduction: How to burn fat fast 0:44 Insulin and fat burning 2:18 What triggers insulin? 4:12 Estrogen and cortisol 6:05 How to lower insulin 6:34 How to lower estrogen and […]

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