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When it comes to making healthy meals, some of Dr. Gundry’s favorites are incredibly low-budget – and you can bang them out using fewer than 5 ingredients – total.
Here are even more recipes to try:
Time Stamps:
00:00 Intro
00:55 What should you eat for dinner?
01:09 Leafy Greens
01:40 Resistant Starches
02:19 Protein
03:15 Healthy protein sources
03:50 Quick Recipe Ideas
04:55 My Gundry Dinner
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Dave McKinnon

  • Karen Bruns says:

    Thank you for always looking out for us. I appreciate your expertise on health and nutrition!! ❤

  • My YouTube says:

    Thanks so much for this video. I’d love for you to do more videos for easy recipes.

  • Steve Pipesh says:

    Dr. Gundry sales have been a big part of our meals and adding greens and starches has been getting easier and easier the more we look at what’s out there and your informative videos.
    We also like to add fermented foods as well as all the good stuff like sourkraut or fermenter beets. I love that we are adding to our gut buddies and eating great food, home made sourkraut is delicious especially when you add ginger or carrots.
    Thanks for all the great nutrition ideas and your advice.

  • Gundry MD says:

    Visit Gundry MD website here:
    Take 25% off any regularly priced item with discount code: YOUTUBE25

    • ehrlichlanier c says:

      I love Dr. Guidry and use and am satisfied with other products from him. This video shows the protein shake mixing with almond milk but the information says almonds are bad and full of lectins. Please explain. Thank you for all the information, I learn so much and am grateful.

    • Gundry MD says:

      Hi there! Interesting question! We’ll add this to our growing list of questions for Dr. Gundry to possibly answer in an upcoming YouTube video! Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and turn on alerts so you never miss an update.

    • Bruce Hutch says:

      @ehrlichlanier c lectins are in the brown skin of the Almond. But the Nut itself is essentially lectin-free. You can find this in dr. Gundry’s posts concerning almonds.

    • ehrlichlanier c says:

      @Bruce Hutch thank you so much for the information. I’m still trying to figure out what I can, should and shouldn’t eat. I appreciate your kind explanation concerning the almonds. Take care, bless you for your kindness.

    • Bruce Hutch says:

      @ehrlichlanier c . Get Steven Gundry’s book The Plant Paradox the Energy Paradox the Longevity Paradox. — the most recent one will have his most recent yes — no to eat list. Each book has a list of what items to eat Yes and what items not to eat No. He changes a few items as he finds out new information.

  • Celeste - says:

    Lots of great ideas!! And thanks for all the examples of which foods are resistant starches! ❤ 😊

  • Jill L says:

    I’m big on organic Caesar salad. Bought a salad spinner. Clean spin chop. Enough for 5-6 salads.
    Quick dressing in processor primal kitchen avocado mayo, lemon juice, garlic, Parmesan, lots of olive oil, Dijon, slash Worcestershire. Make crackers for croutons with almond flour, Parmesan and hot water. Love the crunch. I also take mixed organic greens, ice, water, fermented beet powder in blender. Make enough for 3-4 servings.

  • Dorothy Clary says:

    Please keep showing the perfect dinner healthy thanks 🙏

  • bernhardwalther says:

    Thanks for the video to keep us motivated. I am a big fan of stir fried mushrooms and avocado/tomato salad. I don’t feel at ease with carbohydrates. My body seems to react strongly to usual pasta for exemple. Have you already Develop on resistant starches ?

  • Uncle Charlie says:

    This man knows his stuff! Look at him compared to how he looks over 20 years ago he is older now but looks much healthier. You can’t fake that!

  • Raj Johal says:

    Really appreciate you doing these videos Dr. Gundry. Your olive oil has really changed my life in terms of reducing inflammation and my over all feeling of well being. This channel has been extremely helpful for my father as well, who was skeptical of trying these products at first. Please keep the content coming, this is incredibly valuable stuff!

  • Lynn C says:

    was trying to follow the diets, full of advice to eat lots of meat and dairy….so glad to have met you Dr Gundry, a voice of authority in health education!

  • KatyaCTV ™ ♡ says:

    I love your recommendations! So nourishing and tasty!!

  • EF says:

    I like to hear Dr. Gundry give advice. He’s got so much wisdom.

  • Vesselin Apostolov says:

    Hi Dr.Gundry, thank you for all of your advises. A great ideas! We make home a marinade (my mame recipes: cauliflower, red paper, carotte, garlic, parsley, celery with salt, sugar, vinegar and water, fermented two weeks and more) or a grated turnip,carottes, parsley, a few dried grapes salt and vinegar like a salad plus a european sausages and home madden bread. We don’t forgot to take Vital Red, Energy Renew, Bio Complete 3 and C15 Advantage
    All the best and don’t stop to advise the peoples.

  • Luana Kai says:

    Excellent video. Short, sweet and to the point with great yummy ideas. Keep them coming!!

  • Soquelian says:

    My usual lunchtime salad, because I must cook a dinner for the rest of the household: Spinach, leaf lettuce, red cabbage, avocado, marinated artichoke hearts, any leftover cooked vegetables, and a generous sprinkling of nutritional yeast (giving it a cheesy flavor with added protein), with either oil/vinegar or Goddess dressing. Yum! Can’t eat it without the nutritional yeast!

  • Patty Berryman says:

    Thank you Dr. Gundy for your amazing work.

  • Paola Cedeno says:

    I used to
    Eat tones of vegetables and I was sicker than ever. I now focus on grass fed organic meats , eggs, and fish, starchy vegetables and little veggies. That works for me, we are all different

    • Tamar 4272 says:

      We are different, you are right, my sister has been a vegetarian for decades ( she doesn’t eat junk , has a garden , and cooks 99% of her meals ) no meds , and doctor said she has impeccable blood work . Go figure , just like some people thrive on a ketogenic or carnivore diet

  • Zardoz says:

    Blend your greens in a blender with some water olive oil, ape cider vinegar, salt and/or potassium chloride, a carrot and just drink it. Its fast, quick and tastes like baby food. For the blender, keep your kale in a ziplock bag in a freezer together with other greens.

  • Sue Elliott says:

    I’m always looking for a delicious recipe for pressure cooked lentils. We don’t have pressure cooked canned lentils here in Australia, as far as I know.

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